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ESEI International Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Oct 21, 2022

ESEI International Business School:  Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

ESEI International Business School was founded in 1989 as a small business community. It’s a well-known organization dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. They take pride in doing things differently and delivering quality and excellence in everything they do on a consistent basis. They value their staff and academics because they give students possibilities, which in turn give society opportunities. Their globally focused education programs blend academic brilliance in business subjects with humanistic ideals that aid in character development for students who choose to study in Spain

Why ESEI International Business School?

  • They take each student on a personal voyage of discovery, where they learn about their own ideas and how to use their individuality to their advantage.
  • They give their students the tools they need to realize their ambitions and achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Their ultimate purpose is to instill personal and professional integrity in their students so that they can use their education and expertise to better society and live meaningful lives.
  • The ESEI International Business School in Barcelona is a prominent academic institution that provides you with the best educational possibilities while maintaining a true sense of community.
  • They have extensive expertise meeting the requirements and aspirations of international students, and they equip you to work globally.
  • In terms of international recognition, ESEI is ranked #4.
  • Their partners help ESEI in a variety of ways, including assisting in the development of bright individuals from all over the world who will go on to become future leaders and decision-makers.
  • They’re firm believers in project-based learning (PBL). It’s a method of education that allows students to learn by actively participating in real-world projects that are important to them.
  • Professors at ESEI are encouraged to create activities outside of the classroom and have their students collaborate with local businesses on real-world business problems.
  • Students are given the freedom, flexibility, and responsibility of working on a project together.
  • The world’s most prestigious corporations seek IESE graduates. Regardless of field or opportunity, IESE graduates are in high demand due to the value they provide.
  • When you graduate, you’ll have the self-awareness and knowledge of your chosen industry that you need to make sound decisions. You’ll also know that you can contribute to any workplace.  

Rankings and Accreditations

Particular  Rank
Overall Rank by Economist Education for International MBA  #87
Country Rank by Economist Education for International MBA  #5
Regional Rank by Economist Education for International MBA  #35
QS WUR Ranking by Subjects  #301-350
World University Rankings in Masters in Marketing by QS #46
World University Rankings in Masters in Management by QS #70
World University Ranking in Masters in Business Analytics by QS #91-100


The bachelor’s degree in Business Studies offered by ESEI is fully accredited. The local government educational authority has approved the degree under authorization code 08075402, and NCC Education (UK) has independently accredited it as a direct entry pathway to the University of Hertfordshire or ARU for the final year. As a result of their degree’s dual recognition, you can rest assured that your BA (Hons) qualification will be recognized all over the world. 

ESEI is a for-profit educational institution that offers master’s degree programs. Their master’s degrees are intended for students who want to enter the workforce rather than further their education. They are a fully licensed and approved business school with 26 years of experience and stringent quality standards. If you intend to pursue a Ph.D. at a public university after completing your ESEI master’s degree, this is not the program for you. Employers value and accept their master’s degrees because they emphasize practical education for the workplace over research.

Programs and courses offered at ESEI International Business School for international students

Students can choose from a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at ESEL International Business School.

Bachelor’s Programs

Year 1 – L4 Diploma in Business
Year 2 – L5 Advanced Diploma in Business
Year 3 – L6 Business Specializations
Year 3 – L6 Pathway to UK Awarded Bachelor

Master’s Programs

  1. Master in Business Management
  2. Master in Digital Entrepreneurship
  3. Master in Digital Marketing
  4. Master in INT. Relations and INT. Business MBA 
  5. Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  6. Master in Sports and Management
  7. Master in Marketing and Communication

International MBA

You will learn to respond quickly and efficiently to complex business situations, improve customer satisfaction, and improve your leadership skills to lead a more committed workforce through their International MBA program.

You’ll build a global network of top professionals and international students, gain access to a diverse job market, and improve as a person and a professional.

Join the International MBA program and take part in the following activities:

  • There are ten cutting-edge sector-specific modules in this program.
  • If you want to broaden your knowledge, take four electives from other specializations.
  • Over the course of the program, a substantial group-based capstone project is developed.
  • Training in two important aspects of 21st-century business: Agile methodology and Sustainable Business.
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a qualified in-house coach, a process aimed at assisting students in determining what their next career step might entail.

Duration– 1 Year 

Tuition– 14,845 USD/54,530 AED

Exam– 90 ECTS

Executive Education In-company Programs

ESEI IN-COMPANY bridges the gap between training and consulting for SMEs in Catalonia and Spain, providing a la carte programs and projects with top-notch experienced professionals. Its goal is to help businesses grow in a sustainable way by sharing best-practice management tools and techniques.

Courses available 

  1. Leadership & Resilience
  2. Leads and Growth Actions 
  3. Clients Loyalty and Growth
  4. Digitalising Your Business 
  5. Boom Your Exports
  6. Happiness in the Workplace 
  7. Social Media for SMEs 
  8. Teamwork Efficiency
  9. Growing Your Reputation 
  10. Innovation Power Engine 

Short courses

Professionals can take short courses to learn new skills or improve (or refresh) existing ones without having to commit to a full program.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way they work and the future of many industries dramatically. It’s critical to stay ahead of the new trends that will emerge in the post-crisis landscape in order to be ready to hit the ground running when the time comes.

Each area corresponds to an ESEI Master Program, which consists of ten 18-hour modules spread over six weeks.

Tuition– On-Campus 1,025 USD/3,765 AED

Online– 825 USD /3,030 AED

Language Courses

  • Spanish Intensive language course 

They provide a beginner’s Spanish intensive language course aimed at improving students’ ability to understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish for everyday life in Barcelona as well as business and professional situations. You’ll practice grammar, speaking, reading, and vocabulary through exercises, videos, group discussions, and going out into the city to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Classes begin in Spanish on the first day, so you’ll be able to communicate in Spanish right away.

Level– Beginner (A1-A2)

Start dates – October / March

Duration- 120 hours in total

  • English language preparation course 

The English language preparation course is intended to help students improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in preparation for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at ESEI. This English course is intended for students who require a little extra assistance with their English before beginning their core studies.

Level– Intermediate (B1 – B2)

Start dates– October / March

Duration– 120 / 240 hours in total

Career Bootcamps 

Throughout the 3 boot camps, you will work on one ongoing, a progressive project that requires you to apply what you’ve learned to a real-world business scenario. When you finish the Foundations of Business program at the end of the semester, you will present your project to the three program facilitators.

Tuition- 3 boot camps: 1,715 USD/6,300 AED

Campus and Accommodation


Barcelona is a thriving entrepreneurial city that is ideal for studying and gaining professional experience. There are many reasons why students from all over the world choose Barcelona as their home city, including its history, architecture, climate, sports teams, and entrepreneurial culture.

The campus is only 20 minutes from the city center and is well-served by public transportation.


It’s an exciting adventure to move to a new city. At ESEI, they collaborate with a variety of partners to provide you with the best housing options to make your transition as smooth as possible.

The following are the various lodging options available to you:

Barcelona Students: Relocation Package

ESEI collaborates with Barcelona Students to provide a comprehensive solution to make your move to Barcelona as easy as possible! You can choose between a Basic and Premium package, which includes services such as a visa accommodation letter, hostel reservation, municipal register, student card support, flight ticket discounts, and airport transfers, among others.

Private / Shared Apartment

For students moving to Barcelona, renting an apartment is the most common option.

You can rent an apartment for yourself or a room in a shared apartment, depending on your preferences. International students prefer to rent a room in a shared apartment because it is less expensive.

To assist you in your search for housing, we have compiled a list of reputable agencies for international students.

Student Residence (Dorms)

A student residence is an excellent choice if you want a one-stop shopping experience in your student housing. In most cases, meals, cleaning, and a variety of shared communal facilities are available in residences.

Admission requirements for international students

Applications are admitted through the online application system at ESEI International Business School. Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry for error-free document submission to enhance their chances of admission.

The admission process at ESEI International Business School

  1. To get started, fill out an online application form and attach all required documents. 
  2. Once all required documents have been received, they will send you an email requesting an admission interview. It’s critical that you can be reached by phone at this point. Their interviews last about 30 minutes and allow us to learn more about your motivation for choosing ESEI as well as answer any questions you may have about the program or student life.
  3. After your interview, you will receive notification of admission decision within a few days. If you are offered a place to study at ESEI and the decision is positive, you must pay the initial enrolment fee / full payment to secure your spot and complete your enrolment at ESEI. It is critical that you adhere to the payment deadlines, as they cannot guarantee your enrolment after the dates specified in your offer.
  4. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will need to apply for a Spanish student visa in order to study in Spain. It is critical that you seek information about the procedure from the Spanish embassy in your country of residence. For more information on visa procedures, visit the official website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The admissions team at ESEI will be happy to help you through the process.
  5. You will need to prepare for your move to Barcelona to attend your ESEI program once your enrolment is confirmed and you have the necessary documents to move to Spain! It is critical that you arrive early in the program and participate in the immersion week, which will prepare you for the remainder of your academic year.

Undergraduate Admissions

Documents required

  1. For high school graduates, a diploma and transcripts are required.
  2. Students in their senior year of high school will receive a provisional statement of results (to be considered for conditional acceptance)
  3. Only transfer students are eligible – Curriculum for a Bachelor’s degree, academic transcripts, and learning outcomes
  4. Only mature applicants should apply; they must have an English CV, a detailed job description for the past two years, and an O-Level / IGCSE English and Maths certificate or equivalent.
  5. Demonstration of English Proficiency
  6. One reference letter Copy of ID/Passport Statement of Purpose
  7. Academic transcripts and a high school diploma
  8. Previous Work Experience (mature applicants only)
  9. Demonstration of English Proficiency
  10. Copy of National ID/Passport Statement of Purpose Reference Letter

Graduate/postgraduate admissions

Additional documents for postgraduate programs

  1. For Bachelor graduates, a copy of their bachelor’s degree as well as their academic transcripts are required.
  2. For students in their final year of a Bachelor’s degree, current academic transcripts and/or a provisional graduation certificate are required (to be considered for conditional acceptance)
  3. Only mature applicants will be considered – For at least five years, a detailed job description is required.
  4. C.V. in English with a bachelor’s degree and academic transcripts

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

Language programs

Program One‐timePayment
English Preparation 4,335 USD/15,920 AED
Spanish Language (Beginner) 1,025 USD/3,765 AED

Bachelor programs

Program Semester Payment (per sem) Fullyear (one‐time)
1styear–L4 6,100 USD/22,405 AED  11,285 USD/41,450 AED
2ndyear–L5 6,100 USD/22,405 AED  11,285 USD/41,450 AED
3rdyear–L6 4,505 USD/16,545 AED  9,005 USD/33,075 AED

Master programs

Program Semester Payment  (per sem) Full year (one‐time) payment
Business Management 5,300 USD/19,470 AED  10,145 USD/37,265 AED
International Relations & International Business 5,300 USD/19,470 AED  10,145 USD/37,265 AED
Tourism & Hospitality Management 5,300 USD/19,470 AED  10,145 USD/37,265 AED
Marketing & Communication 5,300 USD/19,470 AED  10,145 USD/37,265 AED
Digital Marketing 5,300 USD/19,470 AED  10,145 USD/37,265 AED
Digital Entrepreneurship 4,500 USD/16,530 AED  8,550 USD/31,405 AED
Sports Management 4,500 USD/16,530 AED  8,550 USD/31,405 AED
International MBA 7,410 USD/27,220 AED  14,362 USD/52,750 AED

Application Fee – 170 USD/625 AED

Cost of living

The cost of living in Barcelona is a major concern for students considering studying abroad. While Barcelona is a reasonably priced city for students, the cost of living will vary depending on your lifestyle. The average yearly cost of living is around 9,600 USD/35,260 AED

Expenses Particular Cost (monthly)
Housing 1 Room in a Shared Apartment

1 Room in a Student Residence

Entire Apartment / Flat

345 – 685 USD/ 1,270-2,515 AED

570 – 1,710 USD/ 2,095-6,280 AED

800 -1,710 USD/ 2,940-6,280 AED

Food Restaurant Daily Lunch Menu

 Weekly Groceries

15-20 USD/ 55-75 AED

35-60 USD/ 130-220 AED

Transportation Metro T Jove Card – Under 25 years (3 months – 1 zone)

Metro T Casual Card – From 25 years (1 month – 1 zone)

Bicing Year Membership

120 USD/ 440 AED

60 USD/ 220 AED

60 USD/ 220 AED

Scholarships for international students

Scholarships are a way for ESEI Business School to recognise our students’ academic, professional, and personal accomplishments. If you meet the following requirements, you can apply for a scholarship:

  • ​​Academic Excellence- Academic Merit Scholarships are awarded to students who are exceptionally talented and academically outstanding from all over the world.


    • Overall GPA: 3.7/4.0 is required.
    • An original 400-500 word essay on “Ways to excel in every sphere”
  • Good Citizen- The Good Citizen Scholarship honors students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in humanitarian and development work.


    • Proof of at least 6 months of participation in a non-paid or volunteer humanitarian project
    • A 400-500 word original essay on “What businesses can do for sustainable development.”
  • Professional Athletes- Professional Athlete Scholarships are available to professional athletes from all over the world (past or present).


    • Evidence of professional sports participation
    • An original 400-500 word essay on “What sports can teach business leaders.”
  • ​Leaders in Business- Students who have started their own businesses or gained valuable professional experience in a business setting are eligible for the Leadership in Business Scholarship.


    • For at least five years or ten years of work experience, you must be a business owner.
    • A 400-500 word original essay on “Life lessons learned from your entrepreneurial or professional experience”

In each case, the maximum scholarship awarded is 10% of the program tuition.

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All programs at ESEI International Business School are taught in English, Spanish, and Catalan depending on the requirements of the students. Although it is not mandatory, international students can opt to take the short Spanish Intensive language course provided by the university to understand their course material better.

International students can enroll in the university’s renowned undergraduate Diploma in Business course. They can also pursue their Master’s in 7 specialties including Business Management, Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, International Relations, and more. In addition to this, they can opt to be a part of the university’s Executive Education programs.

Yes, international students are eligible for 4 scholarships at ESEI International Business School. 2 of these scholarships are awarded to students who excel in academics and sports. The remaining 2 scholarships are presented to those students who show outstanding leadership in humanitarian and entrepreneurial work.

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