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ESIC Business & Marketing School, Barcelona, Spain

Oct 21, 2022

ESIC Business & Marketing School: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

ESIC University (ESIC Business & Marketing School) is a private university that focuses on marketing, management, and digital business in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain.

ESIC was the first business school in Spain, established in 1965 by the religious group Priests of the Sacred Heart to train business professionals. It was renamed ESIC Business & Marketing School until 2019 when it was granted university recognition.

ESIC’s mission is to assist students in transforming themselves so that they can succeed in their professional lives while maintaining ethical beliefs and acting as change agents in their organizations and communities.

ESIC collaborated with a number of companies that specialize in organizing activities for international students who choose to study in Spain, such as meeting new people, connecting with current students, practicing their languages, traveling, and, most importantly, learning about Spain.

Why study at the university?

  • Knowledge, values, and experiences are all combined in ESIC’s educational model.
  • Because knowledge evolves at a quick pace, the objective is to educate students on how to study and to ignite curiosity so that they can adapt to a continuously changing environment with agility.
  • You’ll also play a part in their evolution. Your knowledge will be invaluable in assisting them in improving their teaching skills daily.
  • ESIC offers a department that can answer all of your questions. They are at your complete disposal to answer any inquiries you may have in either Spanish or English.
  • Every year, ESIC Barcelona welcomes around 700 new students to study at the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, attracting both national and international students to study in the most in-demand business fields.
  • ESIC Barcelona has 62k Former students.
  • ESIC Barcelona has a 93% collective employability ratio.
  • In Spain, specialization leaders in management, marketing, and digital economy university training
  • The Barcelona campus is located in the heart of the city, where Spanish and Catalan are the official languages, and classes are taught in Spanish and/or English.

University Rankings and accreditations

Particular Rankings
QS MBA ranking 50th in Europe and 151st worldwide. 
QS EMBA ranking #33 in Europe/
QS master’s ranking #39 place in Europe/#51 worldwide. 
Multibank #1 in Spain for programs focused on professional experience, #1 in Spain for opportunities to study abroad, and #1 in Spain for international graduate programs.
Poets and quants #64 best business schools in the world for teaching MBAs.
Youth incorporated global university ranking Global Top 100 of the best universities.
Youth incorporated global B-School Top #83 Global Business School/
Bloomberg Businessweek #22 Business School in Europe.
Times Higher Education University Impact Ranking #1 private Spanish university in Gender Equality
Times Higher Education Business Schools Master’s in Finance is placed #2 in Spain and Europe, and #4 worldwide.
America Economia MBA ranking First Business Schools in the world, ranking #27 globally. 
El Mundo Mejores Master’s  #1 place nationally in the areas of Marketing, Commerce and International Business, and Communication and Advertising.
El Mundo 50 Carreras #5 in Spain for a degree in advertising and public relations. 
Marco Emprses Y Lideres #3 Business School with the best reputation and its Director, Eduardo Gomez, is among the most reputable business leaders.
Marco Talento #2 Business School with the most capacity to attract talent


  1. AMBA: With the AMBA certification, ESIC joins the ranks of the world’s greatest business schools. Only a small percentage of business schools, about 2%, receive this recognition.
  2. EPAS: EFMD manages an international framework for program accreditation. Its mission is to evaluate the quality of any international business and/or management program and, if necessary, accredit it.

Programs & Courses

Students at the ESIC Business and marketing school can choose from a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and exchange programs.

Bachelor’s Programs

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  3. Degree in Global Marketing Management
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Business
  5. Degree in Digital Business
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in International Business
  7. Data Science
  8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  9. Global Marketing Management
  10. Digital Business
  11. Sustainability Management

Master’s Programs

  1. Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Technology
  4. Trade and International Business
  5. Communication and Advertising
  6. Human Resources
  7. Trade and Sales
  8. Logistics
  9. Finanzas
  10. Finance

 Exchange programs

One of the most important requirements of businesses is for individuals who can advance their careers in international settings. Your chances of landing a job are improved if you have an excellent command of the English language and foreign experience. You will learn about foreign cultures and how to cope in multicultural contexts by implementing new working practices.

The ESIC International Office provides you with a variety of options based on your preferences for country, language, qualifications, duration, and other factors.

They will assist you in determining which option best fits your personality, preferences, and priorities. From the start, ESIC will prepare you for the future.

Students from a secondary school or university participate in a student exchange program, which allows them to study abroad at one of their institution’s partner universities.

Higher degrees

  • Terra Program-Students pursuing a Higher Degree in Global Marketing Management can participate in a university exchange program.
  • Degree+ Program-Obtain an official University of Destination diploma.

Payment for training at the host university as well as the course cost at ESIC is both required for this program. Places are limited.

Official degrees

  • Eramus+ Studies Program-Within the European educational area, university exchange is possible. Official degree holders have access to bilateral exchanges with other universities.
  • Eramus+ Internship Program-Internships at international enterprises or organizations.

You can apply for a scholarship through this program.

At ESIC, participants just pay the sum that corresponds to the course.

Subject to space availability.

  • Munde-ESIC Program-Within the non-European educational environment, university exchange is possible.

At ESIC, participants just pay the sum that corresponds to the course.

  • Horizon Program-This program entails paying for training at the host university as well as paying the ESIC course cost.

Summer programs

Robotics and Marketing

Goals of the course:

  1. Discuss how robotics and other technologies are altering our interactions with customers. 
  2. Discuss how robotics is assisting in improving customer service. 
  3. Discuss how all of these technologies are aiding in the improvement of customer journey touchpoints and increasing marketing productivity.
  4. Experiment with how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to generate marketing experiences. 
  5. To change the way we are exposed to advertising, understand how the advertising business personalizes the messages.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Ethics

Goals of the course:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Business Ethics Update
  2. Human behavior in our new era is the subject of reflection.
  3. The Ability to approach a life project with adequate knowledge.

Lean Marketing

Goals of the course:

  1. Learn how to set up a lean marketing operation.
  2. How to choose the most cost-effective marketing approach for your company.
  3. Make your marketing efforts more nimble, innovative, and efficient.

Digital Branding

Goals of the course:

  1. We live in an era of digital brand engagement, in which brands encourage customers to engage in a two-way dialogue.
  2. Students understand how digital branding has changed the way brands connect with their audiences, as well as the challenges of managing a digital brand and how rich and compelling content, in combination with digital distribution, is critical for brand engagement.

Campus and Accommodation


What is it about Barcelona that makes it such a great place to live and study? It is due to its privileged location, which is surrounded by unparalleled architecture and landscapes that combine beach and mountain views. Its diverse social and cultural offerings, as well as its global atmosphere, contribute to this. Perhaps it’s the numerous opportunities to hone your skills in innovation and technology.

Apart from the advantages of studying in Barcelona, the truth is that this city has evolved into one of the best places in Europe to work in; in fact, for many years, it has ranked among the most desirable capitals for professionals. As a result, Barcelona is a hotspot for recruiting talent for individuals looking to train and gain access to a highly qualified labor market that offers good possibilities to lead in global organizations across a variety of industries.

The ESIC Business School was established in 2005 and is located at Calle Marià Cub 124, and the University Campus, which opened in 2017 and is located at Paseo Santa Eulàlia 2-4, are the two campuses of ESIC in Barcelona. In the professional training area of Postgraduate in Barcelona, ESIC teaches specialized master s and postgraduate courses in business direction and management, marketing, digital business, technology, trade and international business, communication and advertising, and human resources on weekends (for senior profiles) and weekdays (for junior profiles) (for a more junior profile).


If you wish to live near the school, the District of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi has both the University and Postgraduate campuses; if you want to reside in the heart of Barcelona, Eixample, Gràcia, or Les Corts are good options.

Accommodation options:

  • Residence halls—Nexo Residencias, Sarrià Universitaria Residencia, Emilie de Villeneuve Residencia, Residencia de Estudiantes Tres Torres, Roca Student Residence, Barcelona Universitaria ResidenciaDiagonal 
  • Webs, and Agencies- Be roomers, Spot a Home, Vive Barcelona, Barcelona Home, Resa Housing, Altiro Barcelona, housing anywhere 
  • Roommate list– Once the registration is finished, in the Virtual Campus, you can look for flatmates through a “notice board”.

Admission requirements for international students

Applications are admitted through the online application system at ESIC Business and Marketing School. Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry for error-free document submission to enhance their chances of admission.

Admission process for international students 

  1. To begin the admissions process, you must first schedule a meeting with the admissions team. This can be done either online or over the phone. Choose the campus where you’d like to pursue your education.
  2. You must inform them of the day and time you wish to take the tests. To conduct the test, select the method you like.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with all of the procedures to take after your appointment has been requested.
  4. There is no need to prepare ahead of time. If you take it online, you will receive an email with a link to their platform on the selected day and time. If you take the test in person, staff will meet you at the designated campus’s Undergraduate Admissions Department.
  5. They will notify you of the outcome within 72 hours once all rounds of the admission examinations have been completed (3 working days).

Documents required for International students

Before arriving in Spain 

  • Admission/acceptance letter from the school
  • Valid passport for the duration of your studies ID photo
  • application for a visa
  • Document proving that you have enough money to reside in Spain (requested at the bank)
  • Proof of habitation (lease agreement, house, hotel)
  • Coverage for medical expenses in Spain (we have special conditions in Sanitas for ESIC students)
  • Payment of consular fees; visit the corresponding Consulate/ Embassy for more information.
  • Diplomas from prior studies (apostilled)
  • Non-criminal record certificate
  • A medical certificate that is no more than three months old is required.

After arriving in Spain 

Citizens of the European Union, other member states of the European Economic Area Agreement, and the Swiss Confederation must register with the Central Registry of Foreigners once they arrive in Spain, where they will get a certificate of registration and a Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE). The student must register in person at the Foreigners’ Offices in his or her province of residence, as well as the associated National Police station.

Non-EU students have 30 calendar days from the date of their arrival in Spain to apply for a Foreigners’ Identity Card (TIE). The TIE is a single, unique document that provides documentation to foreigners who are legally present in Spain. This card is personal and non-transferable, and holders must keep it on them at all times. The application must be submitted in person at the Foreign Office or the local police station in your province. The following is a list of the documents needed for the application, all of which must be originals:

  • Passport with entry stamp from Spain
  • If applicable, a student visa
  • Three color ID photos with a white backdrop are required.
  • Proof of payment of the applicable fees
  • Determination to give the authorization justifying the card’s issuance (unless the person consents to the verification of this information by the General State Administration).

Deadlines for international students

You can contact the ESIC business and marketing school’s office to learn about application deadlines. 

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

International students pay an average of 21,700 USD/79,705 AED per year for tuition, which ranges from 17,475 USD or 64,190 AED to 23,870 USD or 87,675 AED.

Cost of living 

Expense Cost Yearly
Accommodation Individual Rent: 9,600 – 17,820 USD or 35,280-65,460 AED

Shared apartment: 4,140- 8,220 USD/15,180-30,180 AED

Residences: 10,980-16,440 USD/40,320-60,360 AED

Food and Leisure Daily menu: 120-240 USD/420-900 AED
Transport  yearly pass: 540 USD/1,980 AED

T-Youth (under 25 years old) 1,1080 USD/3,960 AED (Quarter, unlimited travel 1 zone)

Public Bicycle: yearly 480- 720 USD/1,740-2,640 AED

T-Casual-10 journeys -144 USD/540 AED

Estimated average yearly cost of living including accommodation,food.and transport is 11,640-20,040 USD or 42,720-68,340 AED

Scholarships for international students

Contact ESIC to learn if scholarships are available and to take the online admission test if you are pursuing the International Baccalaureate (IB). If you want to begin in the academic year 2021/2022, you must have completed a pre-university program or a European baccalaureate (such as French, British, or German), or an International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma).

Procedure for submission

When new students finish the admissions process at ESIC Business & Marketing School, they may apply for one of the awards and grants offered through the “grants and Financial Assistance for Study Plan.” Candidates interested in applying for one of the plan’s awards should contact the Postgraduate Admissions Department for an application form. This must be handed in or sent to the Postgraduate Admissions Department once completed, together with the necessary papers.

The following are the general rules for applying to the Grants and Scholarships Plan:

  1. New students are only eligible to apply for one of the plan’s grants. The grants are not cumulative; each student will receive the most advantageous scholarship. These funds are also compatible with Master’s degree grants from the Ministry.
  2. Depending on the type of award, the scholarship application form should be sent to the Business School’s Admissions department when requested.
  3. New students must always sign the grant application form in the appropriate sections of the form, or the document will not be processed.
  4. Each project has a separate deadline for submission, therefore prospective students should pay close attention to the dates specified in the award descriptions. (Applications received after these dates will not be considered.)
  5. ESIC will communicate each award decision individually and on the dates specified in the grant descriptions. The Admission Committee’s decision is final and cannot be overturned.
  6. Because ESIC Business & Marketing School has a limited fund for grants and scholarships, it has the right to limit the number of awards it makes.

The percentage of the grant given will be applied to the cost of tuition, not the official fees or enrolment, depending on the type of grant.

Please contact the Business School Admissions Department of ESIC Business & Marketing School if you have any queries concerning the procedure, the papers required, or the type of grant to apply for.

Diversity Grant – Nationally, this program is aimed at ESIC Master’s degree students. The grant money will be used to cover the cost of tuition. The matriculation fee is not eligible for any discounts.


  • Candidates must pass the ESIC Business & Marketing School admissions process.
  • Discrimination: The Candidate must provide documents to support his or her claim of discrimination.
  • The candidate must produce a valid Disability Certificate to demonstrate functional diversity (where the type and grade are included)


  • National ID photocopy / Tax ID number / Passport photocopy
  • Currently valid disability card and disability certificate
  • All paperwork must be scanned and sent to the corresponding consultant at the same time.
  • As mentioned by the advisor at the time of booking

Women + Leadership grants- The ESIC diversity project promotes women’s contributions to the workplace and the professional world in general. We invest in female talent at ESIC through the woman + leadership grant, which is specifically created for professional women like you.

Aimed towards women interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in ESIC in one of the following fields: MBA, Executive MBA, International MBA

The purpose of this award is to provide financial assistance to women with outstanding potential and motivation who wish to enroll in one of the ESIC postgraduate courses indicated above at any of the campuses where they are offered.


Candidates must successfully complete the ESIC Business & Marketing School admissions process.

  • Academic achievements
  • Experience in the workplace
  • monetary resources
  • Languages
  • Volunteering

For each of the aforementioned master’s degree programs, a 50% grant will be given for tuition costs (matriculation is exempt from the discount). This grant may be allocated to one of the other two courses if one of the courses is canceled. Applicants from all throughout the country are eligible to apply for this grant.

Alumni grant for Recent Graduates – Students enrolled in the final course of any of ESIC Business & Marketing School’s degree programs who go on to pursue a master’s degree directly after the last year of their degree program will be eligible for a tuition fee reduction.


  • Candidates must successfully complete the ESIC Business & Marketing School’s Postgraduate Admissions Process.
  • You must not be eligible for any other ESIC award or discount.

Carolina Foundation Grant – Master’s degree grants are available. Postgraduate grants are intended for graduates from Latin American countries who are members of the Ibero-American Community of Nations, as well as Portugal, who have demonstrated academic or professional potential through an outstanding curriculum.

Only the International MBA program is eligible for the funding.

The course offers two types of support:

  • Grants
  • Study financing

Scholarship application: 

The Carolina Foundation must be contacted to apply for the award.

Tripartite Foundation – they provide free assistance in managing Tripartite Foundation grants:

  • In-house training is offered on a regular basis.
  • Executive courses, ESIC postgraduate courses, and in-company training are all suitable with individual study leave.
  • Discounts on social security contributions for businesses that use government-run labor centers.
  • Companies that pay taxes for vocational training, regardless of their size or location, are eligible for training.

Official Grants – The Ministry of Education offers grants to those who wish to apply for and pursue a Master’s degree (of an official type). All Master Courses in the United States are eligible. Only master’s degrees are affected:

  • Master’s degree in Organizational Development and People Management (MDPO)
  • Master’s degree in new technologies and communication management (DCNT)
  • A master’s degree in sales management is a must (OGC)
  • Marketing and Digital Management Master’s Degree (MMGD)

The Impulsa Plan is compatible with both grants.

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In addition to full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, ESIC Business & Marketing School also offers 4 summer courses that international students can enroll in. These courses are completely taught in English and help students understand Robotics and Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Business Ethics, Lean Marketing, and Digital Branding.

International students must first contact the admissions team of the university. The team will schedule an online test that students must clear to be eligible for admission. Upon successful completion, students will be required to carry all previous academic diplomas, a valid passport, and other essential documents to the campus.

Although the university does not directly provide in-housing accommodation for its students, it helps them in finding the most convenient residential options near campus. International students generally live in Residence Halls in the District of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and look for flatmates via the Virtual Roommate facility provided by the university.

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