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Jan 6, 2022

University of Bradford: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of Bradford, formerly known as the Bradford Institute of Technology, was established in 1882 with the mechanics institute being the first. Later in the same year, its official name was changed to Bradford Technical College, set up so that the workers could gain formal and relevant skills in their work fields. The University was awarded the Charter Of Incorporation in 1996. 

This is a public university with 9,960 students being enrolled in the year 2020-21. The University has an acceptance rate of 15% for international students. The most popular programs offered by the university include Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Postgraduate courses like, MBA, and MA. It also has set up 20 research projects to contribute to the global pandemic in the year 2021. Around 96% of research submitted is rated world-leading and is recognized in the year 2014.

Why study at the University of Bradford?

The University is amongst the top-ranked universities worldwide. Not only are the courses offered here excellent but it also has a huge lush campus. 

  • It is a public university with around 500 faculty members working currently on campus.
  • The University offers scholarships for international students according to their courses.
  • Among the QS University Rankings, it has always been ranked from 701 to 750 globally.
  • The student-to-faculty ratio here is 17:1, which means more personalized attention is given to each student.
  • Around 2,270 international students have been admitted this academic year (2021-22), so it is international student-friendly.

University Of Bradford Rankings

The University has been ranked 69th by the Complete University Guide 2022. It was also ranked 99th by The Guardian in 2021 who had issued their university rankings.

The University of Bradford has consistently stood between 600 to 650 among the top-ranked universities around the world. The University has also had a few mentionable top ranks for certain courses.:

  • Civil Engineering has been ranked 7th 
  • Chemical Engineering has been ranked 5th by the Guardian.
  • For technical courses like Computer Science,  the university was ranked 74th by the Complete University Guide. 
  • Ranked 7th in the UK for Civil Engineering by the Guardian University Guide 2022
  • No 1. by Financial Times for distant learning in MBA
  • No. 1 in England for Social Mobility 

Programs and Courses

The University of Bradford offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.  Some of the Undergraduate Programs offered by the university are:

  • Software Engineering (with placement year) : The course duration is 4 years and all students can apply for it. The attendance of the recognized course will be considered full-time.
  • Software Engineering : Under Bachelor of Engineering the course duration is three years with the attendance being considered full time
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality : under Bachelor of Science the course duration is three years full-time.
  • Working with young people, children, and families : under the Bachelor of Science Program this course has a duration of three years and full-time attendance
  • Psychology with Counseling : under Bachelor of Science this is a three years course with attendance being counted full time.
  • Physiotherapy : under Bachelor of Science the course duration is three years and all international students can apply.
  • Nursing : (Children’s) under Bachelor of Science the course duration is three years and the attendance mode is full-time.

Some of the Postgraduate Programs at the University of Bradford are listed below:

  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering : under the Master of Science the duration is one full year with attendance mode being full time.
  • Analytical Science : under the Master of Science this course is for one year and both domestic and international students can apply. Attendance is counted as part-time.
  • Artificial Intelligence : under Master of Science this is a two-year program and both domestic and international students can apply. The attendance mode is part-time.
  • Construction and Project Management : under the Master of Science this is a full-time program course duration being one year.
  • Cyber Security : under Master of Science this is a one-year course with attendance being considered full-time.
  • Digital and Strategic Marketing : A part-time course with a duration of about 27 months
  • Doctorate in Medicine : The course duration is two years and both international and domestic students can apply

Campus and Accommodation at the University of Bradford


The University has a lush and ambient campus. There is plenty of open space and the weather adds up to the perfect outdoor study environment. There are also a lot of informal outdoor study spaces. The campus also has a variety of cafes and restaurants. Some of these include Atrium, Starbucks, Grumpy, Costa coffee, and Wrap Chic. The edible garden on campus and the sustainable buildings promote environmentalism. The University has won many awards for these ideas too. Other than that, there are fully equipped gyms, regular therapy sessions, tennis courts, and a physio room. The University also hosts a fully student-maintained radio station program, a fully student-managed union shop, bars, and other hang-out spots. 


The University recommends “The Green” as the best accommodation for students. It is not far from the campus and the library. The Green is also quite near to popular attractions and the main city center. The two types of accidents The Green offers are the apartments and the townhouses. To apply to these rooms you have to log on to the official University website where you will be guided further. It is suggested that you don’t delay this process and this may result in not getting the room you opted for. You also have to pay a £50 deposit to secure your room. 


  • High-speed WiFi
  • Wardens for support 
  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining room
  • Well maintained bedrooms
  • Laundry options available 
  • Round the clock security and monitoring 
  • Student lounge that has a TV, Jenga and Football table
  • Insurance granted.

Admission requirements for international students

The University has an acceptance rate of 15% with students applying from 130+ countries. 

For Indian students, the entry requirements include at least 80% or more in UCAS tariff points for any recognized secondary education board in India, if the student is applying for an undergraduate program. For postgraduates, a bachelor’s degree with UK 1st class (70%)  is 

required to get selected. You will also be required to provide an English language certificate from any one of the exams mentioned below:

  • IELTS with a score of 6.0 (not less than 5.5)
  • Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English.
  • TOEFL with a score of 80
  • Pearson PTE academic with a score of at least 55

Undergraduate Admissions 

Where to apply:

The application can be submitted through UCAS and also through the official University website.

Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry for a free profile evaluation and a smooth application process.

Application Fee:

The application fee is 27 USD/ 99 ADE  for any undergraduate program. The last date for application is 30 June 2021.


  • High school completion certificate 
  • A personal description or essay
  • LOR for the UK
  • Passing the admission test
  • Passing a personal interview round
  • An academic reference is also required 

Postgraduate Admissions 

Where to apply

Through UCAS or the official University website.

Application fee:

This may vary according to the choice of program.


Same as that for undergraduates but the additional requirements include a bachelor’s degree in UK first class, a proper CV, and also work experience up to three years for certain courses like MBA.


For all courses starting in January, the admissions process must be completed before October 31. 

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

Tuition fee for all undergraduate international students:

The tuition fees cover all registration, teaching, assessment, and IT equipment fees. 

Sr. No. Course Type Yearly


Placement Year Fee
1) Lab-Based (for Engineering, information, and life sciences) 28312 USD

103975 ADE

2830 USD

10393 ADE

2) Classroom-based  15729 USD

57765 ADE

1573 USD 

5776 ADE

3) Foundation Year To be confirmed  n/a
4) Faculty of Health Studies (B.Sc in Public Health) 15729 USD

57764 ADE

5) Faculty of Health Studies (B.Sc in Nursing, Physiotherapy) 28390 USD

104262 ADE


General Tuition Fee for all Postgraduate Students:

Course Name Fee(Yearly)
Standard Classroom-based Master’s 24863 USD

91310 ADE

Standard Classroom-based PG-Dip 23775 USD

87314 ADE

Standard Lab-Based Master’s  29390 USD

107935 ADE

Standard Lab-Based PG-Dip  28319 USD

104002 ADE

Cost of Living:

Estimate Living Cost in Bradford    42 weeks     51 weeks
Accommodation depending on the type 5067 to 8290 USD 

18608 to 30445 ADE

5811 to 11913 USD

190537 to 43750 ADE

Food 3378 USD

12450 ADE

4102 USD

15130 ADE

Toiletries  845 USD

3103 ADE

1026 USD

3767 ADE

Stationery, books, photocopying, etc.  563 USD

2056 ADE

684 USD

2512 ADE

Mobile Phone Cost 563 USD

2056 ADE

684 USD 

2512 ADE

Local Travel (if required) 563 USD

2056 ADE

684 USD

2512 ADE

Set up cost 670 USD

2460 ADE

670 USD

2460 ADE

Insurance for personal possessions 94USD 

345 ADE

9345 USD

34320 ADE

Total Estimate  12022 to 16218 USD

44150 to 59560 ADE

14093 to 19414 USD

51755 to 71298 ADE

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Name Available To Award Amount
Academic Excellence Scholarship  Prospective Students,  Undergraduates  Partial funding- 4930 USD/ 18105 ADE
Bradford Futures Scholarship  Undergraduates, current students  Partially funded- 1341 USD/

4924 ADE

Commonwealth Scholarship  Postgraduate taught, Postgraduate research and prospective students Support towards completion of full time Postgraduate course
Country Specific Scholarship  Undergraduate,  Postgraduate taught,  Postgraduate research and prospective students  Partial funding- 2683 USD/ 9853 ADE
Fully funded Archeology All applicable students  Fully funded 
International Academic Excellence  Postgraduate taught undergraduate and prospective students. Partially funded: 4025 USD/

15422 ADE

Keith Howard Emerald Scholarship  Prospective students,  Postgraduate taught  Full fee Scholarship 
MERO Scholarships Postgraduate taught  Postgraduate research,  Undergraduate, prospective students. Partially funded- 6707 USD/ 24631 USD
University of Bradford Sanctuary Scholarship Postgraduate students,  Undergraduates, Prospective Students Tuition fee grant +

Travel and Cost grant of 

5367 USD/ 19710 ADE

Undergraduate Bursary Scheme  Prospective Students Year 1: 670 USD/  2460 ADE

Year 2: 805 USD/  2956 ADE

Year 3:  940 USD/ 3452 ADE

The University has a very fine education provisional system.  Although the process of application and selection is difficult. The part to be noted is that the campus life here is worth the experience and the living spaces are exceptional. The placement of this University makes it worth applying to. All in all, this is a highly recommended University for any course you might be applying for.

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