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GISMA Business School, Hannover, Germany

Sep 6, 2022

GISMA Business School: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships 

Since its inception in 1999, GISMA Business School has always paved the way for meritorious students who wish to understand the intricacies of the international business sector. With a focus on management and financial literacy, GISMA offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including MBAs. Short courses on executive education are also available, taught exclusively in English. 

Thus, students from over 40 nations flock to GISMA, thanks to a multidisciplinary foundation and digital literacy. The college’s graduates are also able to identify critical issues in organizational policies and generate new solutions with commitment, motivation, and creativity.

Since 2013, GISMA Business School has been part of Global University Systems (GUS). In 2020, the college opened the doors to its brand-new flagship campus in Potsdam. As of now, the university has an additional location in Berlin. Language courses, cooperative degree programs, and leadership training are offered across ancillary campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, and London.

GISMA Business School: Highlights 

University Type Private University
Year of Establishment 1999
Total Enrollment 75,000 students worldwide across GUS
International Student Percentage Students from 40+ nations 
Student-Faculty Ratio 20:1
Application Deadline for International Students Rolling admissions 
Number of Academic Faculties 500+ faculty members across all campuses 
Scholarships for International Students Available

Why study at the GISMA Business School? 

  • GISMA prepares students to be highly sought-after leaders in the global business sector via both traditional physical and virtual learning environments. 
  • The college is in the top 2% of business schools worldwide, with a global MBA program that is AMBA accredited. 
  • GISMA stands for practical and exciting management education, with students learning from top executives and founders.
  • The university collaborates with a network of commercial and educational organizations through GUS. It benefits both business and society by preparing students for leadership roles in a world marked by constant change and uncertainty. 
  • GISMA provides a learning environment that is highly international in nature with students hailing from 40+ nations. 

GISMA Business School accreditations and rankings 

GISMA Business School has obtained programmatic certification from prestigious organizations such as the Association of MBAs (AMBA). The FIBAA Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation has additionally accredited the school’s MBA and MSc programs.

Many other programs are offered in collaboration with the Grenoble Ecole de Management, which is regarded among Europe’s top business schools. In 2017, the Economist put the GISMA’s Master of Science in International Business Management course as one of the top 20 in the world. 

Programs and Courses offered at GISMA Business School 

In Germany and the United Kingdom, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, language programs, and executive education courses are offered by GISMA. The courses are anchored with an interdisciplinary foundation that equips students with the skills required to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Undergraduate programs

The college offers the following undergraduate degrees

  • BSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business
  • BSc International Business Management
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BEng Software Engineering
  • BSc Business Management

Graduate programs

At GISMA Business School, international applicants can either enroll in degree courses awarded by the university or opt for partner programs that are offered in collaboration with partner institutions. The list of courses for both of these is provided below. 

GISMA awarded programs include the likes 

  • Global MBA
  • MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business
  • MSc International Business Management
  • MSc Leadership for Digital Transformation
  • MEng Computer Science
  • MSc Business Management

GISMA programs offered in alliance with other partner establishments consist of 

  • MSc Corporate Financial Management
  • MSc Global Accounting
  • MSc International Business Management (Kingston)
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management
  • MSc Strategic Business Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc Business Analytics
  • MSc Cyber Security (Management)
  • MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

International students interested in pursuing Data Science can also check out other universities teaching this course.

Campus and accommodation

GISMA Business Schools span a comprehensive multinational network, with a flagship campus located in Potsdam and ancillary campuses in Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, and London. The Hannover campus in question is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is conveniently placed in the heart of the city, close to shops, restaurants, nightlife, museums, and other attractions.

The campus is also well-connected by all modes of transportation and lies adjacent to a number of major corporations such as Sony, Deutsche Bahn, the Axel Springer Media Group, and Daimler.

All international students should note that on-campus housing is not available. However, the GISMA accommodation team can also suggest various lodging possibilities. They have numerous alternatives to give you, whether you want to live alone, with flatmates, in a studio or in a student residence, or have a specific budget in mind.

Admission requirements for international students 

Admission requirements at GISMA vary depending on the program you’re applying for but we will review a list of requirements that are applicable for each course. Germany is an attractive study destination for all those who wish to study international business

Thus, it comes as no surprise that GISMA Business School also is looking for meritorious students who fulfill certain eligibility criteria. They will get in touch with you after you fill out your application form.

Steps for admission consist of 

  • Locating and applying for your desired course.
  • Getting a letter of approval 
  • Signing a study contract 
  • Reserving your spot
  • Obtaining your visa.

Gyanberry is an official partner of GISMA Business School. To enhance your chances of admission and make your application submission simple, apply via Gyanberry.

To learn more about the visa process, contact the German embassy or consulate in your native country. As soon as you’ve been accepted into a German school, you will receive your visa in a few weeks. 

Tuition, fees, and cost of attendance 

25% early bird offers are applicable for applications submitted at least 8 weeks before the orientation date. Details regarding course fees are provided below 

Course  Annual Fees in USD
BSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business 9,563 
BSc International Business Management 9,563
BSc Computer Science  9,563 
BEng Software Engineering 9,563 
BSc Business Management  9,563
Master of Science degrees in Digital Transformation Leadership 12,950
MBA 17,931
MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship 12,950
MSc Marketing Management 12,950
MSc Global Accounting 12,950

Student support services and free beginner’s German classes are included in the program expenses. Students enrolled in a degree program at GISMA Business School, Kingston University, Grenoble Ecole de Management, or The University of Law are eligible for free beginner’s German classes.

Cost of living 

You might be surprised at how much money you can save on your living expenses in Germany with a well-planned student budget. However, to aid prospective applicants, we have made a table outlining the average cost of living for international students. 

Expense  Annual Cost in USD
Accommodation  2,500- 7,200
Food  1,838
Health Insurance  1,145
Personal expenses  1,635

Thus, the annual cost of attendance for an international student at GISMA Business School ranges out to be between 16,681- 29,749 USD or 61,271- 109,271 AED*

*Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

GISMA Business School- Scholarships for international students 

Partial financing options in the form of GISMA Scholarships may be awarded to students who are studying a degree program with GISMA Global GmbH, in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management, The University of Law, and Kingston University.

Scholarships offered include 

  • Principal’s Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
  • Exceptional Career Scholarship
  • Women in Business Scholarship
  • Academic Merit Scholarship
  • Rector’s Scholarship

Career prospects, placements, and salaries for graduates

International students have several good prospects for employment upon graduating from a German university. The Careers Centre platform at GISMA Business School is also particularly designed to help you make reach your professional goals. As of now, the university actively helps graduates by 

  • Hosting GISMA Careers Day and acting as an interface between large corporations and fresh graduates. 
  • Conducting regular sessions on preparing applications, approaching job interviews, and other such assessments. 
  • Working to help graduates find relevant work experience in the form of structured placements, internships, voluntary work, and more. 

Most GISMA graduates can expect a median salary of at least 45,000 Euros or 44,829 USD annually**. Upon finding employment, international students can apply for PR status in Germany. The purpose of residence can be changed if there is a concrete job offer. Skilled workers will be granted a residence permit for a qualified profession or a residence permit for other employment purposes. 

**Note: Salaries are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 EUR= 1.00844 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

GISMA Business School offers programs in English with no additional German language requirements. Some of the popular specializations are Bachelors in International Business Management, MBA, MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship. MSc Marketing Management.

An applicant should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with good scores. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 90 in TOEFL iBT is required. For Executive MBA, a minimum of 7 years of work experience is required.

The University doesn’t offer on-campus accommodation for students. However, it assists students in finding residential halls and apartments as per their convenience and requirements.

GISMA offers limited scholarships to students on the basis of merit. The award depends on the scores of the candidates. Additionally, students can apply for German Government and EU scholarship schemes.

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