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Istanbul Okan University, Istanbul, Turkey

Oct 21, 2022

Istanbul Okan University: Rankings, Programs, Admissions, Tuition fees, and Scholarships

Istanbul Okan University is a campus university with ten faculties including medical and dentistry facility. They offer vocational, undergraduate, and graduate programs, as well as short and long-term professional training.

Istanbul Okan University’s Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation were founded in 1986 with the goal of conducting social, cultural, and economic research and studies on sports, health, and education issues, as well as preparing proposals for resolving problems within the country’s unity and assisting the state in doing so.

As a result of a large number of international students who choose to study in Turkey, the University has become a global student magnet. Okan University is one of Turkey’s newest and most vibrant universities, with each campus offering a unique mix of natural, spiritual, transportation, and physical attributes.

The Enrollment Figure of Istanbul Okan University is 12,908 with an Acceptance rate of 83%

Why choose Istanbul Okan University?

  • Istanbul Okan University is the first Turkish university to be authorized to grant a Pearson-approved International Certificate (HNC – High National Certificate) and International Diploma after successfully passing the Pearson quality audit (HND – High National Diploma).
  • The Erasmus Program Office of Istanbul Okan University supervises and administers bilateral and multilateral agreements and protocols with European universities.
  • The internationalization of Istanbul Okan University’s curriculum, student body, and campuses is a top priority for the university.
  • Both national and foreign undergraduate and graduate students attend Istanbul Okan University, which offers a diverse range of programs in both English and Turkish, as well as internationally recognized diplomas.
  • With the help of Blackboard and Pearson blended learning tools, Istanbul Okan university’s English teaching competency is remarkable.
  • Istanbul Okan University is closest to business life and a leader in University-Business Cooperation, combining theory and practice by employing excellent academic staff for successful careers.
  • The university has established curricula and internship programs for its students in collaboration with several business sectors in order to improve their employability skills.
  • The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has approved Istanbul Okan University to conduct modular flying instruction. Their partner, Atlantic Flight Academy (AFA), conducts the flight training portions of the programs.
  • International links and connections, such as ISEP, Erasmus, and EUA, are also important to Okan University.

Rankings of Istanbul Okan University

Particular Ranking
World Ranking #4917 
Asia #1696 
Turkey #86 
Istanbul #26
Dentistry #926

Programs offered at Istanbul Okan University

Istanbul Okan University Provides a wide range of Bachelors, Masters, and Exchange programs for International Students.

Bachelor Programs for International Students at Istanbul Okan University

Faculty Courses
Business and Administrative Science Banking and Finance (English)

Business Administration (English)

International Relations (English)

International Logistic (English)

International Trade (English)

Medicine Medicine (English)
Dentistry Dentistry (Turkish)
Engineering Automotive Engineering (English)

Civil Engineering (English)

Computer Engineering (English)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (English)

Industrial Engineering (English)

Mechanical Engineering (English)

Mechatronics Engineering (English)

Software Engineering (English)

Health Science Nutrition and Dietetics (English)
School of Applied Science Tourism and Hotel Management (English)

Flight Training (English)

Humanities and Social Science Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-German)

Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-Arabic)

Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-Chinese)

Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-English)

Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-Russian)

Art, Design and Architecture Architecture (English)

Master’s programs for international students

Faculty Programs
Institute of Science and Engineering MSc in Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems (English)

MSc in Advanced Electronics and Communication Technologies (English)

MSc in Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles Master of Science (English)

MSc in Architecture (English)

Institute of Social Science MBA (English)

Istanbul Okan University is the country’s first member of ISEP (International Student Exchange Program), a global student exchange network with over 300 member universities in 50 countries. ISEP maintains a global network of prestigious universities. ISEP fosters academic and cross-cultural learning through its global network of higher education institutions, as well as supporting academic mobility through innovative and cost-effective programs.

Campus Life and Accommodation at Istanbul Okan University


The Istanbul Okan campus is located next to Formula 1 – Istanbul Park and Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which spans 160 acres. The campus, which includes a variety of living and activity areas ranging from educational buildings to its library, student dormitories to the Social Life Center, which caters to all of the students’ needs, as well as a cinema and indoor and outdoor sports halls, serves as a draw for both students and the general public.

  • Girls’ and Boys’ Dormitories
  • Laboratories of Computers and Electronics
  • Art Workshops with State-of-the-Art Technology
  • The library is designed with the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Uninterrupted Internet Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Law school’s courtroom Classes on the Job
  • Cuisine Gastronomy
  • Health Care Available Around the Clock
  • Alternative Meal Options
  • Complex of Sports (Indoor Gym, Indoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Plates and Aerobics studios, Running Area, Squash Halls, Steam Room and Sauna)
  • Center for Socialization (Cinema, Arcade, Entertainment Centre, Cafeterias, Restaurant, Supermarket, Shops)
  • Amphitheater


The Student Dormitories at Istanbul Okan University strive to establish an environment that allows students to succeed by learning and living in a clean, pleasant, safe, and cultured setting. The fulfillment of this goal is further aided by social and cultural activities offered in the dorms.

Dormitory for girls

Rooms for 2-4 individuals are offered in their female dormitory. The rooms have a bathroom, toilet (hot water available 24 hours a day), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, nightstand, desk, refrigerator, air conditioning, and wireless internet access.

Dormitory for boys

Rooms for 2-4 people is available in the boys’ dormitory. The rooms come equipped with a bathroom, toilet (hot water available 24 hours a day), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, desk, and wireless internet.

Existing Shared Areas and Practices in Dormitories

On each level, there are lounges, study rooms, architect drawing workstations, internet halls, restrooms, washing and ironing facilities (free laundry and drying machines), a restaurant (separate in the boys’ dorms), an open kitchen, and hot and cold water dispensers.

The housekeeping staff diligently cleans the dormitories on a daily basis. Security cameras are installed in all of the dorms and are monitored 24 hours a day. To enter and exit, ID cards must be scanned at turnstiles. Check-in time is 00.30 on weekdays and 01.00 on weekends.

Students can access free services from doctors and psychologists in our university’s Department of Health, Culture, and Sports.

Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Applications are admitted through the online application system. Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry for an error-free document submission to enhance their chances of admission.
  • Students may apply to up to three academic programs in the order of their preference.
  • Students accepted into an academic program will be notified of the online application system and their assigned code.
  • The International Office will issue a Full acceptance letter (the second letter) to students who have been accepted to study at Istanbul Okan University.
  • They will then apply for a visa at the Turkish Consulate in their respective countries.

Documents required for international undergraduate students

Online Application

  • Students must have a high school diploma.
  • Transcripts from high school (last three years) are required.
  • Passport of the applicant

*Documents not written in English or Turkish must be translated and validated at the Turkish Consulate in the applicant’s home country.

Official Registration

  • Original high school diploma or a certificate of similar value (and an official translation into English or Turkish)
  • Transcripts of the 10th, 11th, and 12th years’ records (and the official translation into English or Turkish)
  • The Turkish Ministry of Education will provide you an equivalency certificate for your high school diploma. (Note: This is a document from the Turkish government stating that your diploma is accepted as an equivalent of a Turkish high school diploma.) It is available via the Turkish Consulate in your country or the Turkish National Education Directorate in Istanbul. For the equivalence certificate, you must present the originals and translations of your high school diploma and transcript of records.)
  • It is necessary to have a copy of the complete acceptance letter.
  • Passport’s photocopy of the student
  • Student visa 

Documents required for international postgraduate students

Online Application


  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Undergraduate Transcripts
  • Passport


  • Undergraduate Diploma
  • Undergraduate Transcripts
  • Master’s Diploma
  • Master’s Transcripts
  • Passport

Official Registration (Master’s)

  • Original Undergraduate Diploma on paper (also translated in English or Turkish)
  • Transcripts for undergraduate studies must be original hard copies (also translated in English or Turkish)
  • Acceptance Letter in Its Entirety
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Student’s Visa

Required Documents for Official Registration (Ph.D.)

  • Original Undergraduate Diploma on paper (Translated in English or Turkish)
  • Transcripts for undergraduate studies must be original hard copies (Translated in English or Turkish)
  • Original copy of Master’s (Translated in English)
  • Acceptance Letter in Its Entirety
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Student’s Visa

Deadlines for International Students at Istanbul Okan University

International Students should start the application process as early as possible, usually 6 months before the start of their academic term.

Fees and Cost of Accommodation

Particular Annual fees With accommodation and meal
Faculty of Medicine 23,500 USD 27,000 USD
Faculty of Dentistry 20,500 USD 24,000 USD
Faculty of law 4,400 USD 7,900 USD
Faculty of Business and Administration Service 4,600 USD 8,100 USD
Faculty of Engineer 4,600 USD 8,100 USD
Faculty of Art and Design 4,600 USD 8,100 USD
Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies 8,000 USD 11,500 USD
Faculty of Education 4,400 USD 7,900 USD
Faculty of Health Science 4,400 USD 7,900 USD
Faculty of Applied Science

Fight Training

8,000 USD 11,500 USD
Other Subjects  4,400 USD 7,900 USD

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Board of Trustees Honors Scholarship

Students who are placed in Okan University’s % 100 Scholarship Programs are eligible for this merit-based supplementary scholarship. Students who place in the top 1000 (or top 100 for language-based programs) on the national admission exam are given a monthly cash stipend for the academic year (8 months) and free lodging and board.

Quality Certification

Istanbul Okan University is Certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Important things for an International student to keep in mind 

As an international student studying and living in Turkey, you should be familiar with some important information and obligations concerning your social and academic life.

  • Important payments and operations, such as the residency permit fee, creating a bank account and registering your mobile phones, require the tax number. Your international ID number will be on your residence permit card when you obtain it. Your foreign ID number can be used for all legal matters; but, until you obtain it, the tax number will be your ID number. As a result, you should begin by acquiring a tax identification number when you arrive.
  • Using a local SIM card is significantly more convenient than using a SIM card from your own country. The following details should be remembered. Under Turkish law, all mobile phones that use a local SIM card must be registered.
  • You must have a Turkish Republic-issued identification number. This number is also used in the Student Affairs Information System at Istanbul Okan University. You’ll need your ID number to receive a student certificate and any other documents you’ll need during your schooling and graduation. You can find out your international identity number after you receive your residency permit. It’s printed on the back of your residency permission card.
  • You can use your user accounts to browse the internet on computers in libraries as well as the computer laboratories of the Faculties on campus. You will be given e-mail addresses to utilize during your time at our university. You can use this account to access all Okan University systems (OIS, Wi-Fi, lab sessions, etc.).

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The University offers 41 bachelor’s, 7 master’s, and various student exchange programs for international students in English.

An applicant must have completed high school and must produce all transcripts of the same. The documents in languages other than English or Turkish must be translated and certified at the Turkish Consulate in the home country. Proof of English proficiency is required through exams such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT (waived off for those who obtained prior education in English).

The University has dormitories for both boys and girls. The rooms come with 2-4 sharing options. They are equipped with a bathroom (hot water available 24 hours a day), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, nightstand, desk, refrigerator, air conditioning, and wireless internet access.

The University provides fully-funded scholarships to highly meritorious students. Additionally, students who place in the top 1000 (or top 100 for language-based programs) on the national scholarship exam are given a monthly cash stipend for the academic year (8 months) and free lodging and board.

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