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Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

Nov 22, 2022

Jagiellonian University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364. It’s the oldest institution in Poland in terms of higher education and one of the oldest institutions in Europe. It is a public research university that has always had an international approach to imparting education. The university’s prestige is illustrated by its research achievements that are widely recognized in both Poland as well as abroad.

The university is among the top institutes to study medicine in Poland. It is globally ranked #170 in Clinical Medicine by US News & World Report in 2022-23. Scientists are leading developments in many novel treatment methods such as urology, cardiac surgery, and neurology.

The eminent researchers of the university have led the university among other Polish scientific institutions, as they are collaborating with many major academic centers across the world. Jagiellonian University is also home to many research societies of students, where young researchers can look forward to their academic interests. 

Jagiellonian University as of now consists of 16 Faculties with around 4740 academic staff and around 35,000 students (including 2000+ international students) in 150 plus areas of study.


Jagiellonian University Rankings

Sources  Rank 
QS World University Ranking in 2023 293
Shanghai Ranking in 2022 401-500
EduRank (in Poland) in 2022 2
EduRank (in Europe) in 2022 131
US News (Global) in 2022-23 339
THE Ranking (Global) in 2023 601-800

Why study at Jagiellonian University?

  • Jagiellonian University maintains a very decent Student-faculty ratio of 8:1 which contributes a lot towards the growth of an individual.
  • The university provides internationally renowned and high-quality research.

Programs and Courses offered at Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University offers various undergraduate programs and graduate programs/second-level master courses to international students in English as the medium of instruction.

Programs in Medical and Health Fields of Studies

Programs  Years of study  Annual Tuition (in EUR) Annual Tuition (in USD)
MD program in English 6 years 14,500 15,040 
DDS-Doctor of Dental Surgery program in English 5 years  12,000 12,450 

Undergraduate Programs

Jagiellonian University offers the following undergraduate programs in English as a medium of instruction.

Programs  Years of study  Annual Tuition (in EUR) Annual Tuition (in USD)
Global and Development Studies 3 years 4,000  4,150 
International Relations and Area Studies 3 years 4,000  4,150 
Earth Sciences in a Changing World 3 years 2,576 2,644

Graduate Programs

Jagiellonian University offers second-level graduate programs/ master courses in English to international students. 

Programs  Years of study  Annual Tuition (in EUR) Annual Tuition (in USD)
Business and Finance Management 2 years 2,810 2,890 
Comparative Heritage Studies 2 years 7,000 7,260 
European Studies 2 years 3,800 3,940 
Intellectual Property and New Technologies 1.5 years 5,000 5,190 
International Relations 2 years 5,750 5,965
International Relations and Public Diplomacy 2 years 4,000 4,150 
Transatlantic Studies 2 years 3,000 3,110 
International Security and Development  2 years 4,000 4,150 
Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 2 years 3,620 3,725 
Ecology and Evolution  2 years 2,020 2,080 
The Environmental Protection and Management 2 years 3,195 3,290 
Molecular Biotechnology  2 years 3,620 3,725 

*Note: Converted at the rate of 1 EUR=1.03 USD and 1PLN=0.22 USD. The exchange rate is subject to periodic change. The tuition fee would be higher in the first year.

Campus and Accommodation at Jagiellonian University

For accommodation, dormitories are provided at a certain distance outside the campus. The seats are very limited, so students are filled in the dormitories on a “first come first serve” basis. Four dormitories are named dormitory Bydgoska, dormitory Nawojka, dormitory Piast and dormitory Żaczek, located nearby the campus to afford easy transportation to the college.

Single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and quadruple rooms are provided with attached washrooms and fully furnished furniture. Basic amenities are listed below.

Electric Kettle Refrigerator
Telephone Bedding
Laundry Service Bathroom
Free Internet Access Table and Cupboard

Admission Requirements for International Students

The application for admission can be made via Gyanberry Application Services or directly through the university website. Below are the documents required to get admission to the university.

  • Academic transcripts
  • Previous education proofs
  • English language Certificate 
  • Copy of passport
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • A personal questionnaire to be filled out (given in the application form)
  • Insurance Proof
  • If a candidate is below 18 years of age then “documents for minors” are required.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • An interview in English will be conducted to check the knowledge of subjects related to the course chosen by the candidate and English proficiency as well. 
  • An entrance exam, if required by the course, might happen. 
  • Minimum English language proficiency: IELTS- 6.5 or TOEFL iBT-87
  • Biology or Physics and Chemistry course completion in High School for medical applicants

Admission Deadlines: Deadlines usually fall in August

Application Fee: 85-100 PLN or 18-22 USD

Tuition, Fees, and Cost of Attendance 

The average expenses of a student studying at Jagiellonian University are tabulated below.

Particulars  Annual Expenses (in EUR) Annual Expenses (in USD)
Tuition Fee for MD program 14,500 15,040 
Tuition Fees for other programs  4,000 onwards 4,150 onwards
Accommodation  8,770 9,000 
Meal  2,050 2,100 
Transportation 140 145 
Total expenses for the MD program 25,620 26,290 
Total expenses for other programs 15,010 onwards 15,400 onwards

The total yearly cost of attendance for international students pursuing an MD program is 25,620 EUR or 26,290 USD.

The total yearly cost of attending international students pursuing programs other than MD is 15,010 EUR or 15,400 USD onwards.

*Note: Converted at the rate of 1 EUR=1.03 USD. The exchange rate is subject to periodic change. The tuition fee would be higher in the first year.

Scholarships for International Students

Financial help is provided in exceptional cases based on the financial situation of the candidate and the academic results of the candidate. With the scholarship, students can get an exemption from tuition fees. No scholarship is applicable in the applicant’s first year of study.

NAWA Scholarship

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) scholarship holders is exempted from fees for studies based on the rules described in the decision of a Minister or the Director-General of NAWA. NAWA scholarship holders are given relaxation in tuition fees according to the rules mentioned by the Minister or the Director-General of NAWA. An international candidate offered a scholarship by NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) may get entitled to a fee waiver under such conditions. NAWA scholarship programs are collaborated with Polish diplomatic missions as well as with institutes. The results of the scholarship will be published on the website of the institute. The scholarship grant is decided by the course of study.

To get full details of the admission process, contact us.

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Jagiellonian University as of now consists of 16 Faculties that offer 150 specializations at undergraduate and graduate levels. The most popular program is the 6-year medicine program (MD).

A student must have completed high school with passing grades in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to become eligible for studying medicine. A minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 87 in TOEFL iBT is required for English proficiency.

The University has 6 student dormitories where students can stay. The rooms come with multiple options- single room, double room, triple room, and quadruple room are provided with attached washrooms and fully furnished furniture.

The estimated annual cost for studying medicine at Jagiellonian University is USD 27,500.

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