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Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), Limerick, Ireland

Oct 21, 2022

Limerick Institute of Technology: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Founded in 1852, Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is Ireland’s oldest technology center. Limerick is the third-largest city in Ireland and the capital of its Mid-west region. LIT was established and funded by the Government of Ireland as an integral part of Ireland’s higher education infrastructure. The enrollment of 7,000 students makes Limerick Institute of Technology one of Ireland’s largest Higher Education Institutions. This 45-year-old Irish higher-education institution has a selective admission policy that is highly dependent on students’ past academic records and grades.

LIT also provides various academic and non-academic facilities and services to students, including a library, sports facilities, financial aids and scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services. The goal of the university is to prepare students for a prosperous and challenging future, to promote professional development, intelligence, social cohesion, culture, and personal development.

Why study at the university?

  • In The Sunday Times University Guide, LIT has twice been selected as “The Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the Year.”
  • Limerick Institute of technology has an excellent recruitment rate for more than 96% of graduates in the field of work or further education. In addition, more than 50% of LIT students find work in the central and western regions.
  • Limerick Institute of Technology is one of the fastest-growing colleges in Ireland that offers an exciting student experience. With more than 6,500 students across 5 state-of-the-art campuses at Limerick, Clare, and Tipperary. 
  • Limerick is an affordable town for international students to go to college. Rents are approximately 42% lower than Dublin, 25% lower than Cork, and 23% lower than Galway. LIT at other regional locations also provides affordable accommodation. 

Limerick Institute of Technology Rankings

  • Limerick Institute of Technology has twice been named “The Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the Year.”
  • LIT’s Fashion Design programs are ranked within the World’s Top-100. 
  • The Institute has renowned worldwide industry and academic research partnerships – many in the business and computer technologies field with silicon-valley companies.
  • The university carries out joint research in the field of biotechnologies with the US Space Agency, NASA.
  • Uni Rank has also ranked it at 13 in the nation along with 3673 in the world.

Why study at Limerick Institute of Technology as an international student?

Programs & Courses offered by Limerick Institute of Technology

Limerick Institute of Technology is a great opportunity for students to study in Ireland. It provides career-focused programs delivered across three faculties:

  • Applied Sciences & Technology
  • Engineering & Built Environment
  • Business & Humanities 
  • Limerick School of Art & Design 

Application Deadline: 

Entry date for September 2022
Closing date 1 February 2022
Late closing date  1 May 2022
Change of mind closing date  1 July 2022

Where to Apply: Students can apply via the university website. Alternatively, to ensure timely submissions of the application and increase your chances of getting admitted you can apply via Gyanberry.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs at Limerick Institute of Technology (h4)

The undergraduate degree programs offered by the Limerick Institute of Technology lay a strong foundation for the students to pursue further education and to compete in a competitive world. These courses are of the higher certificate, bachelor degrees, and honors bachelor degree levels. Higher certificate courses usually take 2 years of full-time study, bachelor’s degrees take 3 years, and honors bachelor’s degrees take 4 years. Students who have completed 2 or 3-year university or college awards in their own country may be considered for advanced entry and gain exemptions from years or subjects of courses at the discretion of the admitting academic Department.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements for International Students at Limerick Institute of Technology

Minimum Entry Requirements for First Year

  • In general, applicants for first-year must have completed at least 5 subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate (or an equivalent international examination).
  • Math and either English or Irish are required for most programs.
  • There may be additional specific subject and/or grade requirements for some programs. You can refer to their prospectus/website for any specific subject or grade requirements.

There are three levels of study at Limerick Institute of Technology. These are Level 6, which is a higher certificate course of 2 years. Then there is Level 7, which is a bachelor’s degree in LIT and has a course span of 3 years. Lastly, there is the Level 8 study group. This level runs for 4 years and has an honor’s bachelor’s degree.

The Undergraduate entry precedents are set upon a structure that streamlines the application process. At Limerick Institute of Technology, every online submitted application is reviewed and replied to within 72 hours..

  • The Undergraduate IELTS requirement at Limerick Institute of Technology involves each international student obtaining a score of 5.5 and above.
  • Coming to Undergraduate TOEFL requirement in LIT. To gain entry into the institution, you need to get a minimum of 220 on the written. Plus, a score of 550 on the Internet test is also required.
  • Apart from these two major tests that are applicable at LIT. Other eligible tests for Undergraduate English requirements in Limerick Institute of Technology are the University of Cambridge test, the GCE O-Level English Language. Also, there is the GCSE English Language test, Cambridge Proficiency Test, Cambridge Advanced, and ARELS Oral Examinations. A student can pass any of these tests to secure their admittance into the LIT.

Post Graduate Admission Requirements at Limerick Institute of Technology

The Limerick Institute of Technology’s master’s programs enable the students to gain knowledge and skills that are required to sustain themselves in the field. Research & Development is an integral part of LIT’s activities and is pivotal to the interaction of the Institute with industry. The University has attracted support for its R&D activities from multiple national and European programs. Postgraduate research aims to train graduates with generic and specific research skills, to generate study at the highest level, and to promote in the public domain the relevance of this work. 

Postgraduate entry requirements for International Students at Limerick Institute of Technology

The Limerick Institute of Technology has been a front-runner in the distribution of quality education in the country. The courses offered at the university will help you gain the contemporary skills and expertise required to become a proficient learner. These are the skills that every employer is looking for in the candidates. But to get into this amazing institute, you need to fulfill a few basic entry requirements for master’s programs at Limerick Institute of Technology.

  • For the Post Graduate from English requirement in LIT, every international student has to be fluent in understanding and speaking the language. Plus, they need to have passed the respective tests if they choose to give them. The other exams are the GCSE English Language exam, GCE-O Level English Language, University of Cambridge.

The entry requirements for Limerick Institute of Technology is given below:

  • Entry Requirement for Limerick Institute of Technology (Percentage or CGPA) – 60% or 6.0 CGPA

Research at Limerick Institute of Technology

Erasmus Program at LIT: In an increasingly global market environment and workplace, Limerick Institute of Technology is very conscious of the need to provide opportunities for study and work experience overseas. LIT engages in the European Student Mobility programs across 31 countries. LIT is recognized by the European Union as a University and has prominent activity on the European Lifelong Learning programs. 

The Erasmus Student Mobility program allows LIT learners the opportunity to study in another country for 3 – 12 months at a higher education institute in any participating country. In addition, the time you spend in the other country is recognized under the European Credit Transfer System and you get full credit for the studies you undertake abroad in your LIT qualification.

Erasmus Student Placements – Work: This Program aims to improve the quality of education through financially supporting a range of transnational partnerships. Erasmus Student Placements are essentially a work experience placement, enabling those involved to nurture and develop vocational skills and competencies through periods of work-based training abroad. These placements provide access to different work practices and new technologies as well as opportunities to enhance linguistic capabilities, key skills, and cultural awareness.

Application for Erasmus student placements is open to LIT Students undertaking Ab-Initio Degree programs of study with a mandatory work placement in year three. Placements typically range from 3 to 12 months. Funding is dedicated to mobility costs, travel, insurance, and a basic subsistence allowance that varies according to the students’ needs.

Campus and accommodation

There are several student villages in Limerick Institute of Technology, with the largest being Thomond and Cratloe Woods Student Village. Other accommodation includes Harriston Student Village. 

Accommodation Average Annual Rent for a single room (USD)
Claire Street Campus 6,500
Clonmel Digital Campus 5,880
Thurles campus 5,400
Moylish Campus 6,500

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

Undergraduate Tuition fee at Limerick Institute of Technology for International Students (h4)



Student Contribution Fee (USD) Total International Fee (per year) (USD)
Higher Certificate (Level 6) 8,225 3,400 11,625
Ordinary Degree (Level 7)  8,225 3,400 11,625
Honors Degree (Level 8) 8,225 3,400 11,625
Honors Degree (Level 8) Engineering  8,225 3,400 11,625
Higher Certificate (Level 6) International Study in Ireland  2,212 3,400 5,612

The average annual cost of attendance for a full-time undergraduate international student at Limerick Institute of Technology ranges between 21,000 USD and 28,000 USD.

Postgraduate Tuition Fee at Limerick Institute of Technology for International Students (h4)

The cost of studying at LIT differs from course to course. Every master’s degree course fee in Limerick Institute of Technology depends on the level of practical and classroom participation. 

TAUGHT POST‐GRADUATE PROGRAMMES  Tuition Fee Student (USD) Contribution Fee 


Total International Fees (per year)


Higher Diploma in Business Management  8,790 3,400 12,190
Higher Diploma in Business with Digital Marketing 8,790 3,400 12,190
Higher Diploma in International Business  8,790 3,400 12,190
Master of Business in Strategic Management & Marketing 9,360 3,400 12,760
Master of Science – Digital Marketing 9,360 3,400 12,760
Master of Science in Data Analytics  9,360 3,400 12,760
MA in Social Practice & the Creative Environment 9,360 3,400 12,760
MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice 9,360 3,400 12,760
Professional MEd. in Art & Design with Digital Media 9,360 3,400 12,760
MA in Art, Psyche & the Creative Imagination (Part-Time over 3 years)  3,120 1,135 4,255
M.Sc. in Quantity Surveying in Sustainable Public Building  9,360 3,400 12,760
MA in Leadership in Workplace Health & Wellbeing 9,360 3,400 12,760

The average annual cost of attendance for a full-time international master’s student at Limerick Institute of Technology ranges between 22,000 USD and 29,000 USD.

Limerick Institute of Technology scholarships for International Students

Scholarships provide much-needed support to some students who excel at their studies. These scholarships usually cover full or some percentage of the tuition fee of the beneficiary. The aim of providing the scholarships is to first allow some selected students to benefit from their amazing academic records. One can avail a scholarship to the Research program or even a PG or UG program. The LIT scholarships for International students converge academic excellence with a new gateway for the students. They get to be a part of such a prestigious institution and also benefit from the monetary side.

The Limerick Institute of Technology provides a wonderful all-around experience of both academic and non-academic facilities. With the various services and student exchange programs the potential to learn is infinite. The history and heritage of the institute are worth experiencing.

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The minimum GPA required to get admitted to Limerick Institute of Technology is 6.0 or a percentage of 60 for the Master’s degree.

Yes, Limerick Institute of Technology provides accommodation facilities to international students. The housing facilities are available for rent and range from a single room to a house of multiple rooms.

The Limerick Institute of Technology provides a vast number of scholarships to international students which usually cover full or some percentage of the tuition fee of the beneficiary. The Limerick Institute of Technology also provides a lot of sports scholarships for students competing at the highest level. 

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