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Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN), Russia

May 25, 2023

Lobachevsky University : Rankings, Programs, Admissions, Cost, and Scholarships

The University of Lobachevsky (UNN) is one of the three state universities of Russia which was established over a hundred years ago in 1916 and is ranked in the top 700 universities in the world by QS rankings. The University of Lobachevsky provides 250 in Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral in fields like IT, Sociology, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, General Medicine, Dentistry. The tuition for these programs is quite inexpensive and the programs are taught in English and Russian. The application process for English-taught programs begins sooner.

The UNN has dormitories for student accommodations which is comfortable and cheaper than any other alternative. Moreover, the international olympiad that the institute organizes can help international students to completely fund their education at UNN.

Why study at Lobachevsky University?

  • The University has worldwide recognition for its programs and research complexes through International tie-ups with more than 90 countries.
  • Undergraduate programs like General Medicine and dentistry are taught in English, making the university a good choice for medical studies in Russia.
  • The Tuition for programs usually ranges from 2500 USD to 3700 USD per year which is very cheap when compared to western countries.
  • The International Olympiad gives the deserving international student a chance to completely fund their education. 
  • A very high graduation rate almost nearing 100 percent in all programs is observed for university students.

The university of Lobachevsky is among the top-rated medical institutes in Russia and is a globally recognized research institute as well the institute has 7 research buildings within the campus, The university offers programs like double degree and short-term programs which makes the University of Lobachevsky a unique pick. 

University Rankings

  •  QS World ranking- 651 – 700
  •  EECA University Ranking- 70 

Why study at Lobachevsky University as an international student?

Program and courses at Lobachevsky University

The University of Lobachevsky presents the option for the students to choose from 250 programs that are taught on campus which can be undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. 

Undergraduate Programs

The University of Lobachevsky has Undergraduate programs in IT, General Medicine, Dentistry, Economics, International relations & Strategic Studies, Management in Business, and Sociology. 

General Medicine – The curriculum is completely modernized and developed to the Global standards in which Biology, Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology, etc are taught in a detailed and thorough manner for six years. 

Dentistry – The course is taught through highly devolved simulations and students get to practice these simulations practically in institutes’ clinics. The curriculum is well modernized and updated. The course is of 5 years duration. 

Tuition fee for undergraduate programs

Program Name  Tuition Fees 
General Medicine 1st year  3030 USD/ 11129 AED 
Dentistry 1st year  3311 USD/ 12161 AED 

The complete tuition cost for the entire program of General Medicine is  18,180 USD or 66778 AED.

The complete tuition cost for the entire program in Dentistry is 19,866 USD or 19,866 AED.

Tuition fees for graduate programs

The University of Lobachevsky offer’s Master’s program in Management, Business & Finance, Sociology of Politics and International Relations, Software Engineering and, International Relation and Studies. The duration of the course is for 2 years. 

The annual cost of tuition for English taught Master’s program is 2500- 3500 USD or 9183- 12856 AED 

Campus and accommodation

The university of Lobachevsky is based in the picturesque city of Nizhny Novgorod.

The outcome of the two river confluence is the Nizhny Novgorod city and the University is based in the part in  23 Gagarin Avenue.

The university has a total of seven buildings on campus except for the main campus. The modern infrastructure and research centers are one of the leading reasons for the University of Lobachevsky to get globally recognized as a research institute. 

For international student accommodation, there are student dormitories within the campus. The students live in rooms which are equipped with 3 beds and all the necessary furnishing. All the rooms in the dormitory have access to the internet, kitchen, and washroom are separately located on each floor. The dormitory has round-the-clock security to ensure the safety of the students. Things like banks, sports complexes, student canteen, and grocery stores are pretty close to the dormitory. 

International students have other accommodation options such as renting an apartment or living in a co-op house but these options tend to be on the expensive side.

Admission process for international students 

Program Name  General Medicine, Dentistry 
Where to apply  Universities Online portal
Application deadline  20th August 
Standardized Test  B2 level of English certificate, Universities Basic chemistry paper 

The basic document requirement – 

  • SSC Transcribe 
  • HSC Transcribe
  • Passport size photos
  • English Certification of B2 level 

Every masters’ program has its own set of entry requirements which can be found on the official website of the university or by getting in touch with Gyanberry. Every program has its prerequisite exam and B2 level of bachelor’s degree that is at least taught in B2 English.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending Lobachevsky University comprises tuition fees and cost of living. The cost of living per month has been tabulated below. 

Accommodation  Dormitory – 18 USD per month 
Food  211USD or 775 AED per month
Transportation  21 USD or 75 AED per month 
Phone & Internet Plan  21 USD or 75 AED per month 
Annual Living Costs 3252 USD or 11944 AED. 

Scholarship for international students

The University offers an international Olympiad for International students who wish to pursue Masters and Ph.D. programs at Lobachevsky. This Olympia is funded by the Russian government, the winner of the Olympiad will be rewarded with complete coverage of their tuition fee.

The University of  Lobachevsky presents an opportunity for international students to pursue their dream education and eventually careers at a very affordable price. The university is ranked in top Universities worldwide and recognized as a research institute as well. The sports events, fests, and international relations help the students to diversify and develop an overall perspective in life.

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The University of Lobachevsky provides 250 programs across Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels in the fields of IT, Sociology, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, General Medicine, and Dentistry. The most popular courses offered by the university are medicine and dentistry.

The following are the eligibility criteria for studying medicine at Lobachevsky University:

  • Should have completed senior secondary school with a minimum of 50% in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • NEET Exam Marks (Student should be qualified in neet)

 International students live in a comfortable dormitory situated on the UNN campus in the immediate neighborhood of the city center.

  • They are fully furnished 3-bedded rooms.
  • All rooms in the student dormitory have Internet access points. Lavatories, washrooms, and kitchens are located on each floor. There are also classrooms on each floor of the student dormitory.

The University offers an international Olympiad for International students who wish to pursue Masters and Ph.D. programs at Lobachevsky University.

The Russian government funds this Olympiad, the winner of the Olympiad will be rewarded with complete coverage of their tuition fee.

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