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Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Nov 21, 2022

Medical University of Silesia: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships  

Established in March 1948, the Medical University of Silesia is one of the largest public universities in Poland. It is a vibrant academic institution in Poland with an interdisciplinary research hub and is considered a top destination to study medical sciences in Poland for international students.

Since its existence, the Medical University of Silesia has educated more than 50,000 healthcare specialists, including 25,000 physicians. With a brimming student population of 10,218 and a teaching staff of 1201, including 295 professors, it is undoubtedly one of the top choices for studying medicine in Europe. The international student percentage is 3.7% in the university.

The university offers 70 programs and 240 specializations to help students meet professional standards by providing a stimulating learning environment. SUM has well-equipped laboratories and outstanding research programs which actively focus on educational and scientific development. Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy are the most popular English programs provided by the university. The annual fee is approximately 33,315 PLN or 7,270 USD. 

University Rankings

Universities are ranked based on several objective indicators, such as the number of awards won, the amount of research cited and referenced globally, and contributions made in different academic fields. The statistics of ranking for SUM are as follows: 

  • #34 in the list of the Best Universities in Poland according to US News & World Report in 2022
  • #581 in the list of the Best Universities in Europe according to US News & World Report in 2022
  • #1705 in Best Global Universities according to US News in 2022
  • #901-1000 according to Shanghai Ranking in 2022
  • #571 in Best Global in Europe according to US News & World Report in 2022
  • #1633 in Best Global Universities according to US News & World Report in 2022

Why study at this University?

SUM is accredited and recognized by:

    1.  Polish Accreditation Commission
    2. Accreditation Committee of Academic Medical Universities
    3. US Department of Education
    4. New York State
    5. The State of California
    6. Thai government
    7. National Medical Commission (NMC) of India
  • Katowice City has plenty of green spaces and parks which provide an ambient environment to the students.
  • The study course emphasizes clinical practice so that students can acquire practical and theoretical skills. Students graduating from the university are well-refined medical doctors ready to start working or specializing right away.
  • The 6-year MD program and 4-year entry MD program match European Union standards by covering the minimum curriculum required to issue MD diplomas in European countries. It has been additionally adjusted to US medical education requirements to facilitate residency procedures followed in North America.
  • There are over 150 student-oriented scientific societies operating at all faculties. 
  • The university has five clinical hospitals and three medical simulation centers.
  • The university is home to students from 7 continents.
  • SUM has joined hands with over 80 foreign universities to provide quality education to its students. The research output of the university is exceptionally high.

Programs and Courses

The curriculum of the Medical University of Silesia are at par with the best medical teaching institutes in the US. It provides all modern medicine branches and state-of-the-art facilities for the best possible education and training a candidate could hope for. By partnering with Hope Medical Institute, they provide the chance to combine theoretical knowledge and clinical practice. 

The Medical University of Silesia consists of five schools: 

  • School of Medicine in Katowice (offering Education in the English language)
  • School of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry in Zabrze
  • School of Health Care
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Pharmacy with Division of Medical Analytics in Sosnowiec

Undergraduate/Bachelor Programs:

Major of Study Tuition fee per year (in PLN) Tuition fee per year (in USD)
Nursing 23,000 5,100 
Midwifery 26,400 5,850 
Medical Biotechnology 27,400 6,075 
Public Health 19,400 4,300 

Postgraduate/Master Programs:

Major of Study Tuition fee per year (in PLN) Tuition fee per year (in USD)
Medicine (unified master’s degree program ) 52,000 11,530 
Medical-Dentistry (unified master’s degree program ) 55,000 12,190 
Nursing 10,600 2,350 
Midwifery 12,800 2,840 
Physiotherapy (unified master’s degree program) 26,400 5,850 
Pharmacy (unified master’s degree program) 34,400 7,630 
Public Health  19,000 4,210 
Dietetics 23,000 5,100 

Note: Converted at the rate of 1 PLN=0.22 USD. The exchange rates are subject to periodic change.

Campus and Accommodation

The university offers students accommodation in a dormitory located on the campus close to the basic science buildings in Katowice-Ligota. There are 2 dormitory buildings, located at 26 Medykow Street, and 24 Medykow Street. All rooms have access to the Internet and offer the following housing conditions:

  • single room with a regular standard bathroom is priced at 1060 PLN or 232 USD per month
  • single room with a lower standard bathroom priced at 880 PLN or 192 USD per month

The basic living cost aggregates to 1600-2060 PLN or 350-450 USD per month. If one prefers to rent an apartment instead of living in a dormitory, a one-bedroom flat can cost you around 1600-1830 PLN or 350–400 USD, depending on its location. Before allotting accommodation, each student is charged a deposit fee equal to 2 months’ rent payable to the university bank account.

Admission Requirements for International Students

Admissions to the university are offered based on the application file and an entrance test that is mandatory for all prospective students of the 6-year MD program. Candidates who graduated from high school are eligible to apply for admission to the full  6-year program. Candidates who graduated from or attended pre-medical or paramedical college can apply for transfer to the third year of the 6-year program as transfer medical students. Due to a low acceptance rate of 41%, students are expected to have a minimum academic score of 2 GPA or 55%.

The Medical University of Silesia offers 2 intakes throughout the year:

  • September Intake

Application Period: July to September

Courses: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Graduate entry Medicine

  • February Intake

 Application Period: December to January

 Courses: Medicine, Graduate entry Medicine

Undergraduate Admissions

The requirements for undergraduate programs are as follows:

  1. Fill out an online application form
  2. Official high school transcripts
  3. Two Letters of recommendation
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Copy of a valid Passport
  6. Health certificate
  7. Three Photographs
  8. Average TOEFL score of 87 /average IELTS band of 6

Postgraduate Admissions

The requirements for postgraduate programs are as follows:

  1. Common Application/Online Application
  2. Application fee: NA
  3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
  4. Official transcripts 
  5. Two Letters of recommendation
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Resume
  8. Copy of a valid Passport 
  9. Health Certificate
  10. Three Photographs
  11. TOEFL/IELTS scores if the applicant’s native language is not English.
  12. TOEFL: IBT-60, CBT-90, IELTS: 5.5

The deadline to submit the application documents for the spring semester is in general the end of January, and the entrance examination is organized by the middle of February of every year.

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Scholarships for International Students

The students and candidates for studies at the University of Silesia may apply for the following scholarships:

Polish Governments’ Scholarships

Scholarships by the Polish government can be availed by students who come from countries where the Polish educational department has mutual tie-ups or agreements. These scholarships generally provide tuition-free education to successful applicants. The list of such agreements and application conditions can be found on the website of the Polish Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

Stefan Banach Scholarship

The program enables candidates from the Eastern Partnership countries (for both Master’s studies and Ph.D. studies) to undertake studies conducted without any cost at public universities supervised by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The study areas for the scholarship program are science, technical studies, natural sciences, economics, and European studies.

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The university offers 70 programs and 240 specializations at undergraduate and graduate levels. Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy are the most popular English programs provided by the university.

A student must have completed high school and scored at least 70% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.0 is required in IELTS or 87 in TOEFL iBT.

The University offers accommodation for students at the dormitory located on the campus, within walking distance from the basic science building. There are 2 dormitories and rooms with all the necessary amenities and an internet facility.

There are no scholarships provided to undergraduate medicine program students. The university offers a scholarship for Ph.D. students. However, other students can apply for scholarships from external sources or government scholarship programs. One such scholarship is the Polish Government Scholarship Program.

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