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Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

May 26, 2023

Novgorod State University : Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of Novgorod is a Public University which was established under the Russian Federation in 1993. The university is ranked among the top 400 by the ECCA and BRICS ranking. 170 programs are currently being taught in several specializations in the form of Undergraduate, Graduate and, Postgraduate programs but mostly all the programs are taught in the Russian language.

The program that is taught In English is General Medicine. As for Russian programs, the University offers a short-term Russian Language course for international students.

The University of Novgorod provides degrees to 800 international students from 51 different countries. The university has international tie-ups and agreements from 22 countries.

Why Study at Novgorod State University?

  • The University is globally recognized through tie-ups from 22 countries and 64 agreements from MOU’s and HEIS organizations, and the university is ranked in the top 400 by ECCA and BRICS 
  • The majority of the programs are taught in Russian, though the linguistic barrier is an exception when it comes to the program of ‘General Medicine’ as it is taught in English.
  • Novgorod State University is among the emerging top universities for MBBS in Russia
  • The total cost of attendance is quite low when compared to the universities of the same league as the course tuition is at the lower end of 4500 USD per year.

The majority of courses are taught in Russian so the university has short and long-term Russian language courses for international students.

Novgorod State University also has quite inexpensive accommodation facilities for their students in the form of campus dormitories.

University Rankings

The Novgorod State University rankings for 2021 are:

  • 95 in Russia by uniRank
  • 3286 in the world by uniRank
  • EECA (emerging Europe and Central Asia) University Ranking by QS:  351 – 400
  • BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) University Ranking by QS:  301 – 350

Why study at Novgorod State University as an international student?

Programs and courses at Novgorod State University

Novgorod State University offers a total of 170 programs in Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate degrees. For international students, the university offers a foreign language Russian program because a majority of the programs are taught in Russian. 

Undergraduate program

The university offers several Undergraduate programs which are taught in Russian but the program of General Medicine is an exception to the anomaly as it is taught in English. 

General Medicine- The course is taught in a practical and detailed manner over six years. The curriculum is well updated to modern standards. The tuition cost of the first academic year is 4500 USD. 

Tuition cost of undergraduate medicine program

Program Name  Tuition Fees 
General Medicine 1st year  4500 USD or 16528 AED
General Medicine 2nd to 6th year  3500 USD or 12855 AED 

The total tuition cost for the course of General medicine at Novgorod State University is 22,000 USD or 80,805 AED

Campus & Accommodation

The university is located in Veliky and it is the largest University in the North-Western part of Russia. The campus has in total  7 educational and scientific institutions and the university also comprises four vocational colleges: Polytechnic, Medical, Humanities, and Economic. 

International students have the option of staying in the dormitory provided by the university at a very affordable rent of 20 USD per month. The students stay in a group of two in each room and every room is well furnished and has every daily necessities equipment. One person can acquire the whole room but then an extra fee will be charged. 

The students do have the other options of renting an apartment or living in a co-op house but those methods tend to be expensive when compared to the student dormitory.

Admission Process for International Students

The international student’s applications right now are handled by a central organization of RACUS (Group of Russian State Universities). The applicant must have completed Higher Secondary Education. 

Program Name  General Medicine 
Where to apply  The online portal of RACUS 
Application Deadline  March-end 

The applicant must also pass the entrance test that is organized by the University of Novgorod. Applicants must submit a previous Higher Secondary education Transcribe. Standardized tests like GRE or IELTS are not required.  

Novgorod State University Cost of Attendance

The cost of pursuing Medical studies in Russia is quite inexpensive when compared to other European countries. Not only is the tuition fee cheaper, but the cost of living (tabulated below) is also very pocket-friendly from the perspective of an international student.

Accommodation   20 USD or 73 AED per month
Food  192 USD or 705 AED per month
Transportation 20 USD or 73 AED per month
Utilities  187 USD or 686 AED per month
The annual cost of living  5028 USD 18467 AED 

The total cost of attendance including the living cost and the tuition for six years of the General Medicine program is 52168 USD or 191611 AED. 

Scholarships for International Students

The university doesn’t provide any specific scholarships but for the students opting for Russia as their International education destination, the Ministry of Higher Education of Russia provides students with scholarships to study in Russia. 

The University of Novgorod offers many programs even though they are taught in Russian the university offers a Russian language program to cover the linguistic barrier for International students and it helps them develop and mix in the culture as well.

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The university offers a medicine program in English.

The following are the eligibility criteria for studying medicine at NSU, Russia:

  • Must have completed senior secondary school.
  • Must have scored at least 50% in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • NEET is not compulsory (only required if the student wishes to practice in India).

The hostels in NSU are open to international students as well. The rooms are fully furnished, with all the necessary amenities such as bed, shelves, wardrobe, air conditioner, and study desks. The hostel provides 3 meals a day. Additional amenities such as 24/7 security, wifi facility, sports complex, and a study area are available within the hostel.

The total estimated cost for studying medicine for 6 years in NSU, Russia, is USD 52,200. However, the amount may vary due to a rise in costs in subsequent years.

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