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Scholarships to Study Medicine (MBBS / MD) in Poland

Nov 10, 2022

A lot of students who discover Europe as their destination to study abroad choose Poland for MBBS. Poland is quite famous among students who want to study medicine. Students who want to pursue MBBS in Poland require PCB as their subject in high school with an aggregate of 60%. The universities here provide two intakes; Summer and Winter. 

Poland is a suitable country to study MBBS because of its reasonable institutions, availability of English taught courses, blue cards which are issued to international students for a better residential life in the country. Poland is home to almost 400 institutions that provide courses in the English language. 

One of the most important reasons is that Poland provides numerous scholarships for international students to pursue MBBS in the country. The country welcomes international students with open arms. Poland’s organizations and the government aim at bringing international students into the country for the mutual benefit of students and the country. There are several scholarships to support the international students, some of them are mentioned below:

Poland My First Choice Program

This scholarship encourages young talent to pursue their interests in various fields including medicine. The scholarship provides 500 USD per month for students to carry out their other expenses like food, clothing, transportation, etc. This scholarship is open to international students of many countries like Sweden, the USA, Ireland, India, Switzerland, and several others.

Banach Scholarship

The Program offers the scholarship for full-time second-cycle studies conducted in Polish or English at the universities supervised by the Minister of Education and Science in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences as well as natural sciences. The university provides an exemption of tuition fees and provides an allowance of 370 USD to cover the expenses of students. 

The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Program

This scholarship is a golden opportunity for the students who want to pursue postgraduate study in sciences, engineering, natural sciences, social sciences. The scholarship exempts the tuition fee for postgraduate programs in the mentioned fields.

Rector’s Scholarship in Nicolaus Copernicus University 

The scholarship is awarded for the duration of one year. The scholarship can be awarded multiple times during the degree course. This is awarded to the students who show extraordinary performance in academics. The average score should be 4.1 or above to back this scholarship. 

Visegrad Fund

This funding is allocated to the postgraduate students for the purpose of research work. The students can move to different parts of Europe for the research work. An amount of 5800 USD is given to the students to cover the expenses. This helps the students to enter the field of research without worrying about the cost of research. 

Merentibus Medal

This medal is given to students or institutions to honor them for their great services. The medal is rendered to Jagiellonian University. The decision of whom the medal should be awarded is made by the JU senate. Jagiellonian University(JU) is well recognized among international students who look for universities to study medicine in Poland.

Jagiellonian Laurel

 This award is given to the students for their excellent academic performance from the five calendar years preceding the year in which the award is given. This is awarded on the occasion of Jagiellonian University Day. The award is given to students of three fields; humanities, medical science, and natural sciences.

Doctoral scholarship

This scholarship is granted by the Medical University of Bialystok in Poland. This scholarship grants concession of tuition fee for 12 months. In the first year of a Ph.D., it is awarded for very good results of students in the recruitment process.

Pro-quality Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Medical University of Bialystok. This Scholarship is granting an increase in the doctoral scholarship from the subsidy for co-financing of pro-quality tasks, for the outstanding research achievements. A minimum amount of 200 USD is granted to the students for 12 months. This scholarship is dedicated to 30% of doctoral students.

Marshal’s Award

This award is presented by Nicolaus Copernicus University. NCU Collegium Medicum academics and employees of our university hospitals received Marshal’s awards – highly prestigious distinctions for considerable achievements in key areas of public, social, professional, and business activity.

There are many different scholarships from universities, government, NAWA, and private parties available to help the international students study Medicine in Poland. The government constantly tries to make Poland a country that would have good relations with foreign countries. There are full scholarships, partial scholarships, and allowances available for daily expenses. These attract the students to pursue their interests without much financial pressure. If you are searching for more information about fees, scholarships, and cost of living, you avail of Gyanberry Admission Services for further process

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International students from across the world are encouraged to enroll in Polish universities, hone in on their skills, and follow their passions. As an incentive, the ‘Poland My First Choice Program’ scholarship provides international students from various countries with 500 USD per month to cover their basic expenses. 

The Visegrad Fund scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to students interested in doing research work. However, only postgraduate students are eligible to receive the designated amount of 5800 USD via this scholarship. These students can use this money to cover the cost of travel, equipment, and other requirements.

The coveted Pro-quality scholarship is awarded by the Medical University of Bialystok. 30% of all medical doctoral students are awarded a minimum amount of 200 USD for a period of 12 months. The students are ranked on the basis of excellence in research.

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