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Seattle Colleges, Washington, USA

Oct 21, 2022

Seattle Colleges: Rankings, Courses, Admission, Fees, and Scholarships

Seattle Colleges in the Seattle region of Washington is a public college community that serves the people with quality education with three college campuses and five special training centers. These colleges are known as two-year colleges because they provide a 2-year transfer degree for transfer in a four-year bachelor’s program.   

There are three colleges under Seattle Colleges; North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College. The Seattle Central College includes the Health Education Center in Pacific Tower, the Wood Technology Center. North Seattle College was established in 1970. Seattle Central College was established in 1965. South Seattle College was established in 1969.   

Seattle Colleges have an enrollment of about 45,000 students every year. According to Niche’s report, all the three colleges under Seattle Colleges have an acceptance rate of about 100%. 

University Rankings of Seattle Colleges

College Ranking
North Seattle College  #4

Cheap Colleges in Washington

Seattle Central College #15

Payment plans made designed to help students afford college

South Seattle College #49 out of 57

In Washington 

Why study at Seattle Colleges?

  • All three colleges are known for their low-cost education
  • Wide range of courses available
  • Five training centers that help in developing practical knowledge of students
  • All three colleges under Seattle Colleges are well-ranked
  • Getting accepted into these three colleges is quite common.

Programs and Courses at Seattle Colleges

The three colleges under Seattle Colleges offer degrees that help in the transfer program. They offer two-year degrees which help the students to meet the Washington State CPA license requirements. 

Under the bachelor’s category, there are degree programs of Bachelor’s of Applied Science(BAS). This degree lets the student get some hands-on knowledge of the subject they want to study. There is a second type of degree option available in these colleges. There are transfer degrees available that let the students transfer to a four-year bachelor’s program. There are degrees like Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science(AS), Associate in Business (AB).  

There are many fields of study available from which the students can choose according to their interests. There are degrees available in business, arts, humanities, social science, Culinary, and many others.   

  • Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs 

The Bachelor’s in Applied Science is a two-year degree program that gives the students practical knowledge about the area of study they are pursuing. Further, the student can transfer to a four-year bachelor’s program. The tuition fees for the applied bachelor’s programs are mentioned below:

Courses Annual Tuition Fee  
BAS in Applied Behavioral Science  17,940 USD
Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health – Dental Hygiene 17,940 USD 
Bachelor’s of Applied Science in International Business 17,940 USD 
  • Graduate/ Master’s Programs

There are certificate programs available at the colleges. These certificate programs are short-term training programs. The annual tuition fees for master’s programs at all three colleges under Seattle colleges are mentioned below:

Course Annual Tuition Fee
Accounting Fraud Certificate  4,500 USD 
Project Management Certificate  8,372 USD 
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Design and Construction 4,200 USD 

Campus and Accommodation at Seattle Colleges

North Seattle College is located near a residential area. The campus is around a large shopping district. The campus includes largely sustainable wetlands. The campus has various equipment, sports, and centers for the wellness activities of the students. There is no accommodation available on the campus. The students have to search for accommodation for themselves.

Seattle Central College has created a perfect vibe for the students at their campus. The college has provided its own dining halls, theaters, bookstore, and activity center for the students to enjoy various activities. The college is known to be happening for its students. The institute focuses on activities other than studies. The students need to find dorms on their own. 

South Seattle College is located on a hilltop in West Seattle. The campus gives a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains to the students. The campus has a beautiful orchad and Chinese garden connected to it. The campus has arrangements for dining but not for any kind of accommodation. 

Admission Requirement for International Students    

All the three colleges under Seattle colleges have an acceptance rate of about 100%. The minimum GPA required to get into any of these three colleges is 2.0. An application fee of 50 USD needs to be paid to start the application process.

Where to apply? Gyanberry Admission Services
Application Fee 50 USD
Application deadline February 1, 2022
Minimum GPA 2.0
English Proficiency Test IELTS 6.5

TOEFL  iBT 86 

 Undergraduate Admissions

The following documents are required to apply for undergraduate admissions at Seattle Colleges:

The application fee is 50 USD

  • Proof of Finances 
  • Copy of passport page
  • High school transcripts
  • Priority Admission Certificate
  • English proficiency test

Graduate Admissions

Mentioned below are the documents required for admission in graduate/master’s courses and programs:

  • Copy of passport page
  • High school transcripts
  • Priority Admission Certificate
  • College certificates 
  • English proficiency test
  • Proof of Finances 

Tuition, fees, and cost of attendance

The annual tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate courses is mentioned below:

Course In USD In AED 
Bachelor’s  17,940 65,892
Master’s  4,500  16,500

Annual Cost of Attendance

Particulars Cost
Tuition Fees  17,000 USD
Books 900 USD
Room and Board 12,321 USD 
Transportation  1200 USD 
Personal expenses 2,379 USD 
Average cost of attendance  34,000 USD 

The average cost of attendance for a full-time bachelor’s degree at any of the three colleges under Seattle Colleges is 34,000 USD.

Scholarships for International Students

All three colleges provide different scholarships and financial aid to the students. 

College  Scholarship 
North Seattle College North’s Completion Grant 
Seattle Central College Commitment scholarship 
South Seattle College  Seattle promise

The three famous public colleges of the Seattle region have been providing the community with programs and courses at a comparatively less tuition fee. These colleges focus on sustainability that creates a healthy atmosphere for students to study. The colleges are a great way to get through your journey of graduation. For any assistance for application or processing, you can contact Gyanberry Admission Services

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The three colleges under Seattle Colleges offer degrees that help in the transfer program. They offer two-year degrees that help the students meet the Washington State CPA license requirements. Transfer degrees are available that let the students transfer to a four-year bachelor’s program.

The minimum GPA required to get into any of these three colleges is 2.0. Students who will still be underage (16 or 17) by the start of classes must provide a copy of their high school transcripts or their high school diploma.

All three colleges do not have any official residential hall. Students may opt for a homestay or rent an apartment near the campus as per their requirements and convenience.

The colleges (provide scholarships to students with academic merit, achievements in co-curricular such as sports. The award and renewability depend on the merit of the candidate in subsequent years.

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