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Sprott Shaw College, British Columbia, Canada

Oct 21, 2022

Sprott Shaw College: Rankings, Courses, Admission Fees, and Scholarships

Sprott Shaw College is a private college located in Canada. It offers a variety of courses like nursing, pharma, administration and trades, design, etc. This college was established in 1903 and its current president is Victor Tesan. It is one of the oldest colleges in Canada with 16 government-accredited campuses around the British Columbia province It was started in 1903 as a partnership between Robert James Sprott and Henry Shaw. 

In 1921, it officially became the largest chain of institutes nationwide. It had 12 school banners in that year. It was purchased by Ernie Henderson of Henderson College and remained under his guidance till his death in the year 1974. In 1988, the college‘s Victoria Campus was purchased by Terry Hackett. The Victoria Campus is one of the longest-standing locations of the college which is used to date.

More than 3500 students are currently enrolled at the Sprott Shaw College across various locations. All locations provide access to modern facilities, quality education, and advanced career services. Small class sizes and quality training with more than 130 programs to choose from make the Sprott Shaw College a very lucrative choice for domestic and international students.

Why study at Sprott Shaw College?

Sprott Shaw College is one of the best private institutions worldwide. It is student-centered and has flexible plans dedicated to the students.

  • Dedicated team for providing employment services.
  • This college offers lifetime course refreshers for all its graduates.
  • Assistance is provided to students for their careers. This includes courses like time management, student loan payment, goal setting, wellness, self-care, etc.
  • This college has 16 branches allowing the student to choose a convenient location
  • Over 130 courses are offered by the Sprott Shaw College, which means you have a variety of options to choose from.

Sprott Shaw College Rankings

Sprott Shaw College is amongst the top-ranked colleges globally. It has over 4500 enrollments yearly. Here are some of the top rankings of the college:

  • It has been ranked 173rd in the country
  • It has been ranked 8420 globally
  • In terms of impact, it has been ranked 8430 globally
  • In terms of excellence, it has been ranked 6650 globally
  • It has been ranked 6492 globally in terms of openness.

Programs and Courses

This college provides over 130 courses at 16 different college campuses. Here are a few of the courses offered:

  • Business Administration Management

This course helps students to develop strategic business plans, manage projects, devise and execute negotiations and gain insight into Human Resource Management.

  • Business Operations with Co-op

The main objectives of this course are to be able to form accounting on financial statements and communicate effectively for business proposals. The course duration is 48 weeks.

  • Business Fundamentals Program with Co-op

This 32-week program is designed to help students provide professional and effective customer services. It includes courses like Business writing, Co-op projects, customer service, etc.

  • Computer-Aided Design Technology

This course trains graduates in using Auto-CAD to create professional drawings and illustrations. It is a 12-week program, with courses like REVIT, AutoCAD, Student success, and SketchUp.

  • Dental Assistant Program 

The graduates of this course how to assist in dental care, provide post-operational assistance, assist in orthodontic and prosthodontic procedures. This is a 45-week full-time program that includes courses like Dental Pharmacology, Oral and Dental Anatomy, Preventative Dentistry, etc.

  • Global Marketing Management Program with Co-op

This program includes a Co-op placement program. The duration of this course is 103 weeks. The learning objectives focus on collecting and process data to support a business, develop international marketing skills, human resource management, and develop adaptable business strategies.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing 

This is a 45-week preparatory program course like clinical nursing concepts, mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, NCAS preparation, etc. 

  • Post-graduate in Global Business Management

The main learning objectives include developing business management skills, collecting and processing relevant data, adapting business strategies for domestic and international markets, etc. 

  • Sales and Digital Marketing

This is a 17-week course that includes developing market strategy plans, using SEO for profitability, productively using MS Word and Excel, and managing various digital marketing channels.

  • Legal Administrator Program

It trains students on how to make a tax invoice and payments, format legal deeds and bonds, Schedule appointments, etc. This is a 33-week program.

Campus and Accommodation at Sprott Shaw College


The college has 16 campuses out of which the top ones are listed in detail. There are ample study spaces and modern facilities available at each campus.

  • Surrey College Campus

This campus is located beside the King Gorge SkyTrain Station. This campus has smaller class strength and personal attention is provided to each student. It is highly equipped and has e-book learning technology.

  • Richmond Campus

This college is placed in the center of Richmond and hence has access to Aberdeen center and skyline and also Yaohoan Center. It is one of the most multi-cultural campuses.

  • New Westminster College Campus

This college campus was built 26 years ago and has won Provincial Satisfaction Award. It provides courses like nursing, health care assistance, and administrative assistance.

  • Nanaimo Campus

It is located in downtown Nanaimo and is celebrating 20 years of success. It was set up after the success of the first campus in 1916.

  • Abbotsford College Campus

This campus is very accessible as it is located near BC Transit Fraser Valley Express Bus. Here students engage in cultural and community programs. It offers legal and nursing courses. 


Sprott Shaw College offers several accommodation options for its international students. There are five main boarding options available in Vancouver which are:

  1. Pearson
  2. Marine Getaway
  3. Viva
  4. Burnaby Heights
  5. Granville Suites

The facilities available at each of the locations are as follows:

  • On-site management
  • Convenient and accessible locations
  • Optic Wi-Fi and unlimited fiber
  • Enhanced housekeeping
  • In-suite washers and dryers
  • Underground Parking
  • On-site fitness center

There are three room types available. Each of them is mentioned below:

Sr.No. Room Type Cost (Monthly)
1. Shared Rooms 639 USD/ 2347 AED
2. Private Rooms 863  USD/ 4697AED
3. Private Apartments 1279 USD/ 4697 AED

Admission Requirements for International Students:

The minimum admission requirements are as follows:

  • A copy of a high school certificate from a recognized board
  • English Proficiency Tests like ILETS(minimum 6.0) or TOEFL (minimum 8.0)
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • Photocopy of a valid student permit
  • Healthcare or Childcare certificate if specifies
  • SSC placement test is mandatory with at least 20/40
  • Study Permit
  • Payment of initial fees of 50% after receiving a conditional letter
  • Student Visa

Students can apply for admission through the college website. However, to ensure the completion of all necessary steps in the admission process, international students should apply via Gyanberry, an official partner of the Sprott Shaw College.

An application fee of 280 USD/ 1028 AED is applicable for all course registrations.

Tuition, Fees, and Annual Cost of Attendance

Sr. No. Course  Total Tuition Fee (Annual)
1. Business Administration 20689 USD/75990 AED
2. Business Administration Principles with Coop 13007 USD/ 47775 AED
3. Business Fundamentals  6369 USD/ 23393  AED 
4. Accounting & Payroll Administrator with Practicum 14196 USD/ 52142 AED
5. Electrical Foundations 9394 USD/ 34504 AED
6. Executive Legal Administrator 16890 USD/ 62036 AED
7. Medical Office Administrator 8914 USD/ 32741 AED
8. Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration & Practice 11198 USD/ 64573 AED
9. Practical Nursing- New 30375 USD/ 111567 AED 
10. Sales & Digital Marketing 5753 USD/21130 AED 

Cost of Living:

The cost of living for an international student in Vancouver, British Columbia is as follows:

Sr. No. Expense Cost (monthly)
1. Rent 550-1600 USD/ 5863 AED
2. Food 559 USD/2053 AED
3. Transport 140 USD/514 AED
4. Mobile Bill 120 USD/441 AED
5. Health Insurance 60 USD/ 220 AED

The College has several courses and campuses to select from. The courses offered here are over 130 and personal attention is given to each student due to small classroom sizes. Hence, it is worth considering your education abroad.

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Sprott Shaw College offers several courses in many popular streams that are currently in demand. Some of the courses available on campus are Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing, Sales and Digital Marketing, Post-graduate in Global Business Management, Computer-Aided Design Technology, Business Operations with Co-op, Dental Assistant Program, and many other courses which are taught in English.

The basic admission requirements for an international student are as follows:

  • High School Certification
  • English Language Certification (minimum requirement of ILETS 6.0 and TOEFL 8.0)
  • Student ID
  • Passport
  • Student VISA

Yes, the college provides on-campus accommodation for international students. There are five main boarding options available which are as follows:

  • Pearson
  • Marine Getaway
  • Viva
  • Burnaby Heights
  • Granville Suites
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