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SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Aug 25, 2022

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships 

Part of the SRH Holding, the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a coveted state-accredited private university. Operating under a decentralized setup, the university has 6 schools under its aegis. They are situated across various locations in Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg.

Under the umbrella brand of SRH Berlin University, the 6 schools differ in their professional profiles. However, they establish synergies through a shared academic and administrative structure. This close collaboration benefits the 2,220-strong global student population and completely restructures the classical course of studies.

As of now, SRH Berlin University offers German and English Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs, with management and technology being the key areas of study. 

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences: Highlights

University Type Private University
Year of Establishment 2002
Total Enrollment 2,200 students 
International Representation  Students and faculty members hail from over 90 countries 
Recommended Application Deadlines 31 August (Winter Semester 2023)

15 Jan-  28 February (Summer Sememster 2023)

Acceptance Rate 50-60% (source:
Scholarships for International Students Available

Why study at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences? 

  • With 70 authorized German and English-language study programs, SRH Berlin University promotes sustainable learning with experimentation and critical thinking.
  • Conventional exam patterns are not followed. Practical assignments are given in small groups, with skill acquisition in 5-week blocks. 
  • International specialized courses are available for all students at SRH Berlin. They can enroll in compressed learning programs lasting between 2 and 8 weeks, in any partner university of their choice. 
  • The university provides part-time employment opportunities and scholarships covering up to 50% of your first-year tuition fees. 
  • Renowned professors from across the globe work round the clock to provide one-on-one help to students. 

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences rankings 

  • Top-ranked Management University by CHE Rankings, 2020

Programs and courses offered at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences 

Six schools are located across five campuses of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. They all offer different programs, of which some popular ones are outlined in the tables below. 

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor’s degrees by SRH Berlin are all well planned and structured to nurture their students. Some of these include 

School  Courses 
Berlin School of Management International Business Administration (B.A.)

International Business Administration – Focus On Marketing (B.A.)

Berlin School of Technology Development | Digital Products (B.Sc.)

Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Applied Mechatronic Systems (B.Eng.)

Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Berlin School of Popular Arts Creative Industries Management (B.A.)

Popular Music (B.Mus.)

Audio Design (B.A.)

Music Production (B.A.)

Berlin School of Design and Communication Advertising & Brand Communication (B.A.)

Photography (B.A.)

Marketing Communication (B.A.)

Film & Motion Design (B.A.)

Illustration (B.A.)

Dresden School of Management International Hotel Management (B.A.)
SRH Campus Hamburg International Business Administration (B.A.)

Graduate programs 

Focusing on the CORE principle, the master’s degrees offered by SRH Berlin are also nothing short of commendable. Some top picks by international students include 

School  Course 
Berlin School of Design and Communication Strategic Design (M.A.)

Social Design and Sustainable Innovation (M.A.)

Berlin School of Management International Management (M.A.)

International Management- Creative Leadership (M.A.)

Berlin School of Technology Computer Science- Cyber Security (M.Sc.)

Computer Science- Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (M.Sc.)

Dresden School of Management International Business and Leadership (M.A.)

Campus and accommodation 

SRH Berlin does not provide on-campus accommodation for students but offers discounts for certain housing providers. International students usually opt for 3 or 6-month contracts in rented apartments or flats. To get additional assistance with flat hunting, you may contact the SRH agent listed in the Student Welcome Guide. 

The university also provides a list of verified housing providers on its official website to ease the search for accommodation for students in different areas. These include the likes of 

  •, Airbnb, Casamundo, etc. for hostels and short-term rentals.
  • Uninest, Badi, Uniplaces, Erasmus, HousingAnywhere, etc. for a room or a shared apartment for students.

Admission requirements for international students 

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences invites applications from international students across the globe. 

In the application process, you first need to register via Gyanberry admission services, apply for your desired study program, and upload all the requisite documents. The documents to be attached are

  • Qualification to a general higher education institution or to a university of applied sciences
  • CV 
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Motivation letter
  • A copy of your driver’s license or passport

If you meet the admission requirements, you will receive a confirmation email from the university. Upon accepting the terms, you will be invited to an interview.

Please note that international students will be required to pay an enrollment fee of 3000 Euros or 2997 USD*. You will receive the letter of admission only after the payment is completed. 

*Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 EUR= 1.00844 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Tuition, fees, and cost of attendance 

All international applicants should note that the tuition fees will remain the same for the entire duration of the study program. 

For UG programs, please refer to the fee chart provided below 

Course  Tuition fees for international students
International Business Administration International Experience Track (7 semesters) | 4,500 USD / semester

Fast Track (6 semesters) | 5,100 USD / semester

Creative Industries Management 4,500 USD / semester 
BA International Hotel Management program 4,500 USD / semester
Design, communication, and media school 4,500 USD / semester
Film and photography school 4,500 USD / semester
Music and sound school 4,500 USD / semester
Science, Technology, and UX design 4,500 USD / semester

For graduate programs, the tuition fee ranges between 5,400-6,450 USD per semester. Depending on your choice of course and its duration, the payment structure will vary. 

One-time registration fee: 900 USD. 

A security deposit equal to half of your semester cost is also required after signing the admission contract.

Cost of living 

Expense Cost per month (USD) Cost per month (AED)
Accommodation 300-700 1,098-2,560
Food 150-200 551-731
Utilities 200 731
Health Insurance 110 404

If an international student is attending at least 2 semesters annually, the cost of attendance at SRH Berlin ranges between 10,660- 15,010 USD or 39,155-55,133 AED**. 

*Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Scholarships for international students 

The 6 schools under the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences all offer different scholarships and financial grants. Scholarships cover up to 50% of your first-year tuition fees. Scholarships are granted on an ongoing basis, so make sure to apply as soon as you have received your SRH Berlin study contract. 

Scholarship deadline: 2 weeks upon reception of the invitation to apply. 

Schools  Scholarships 
Management programs: Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg Performance Scholarship

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Women for Leadership Scholarship

Creative programs: Berlin Talent Scholarship

Women in Sound Scholarship

Technology programs: Berlin & Hamburg Future of Tech Scholarship

Women in Tech Scholarship

Additionally, the Germany Scholarship is a federal government program that gives financial assistance to meritorious students. A monthly payment of 302 USD is sponsored equally by the public sector and commercial sector partners. 

You can also obtain financing as an SRH Berlin by doing an internship within or outside of Europe as an exchange student. 

Career prospects, placements, and salaries for SRH Berlin graduates

Graduates from SRH Berlin are generally seamlessly hired by corporate names within a few months of the completion of their course. 

  • A dedicated Career Portal is also available on the university’s page. Students are encouraged to join the institute as faculty members or administrative staff to contribute to the university’s vision. 
  • SRH Career Centre (by JobTeaser) allows companies to present their company profiles and find skilled candidates suitable for the job.
  • The university also collaborates with various companies, clinics, associations, and research institutions to ensure all its students get placed in various sectors. 

As per government guidelines, international students studying in Germany are allowed 18 months to get a job in their field of study. After finding a job and working for 2 years, students can then apply for an EU Blue Card which will give them access to work anywhere in the European Union.

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SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offers 37 bachelor’s and 28 master’s programs in English. Some of the popular courses are International Hotel Management (B.A.), International Business Administration (B.A.), Marketing Communication (B.A.), and Film & Motion Design (B.A.).

No, the University does not provide on-campus accommodation to international students. However, it maintains a dedicated Student Welcome Guide service to but assist new students in finding residential halls and apartments.

SRH University of Applied Sciences provides merit-based scholarships to students who furnish their admission letters and provide necessary documentation at the earliest. All the scholarships are granted on an ongoing basis, with a maximum waiver of 50% off first-year tuition fees.

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