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Studienkolleg Dusseldorf, Germany

Aug 30, 2022

Foundation year programs in Germany are taught in colleges known as Studienkolleg. Thus, as the name suggests, Studienkolleg Dusseldorf is one such reputed private preparatory college located in the financial center of Dusseldorf. The institution offers specialized lectures to help its students get efficiently ready for their German assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung, FSP). Founded in 2016, Studienkolleg Dusseldorf aims to equip its students with the right resources, helping them in getting a headstart to study in Germany

Preparatory courses such as the T- course, M- course, W-course, and G-course are offered here. International students from across the world can apply, without having to sit for an entrance examination. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Studienkolleg Dusseldorf is the ideal combination of a language school, preparatory college, and telc examination center

Studienkolleg Dusseldorf: Highlights

University Type Private Studienkolleg
Year of Establishment 2016
Application Deadline for International Students Rolling
International Representation Students from over 50 nations 
Acceptance Rate All students who wish to enroll are given admission

Why study at Studienkolleg Dusseldorf? 

  • With no unnecessary entrance examinations, there is always a spot guaranteed for students hailing from different parts of the world. 
  • Small class sizes put emphasis on efficient learning with TUV-certified courses
  • Studienkolleg Dusseldorf also helps its students with accommodation services, university applications, health insurance, and more. 
  • The course fee is capped at a reasonable rate of 5,600 USD annually, which ensures that no student is deprived of quality education. 
  • The college also organizes joint excursions, trips, and more to help international students familiarize themselves with life in Germany. 

Programs & courses offered by Studienkolleg Dusseldorf

Preparatory courses allow international students to acquire necessary German language skills and academic qualifications to become eligible to apply to German Universities. They prepare students over a period of one year, typically consisting of two semesters. You can choose from a wide range of preparatory courses in Germany

The programs offered specifically by Studienkolleg Dusseldorf are

  • G-course

The German courses are designed to teach one all the necessary language skills that are needed for living, working, and studying in Germany. The German courses have a huge range which includes 

  1. Intensive courses
  2. Business German
  3. Preparation for exams
  4. Online German one-to-one 
  • T-course

The course offers crucial knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, and more. After completing this course and passing the FSP one can apply for technical and mathematical studies all over Germany. 

  • M-course

This course prepares the student for the FSP for medical and pharmaceutical studies. Passing the exam allows the student to apply for subjects such as biology, medicine, or pharmacy at German universities.

  • W-course

If a student is interested in applying for economics and social science in German universities, this course prepares them perfectly and fits their needs. 

Campus and accommodation 

Studienkolleg Dusseldorf is located in the bustling district of Flinger-Nord and is directly linked to the central hub of Dusseldorf. The locality offers several stylish cafes and restaurants which is a contrast to the upbeat and fast ambiance of the city. The subway, bus, and train are all within reach of the institution’s location. 

Studienkolleg Dusseldorf gives the students an opportunity to rent accommodation near the institution. The students have a huge range of options from which they can select.

Apartment type  Room type  Annual Rent in USD
Standard Apartment  Double room 5,740
Standard Apartment  Single room  7,653
Comfort Apartment  Double room 7,175
Comfort Apartment Single room  7,892
Ladies only apartment  Single room 7,892

The prices for the apartment are reduced in case of a long-term booking of more than 6 months.

One-time placement fee: 59 USD

Returnable rental deposit: 498 USD. 

Admission requirements for international students

Gyanberry is an official partner of many preparatory colleges in Germany. You can apply via Gyanberry to ensure the timely submission of documents and guarantee your place at Studienkolleg Dusseldorf. 

The documents required during application to Studienkolleg Dusseldorf are

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of diploma (original and German translation)
  • Copy of transcript of all academic records (original and German translation)
  • B1/B2 certificate of attendance/language certificate
  • CV in German 

Tuition, fees, and the annual cost of attendance 

The tuition fee for the T- course, M- course, W-course, and G-course is 5,620 Euros or 5,600 USD*

Registration fee:

  • Preparatory Courses – 494 USD

*Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 EUR= 1.00844 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Cost of living

Expense Average cost per month (USD) Cost per month (AED)
Accommodation 700 2,560
Food 200 731
Utilities 200 731
Health Insurance 110 404

Thus, the annual cost of attendance for an international student enrolled at Studienkolleg Dusseldorf is approximately 20,064 USD or 73,697 AED**

**Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

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Studienkolleg Dusseldorf provides German language courses (Through English instructions) for exams, specialized courses in mathematics, natural sciences,  medical, pharmaceutical studies, economics, and social science. All these courses are provided in English and aimed at preparing for college entrance exams and courses.

Any international applicant planning to study in German colleges may apply to Studienkolleg Dusseldorf. These students can select their course of choice, in accordance with their future goals and plans. Although entrance exams are not conducted, some preparatory courses may require an interview before admission confirmation.

Studienkolleg does not have an official student residence. However, it assists the students in finding residential halls and apartments as per their requirements and convenience.

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