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Study Architecture in Hungary: Universities and Fees

Study Architecture in Hungary: Universities and Fees
Alpina ChariJun 30, 2023

Study Architecture in Hungary: Universities and Fees

Hungary is renowned for its Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque Revival architecture, as well as its architectural programs. This Eastern European country offers architectural programs at all three levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. If you are planning to study architecture in Hungary, then you must check out programs offered by the University of Pecs and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. They offer all three levels of programs in architecture and a one-tier master’s degree in architecture. Additionally, they also provide preparatory courses for students who lack the educational background to pursue these courses. Óbuda University and Széchenyi István University, on the other hand, offer only master’s-level courses in architecture. 

The University of Pecs’s bachelor’s program in architecture in Hungary lasts for 3.5 years. The master’s programs last 2 years, and the Ph.D. programs last 4-5 years. The one-tier architecture courses are meant to last 5 years. If you want to know more about architecture studies in Hungary, continue reading. We have discussed the major universities offering architecture in Hunagry, along with their fees and admission requirements for international students. 

Highlights: Study Architecture in Hungary

Courses offered  BSc in Architecture, MSc in Architecture, One-tier Master in Architecture, and Ph.D./DLA in Architecture
Duration of BSc in Architecture  3.5 years 
Duration of MSc in Architecture  2 years 
Duration of Ph.D./DLA in Architecture  4-5 years 
Duration of One-tier Master in Architecture  5 years 
Tuition fees for BSc in Architecture 6,400 to 8,000 EUR 
Tuition fees for MSc in Architecture  6,400 to 9,000 EUR 
Tuition fees for Ph.D./DLA in Architecture  8,000 to 9,000 EUR
Tuition fees for One-tier Master in Architecture 6,400 to 8,000 EUR

Best Universities to Study Architecture in Hungary 

University of Pecs

One of the oldest universities in Hungary, the University of Pecs, was founded in 1367 by Hungarian King Louis I the Great. It ranks 801-850 in the QS World University Rankings 2024 and is one of the best universities in Hungary. All of the 10 faculties of the university cover the full spectrum of higher education to provide high-quality training to students. 

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology offers architecture programs at all three levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. These courses provide advanced knowledge in the broad areas of architecture and urban planning. The faculty even has a one-tier architecture course that confers the Master of Science in Architecture degree. Students who lack academic requirements can opt for preparatory classes in English for architecture and engineering. 

Course Name  Duration  Tuition Fees 
BSc in Architectural Engineering 3.5 years  8,000 USD
Architecture (BSc + MSc) (One-tier Master) 5 years  8,000 USD
MSc in Architectural Engineering 2 years  8,000 USD
MA in Interior and Spatial Design 2 years  8,000 USD
DLA in Architecture/Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering 4 years  8,400 USD

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

BME or the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was founded in 1782. It underwent a name change from Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum to form one of the best technical universities in Hungary. It ranks at 741-750 position in the QS World University Rankings 2024. 

The university’s Faculty of Architecture administers an integrated master’s degree program in architecture. Master’s and doctoral programs in architecture are also available. Students who want to pursue the master’s level architecture program but lack educational background can attend the General Course in Architecture. It lasts for 6 months to 1 year in duration. Similarly, students who could not participate in or pass the university entrance exam for the MSc architecture program can opt for the Preparatory Year for the Master of Science Program in Architecture.

Course Name  Duration  Annual Tuition Fees 
Architecture (One Tier Master Program) 5 years  6,400 EUR
Architect MSc 2 years 7,000
Architecture Engineering Ph.D. 4 years  9,000
Architecture DLA 4 years  9,000

Óbuda University

Placed at position 1201-1400 in the QS World University Rankings 2024, Óbuda University is one of the best polytechnic universities in Budapest, Hungary. It came into existence in 2000 due to the merger of three polytechnical institutes. Here, 12,000+ students pursue their studies in the fields of informatics, science, engineering, economics, and teacher training. There are 7 faculties at Óbuda University where students can pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. The Óbuda University offers 8 BSc programs and 4 MSc programs in English. 

The Architecture MSc program by the university is accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee and follows the ECTS credit system of 120 credits. The degree provides specializations in 

  • Architectural Design and Interior Design 
  • Urban Design and Chief Planner/Architect
Course Name  Duration  Annual Tuition Fees 
Architecture MSc 2 years  6,400

Széchenyi István University

The Széchenyi István University also known as the University of Győr, was founded in 1968. This private university ranks 1001-1200 globally in the QS World University Rankings 2024. It offers 24 English-taught courses for overseas students at all academic levels. There are 9 faculties at Széchenyi István University that house 13,500 students. 

The university’s Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Transport Sciences offers only one course in architecture: the MSc in Architecture. The program is taught in English and consists of 120 credits that involve both individual and teamwork. The curriculum is structured around architectural design, architectural heritage, urban planning, and building technology. Upon completion of the course, students are awarded the Master of Science in Architecture (MSc) degree.

Course Name  Duration  Annual Tuition Fees 
MSc in Architecture 2 years  6,400

Admission Requirements to Study Architecture in Hungary

Bachelor’s in Architecture in Hungary 

  • High school diploma 
  • High school transcript
  • Document proving English language proficiency (IELTS 5.0-6.0, TOEFL iBT 70-80)
  • University entrance exam (written or oral)
  • Valid passport 
  • Hungarian student visa 

Master’s in Architecture in Hungary

  • BSc degree in Architecture, Architectural Engineering
  • Academic transcript
  • Document proving English language proficiency (IELTS 5.5-6.0, TOEFL iBT 80-90)
  • Recommendation letters (2)
  • Portfolio
  • Valid passport 
  • Hungarian student visa
  • University entrance exam (written or oral)

Career Opportunities 

A degree in architecture prepares a student for a creative, design-based career. The field of architecture is a highly competitive market. For professional growth, most students go for postgraduate studies after completing a bachelor’s in architecture. Those interested in research and academia opt for a doctoral degree. Typically, architects work in any consulting, building, or managerial position that has anything to do with buildings or design.

  • Architect
  • Building control surveyor
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Town planner
  • Urban designer
  • Landscape architects

The architects must, however, register their degrees or diplomas with the registration board to start practicing legally in any country. In Hungary, they can register with the competent authority, the “Chamber of Hungarian Architects.” On average an architect in Hungary earns 5,490,000 HUF or 14,786 EUR per year (Salary Explorer). The cost of living in Hungary is quite affordable, making it easier for fresh architects to manage their living expenses. 


Studying architecture in Hungary is one of the best decisions any student can make. Hungarian universities offer architecture courses in English for international students. They offer these courses at all educational levels, starting with bachelor’s, one-tier master’s, master’s, and doctoral.

If you have decided to study architecture in Hungary but are unsure which university to choose, then we at Gyanberry are here to help you. Our experts, with years of experience in admission counseling, will help you choose the right program and university within your budget. You can contact us by booking a free video call.

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The University of Pecs, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Óbuda University, and Széchenyi István University offer English-taught architecture programs in Hungary. 

A bachelor’s, or BSc in Architecture in Hungary lasts for 7 semesters, which is 3.5 years. Whereas a master’s or MSc in Architecture lasts for 2 years or 4 semesters. 

The cost of an MSc in Architecture varies according to the university. The typical fees for MSc programs in architecture fall in the range of 6,400 to 9,000 EUR per year.

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