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Study Dentistry in Georgia: Guide for International Students

Study Dentistry in Georgia: Guide for International Students
Shishant KumarNov 11, 2022

Dentistry in Georgia: Top Colleges, Courses, Fees, Admission Requirements and Career Scope 

Dentistry is a one-stage/single-cycle higher education program in Georgia that culminates in a degree as a certified dentist. The degree is equalized to a master’s degree and consists of 300 credits. Let us take a look at dental education in Georgia from the perspective of an international candidate. The following article highlights the top dental schools in Georgia, as well as the courses, prices, entrance requirements, licensure, and job opportunities.

Overview of Dentistry education in Georgia

The following table is a quick reference for anyone interested in becoming a dentist in Georgia.

Level of education  Single-cycle degree program
Courses offered Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD or DDM)
Average fees  4,000 to 8,000 USD*/year
National accrediting body Ministry of Education And Science of Georgia
Standardized entrance exam Unified National Exams of Georgia
Average salary for dentists in Georgia  46,655 USD*/year (Salaryexplorer)
Medium of teaching  English 
English Proficiency tests accepted  TOEFL or IELTS

Top Dental colleges in Georgia (h3)

Here is a list of top dental colleges in Georgia. They offer a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD or DDM) degree as a one-cycle degree of five years. 

University Name Program Name Duration in Years Tuition Fees (USD*/year)
European University DMD 5 4,000
Tbilisi State Medical University (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University) DMD 5 8,000
Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University DMD 5 4,048
Caucasus International University DDM 5 4,500 
New Vision University DMD 5 7,000
Grigol Robakidze University Stomatology 5 4,500

Top Dental courses in Georgia

The dental degree is offered as a single-cycle higher educational program in Georgia. The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD or DDM) consists of five years and 300 credits and is equivalent to a master’s degree in dentistry. A Georgian dental degree takes less time to complete, unlike in other countries like the USA and Canada, where students need a bachelor’s degree before entering dental school. Students with a high school diploma can apply for a dental degree in Georgia. 

Out of five years of a dental degree, the first two are heavily focused on teaching fundamental concepts in dentistry, while the latter three involve rigorous clinical training with live dental patients. Students who do not wish to enroll in a five-year-long DMD program can also go for a dental health technician certification course which lasts for 6-months. 

Dental fees and cost of living in Georgia

Georgia is a relatively cheaper country to study medicine-related courses like dentistry. The fees for dentistry range from 4,000 to 8,000 USD*/year, considering five years of the course, a student has to pay anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 USD* to become a dentist in Georgia. But in addition to the tuition fees, students should also consider the cost of living. This includes hostel/accommodation fees, transportation, food, etc. The following table enlists the cost of living in Georgia for international students: 

Expenses Cost in USD*/year
Food 5,000
Rent  4,116 to 6,528
Transportation 156 

Admission requirements for Dental programs in Georgia

There is no centralized application service offered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for dental courses. Students are required to apply to institutions via the institutional website. The process is pretty simple. Applicants have to fill up the application form available on the university website, upload all the required documents, pay the application fee, and submit the application. If selected, candidates will be notified by mail for further information. Students can also apply through the Gyanberry website, which offers free and paid admission counseling services to various colleges in Georgia. Students can also contact Gyanberry via this “Contact Us Form.”

Admission to a Georgian dentistry school is relatively easy because the competition is lower than in other European countries. A dental degree from Georgia is also recognized and accepted throughout Europe and around the world. Therefore, many international students choose to study in Georgia.  

The following are some general admission requirements to study dentistry in Georgia:

  • A high school diploma or higher secondary education with an aggregate of 60% or higher
  • English Proficiency Proof (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Resume
  • Unified National Exam score in Georgian language and literature
  • Unified National Exam score in biology and either mathematics, physics, or chemistry 
  • Valid passport
  • Student visa
  • Passport photographs
  • Personal interview
  • A copy of the bank statement showing adequate funds for at least one academic year of tuition
  • Official transcripts

Career scope for Dentists in Georgia

Certified dentists can work in the state, as well as private medical institutions, specialized dental clinics, dental units of polyclinics, and private dental clinics. They can also undertake a residency and pass a state certification exam to carry out their independent practice. After completion of their residency, they can go for specialized residency training. Candidates interested in academics and research can go for doctoral degrees in dentistry after residency. 


*Note: All prices mentioned in the USD are for reference only. Exchange rates may vary from time to time and from country to country.

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A single-cycle degree program, governed by European regulations last for five to six years and includes programs like medicine and surgery, dentistry and dental prostheses, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, etc.

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a national credit system used by the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna Process to make higher education comparable globally.

In Georgia, dentistry is a five-year single-cycle degree program with 300 ECTS credits.

Yes, students are expected to take the Unified National Exams as prescribed by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.

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