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Study Interior Design in Ireland: Best Courses & Universities

Study Interior Design in Ireland: Best Courses & Universities
Alpina ChariFeb 3, 2023

Study Interior Design in Ireland: Best Courses & Universities

Ireland is a desirable choice for international students due to its highly developed educational system and immensely hospitable culture. Studying Interior Design courses in Ireland is even more favorable because of the label attached to the country of being extremely creative, innovative, and forward. According to the Universities Association of Ireland, more than 32,000 international students currently study at Irish universities. In this article, we have curated a list of some of the best courses and universities for you to study Interior Design in Ireland. With five major universities offering more than 20 courses, the number of applicants for interior design courses has increased multifold, with more than 800 graduates in the last year.

As the one-stop destination for the perfect combination of creativity and technology, the two most sought-after attributes, Ireland welcomes international students who want to pursue interior design with open arms. The courses offered for the same include core specialization courses for further studies, in addition to the introductory undergraduate and post-graduate courses. See below for why you should opt for Ireland regarding Interior Design.

Overview: Study Interior Design in Ireland

Number of universities  5
Level of programs  Bachelors/Bachelors with Hons.
Diploma/Post-graduate Diploma
Certificate Courses
Annual tuition fee Bachelors: 12,000 to 13,000 EUR
Masters: 12,500 to 15,000 EUR
Medium of teaching  English, Offline
Cost of living  7,000-15,000 EUR (depending on the place of study)

Why study Interior Design in Ireland?

Primary reasons why students opt to study Interior Design in Ireland are listed below:

Supportive Learning Environment: To provide students with the best possible assistance throughout their stay in Ireland, specialized international offices collaborate closely with academic, administrative, and professional employees. Students have direct access to resources, services, and professionals via various support systems.

International Recognition of Credentials: Irish graduates are known all around the globe for their excellence in a wide array of fields. Design courses function as a significant engine of economic growth thanks to the skill and reputation for originality in Irish design.

Variety in Courses Offered: From bachelor to master, to 1-year diploma courses in core specializations, from Business Information Modelling to courses in AutoCAD, the universities in Ireland have it all to upskill you in aesthetics.

Creative Culture: Ireland’s distinctive inventive and innovative culture is a crucial component of the Irish experience, from the flamboyance of Oscar Wilde to the ground-breaking work of James Joyce, from the ground-breaking quantum physics of John Bell to Nobel Laureate Ernest Walton. Ireland is the most entrepreneurial nation in Europe.

Globalization Improving Employment Opportunities: Home to more than 1000+ international companies, ranging from Google to Pfizer to Apple, many companies have chosen Ireland as their base of operations for their Europe sect. As Europe’s leading entrepreneurial country, Ireland is the ultimate mine for employment opportunities.

Top Universities in Ireland offering Interior Design Courses

Thanks to being widely known as the one-stop destination for creativity, the design courses in Ireland are spread all over the country in deemed universities. Some of the top universities are listed below:

University Name City Courses Offered
Griffith College Dublin         BA (Interior Designing)

        Ba (Hons.) (Interior Designing)

        Diploma & Degree Course (Design)

        Certificate courses in BIM & Graphic Illustration

        Certificate courses in Conservation, Sustainability and Adaptive Ruse

Technological University  Dublin
  • BA (Interior Design)
  • MA (Interior Design)
Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest Limerick
  • BA (Built Environment)
  • BA (Hons.) (interior Design)
Dublin Design Institute Dublin   BA (Interior Designing)

  Diploma & Degree Course (Interior Design)

– Certificate courses in BIM & Graphic Illustration

– Certificate courses in CAD-2D 

Interior Design Academy of Ireland Dublin/Cork
  • Diploma (Interior Design)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Interior Design)
  • Certificate in Interior Design

Interior Design Specializations offered in Ireland

Stretching from undergraduate courses to masters in interior design and certificate and diploma courses in core specializations for further studies, the afore-mentioned universities have the biggest scope of giving practicality to your ambitions. 

Two courses can be pursued at the undergraduate level – Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interior Design and Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) in Interior Design. To enhance your skills, there are courses for studying interior design on a post-graduate level in Ireland, majorly the Master in Arts (MA) in Interior Design. 

Other than the mainstream courses, there are ample 1-year certificates, degrees, and diploma courses that can be taken up as subdisciplines to the course of interior design. Some of such courses are mentioned below:

  • BIM (Business Information Modelling)
  • Graphic Designing
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • Creative Thinking
  • Socially Conscious Design
  • Built Environment

Moreover, some colleges, like Griffith College, also offer part-online courses in Interior Design for interested students.

Best Bachelors of Interior Design Courses in Ireland

University Name  Programs Offered  Tuition Fees (2023-24)
Technological University, Dublin BA Interior Design 12,600 EUR
Technological University of the Shannon, Limerick BA Built Environment 12,500 EUR
BA (Hons.) Interior Design 12,500 EUR
Griffith College, Dublin BA Interior Design 13,000 EUR
BA (Hons.) Interior Design 13,000 EUR
Dublin Design Institute A (Hons.) Interior Design 10,000 EUR*

*tuition fee for 2022-23

Best Masters of Interior Design Courses in Ireland

University Name  Programs Offered  Tuition Fees (2023-24)
Technological University, Dublin MA Interior Design 13,500 EUR
Technological University of the Shannon, Limerick MA Interior Design 12,500 EUR
Griffith College, Dublin Diploma in Interior Design 14,900 EUR

Admission Requirements to study Interior Design In Ireland

Due to the fact that skills are taught from the ground up in many design schools in Dublin, no portfolio is usually required. A variety of learners are drawn to different study methods. But certain basic requirements are essential for all degrees. 

Undergraduate/Bachelors Degree Requirements:

  • Proof of proficiency in the English language, such as a score of a minimum of 6 on a test like IELTS. 
  • Some universities might require a Statement of Purpose. 

Post-graduate/Masters Degree Requirements:

  • Proof of proficiency in the English language, such as a score of a minimum of 6.5 on a test like IELTS. 
  • Letter of Recommendations and Academic References.
  • Strong academic record in your undergraduate studies; some colleges need academic achievement on par with a second-class honors degree.

Cost of studying Interior Design in Ireland

The cost of studying Interior Design in Ireland is dependent on the course opted for. On average, an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree in Interior Design costs roundabout 12,800 EUR, and an average post-graduate/ diploma/ master’s degree in the same field costs, on average, 13,800 EUR. There also exists colleges like the Dublin Design Institute, which offers part-time (3350 EUR) courses and full-time courses (8500 EUR) for BA in Interior Design. On top of this, many universities provide subsidized tuition fees for European Union Country citizens.

Living Cost for International Students in Ireland

For one academic year, a student in Ireland spends between €7,000 and €12,000 in living expenses on average. This covers rent, energy, food, books, laundry, medicine, transportation passes, and social outings. Your living costs will obviously vary based on where you study, what kind of housing you pick, and your lifestyle.

For most of their expenditures, many overseas students work part-time jobs while in school. International students can drastically lower the cost of attending school in Ireland because of the abundance of financial help and scholarships available. 

Scholarships to study Interior Design in Ireland

To study Interior Design in Ireland, overseas students have various scholarship opportunities. Many of these opportunities are segregated into two types – president’s scholarship and merit-based scholarship. Numerous scholarship programs depend on exceptional academic records and are frequently given out in small quantities. Depending on the institution offering them, these programs vary, and they typically include a stipend for living expenses in addition to covering a sizable amount of the tuition.

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is one of the most prominent and substantial scholarship programs accessible to students outside the EU is this one. Available to master’s students, the winners get a stipend of 10,000 EUR for one academic year and a full remission of their total tuition costs. In a given year, it is given to 60 Eligible applicants.

Education Future International Scholarship is one provided to Indian students applying to study abroad who have a minimum score of 60% in 12th Grade. An amount ranging anywhere from 2395 EUR to 11,977 EUR may be attained as part and parcel of this scheme in accordance with the course and degree opted for by the student.

But if you don’t acquire a scholarship right away before your admission into a university, don’t worry, as scholarships are given to first-year students who score 400 points or more on their Leaving Certificate in recognition of their academic performance thus far (or comparable second-level test)!

Future Prospects as an Interior Design Graduate in Ireland

Since the creative land of Ireland is prone to a massive amount of intake of design students, it comes as no doubt that Adler New York and HJ Lyons have both offered internships to design students from prestigious universities like Griffith and the Technological University, Dublin.

Moreover, since the culture of having field trips is pretty standard for students studying in Irish universities, students can travel abroad for exchange programs, internships, and exposure to imminent personalities in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, and Milan. 

Interior Design students graduating on a rolling basis are offered plentiful opportunities such as working in/as

  1. Architectural Firms
  2. Event Management Companies
  3. Designing Consultancies
  4. Exhibition Centre
  5. Space Designing
  6. Theatre & Film Set
  7. TV Production Designer
  8. Merchandise Designer etc., to name a few.

One of the most favorable factors is that there is now no requirement for a work visa for international students who are enrolled full-time in a program for at least one year, which leads to a qualification recognized by the Irish Department of Education and Skills!


Students seeking Interior Design degrees have several options in Ireland. One must consider factors such as cost, academic quality, on-campus amenities, and worldwide rankings while making a choice. We at Gyanberry can give your educational needs our undivided attention. You may choose the institution that is most suited to your interests and goals with the aid of our in-depth advice. Our admissions counseling services have assisted thousands of students in getting into their dream universities. For more information, kindly book a video appointment with our experts. services.

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Some top universities to study Interior Design in Ireland include Griffith University, Dublin, and Technological University, Dublin.

There are ample courses offered in Interior Design, including bachelor, master’s, and 1-year certificates, diploma, and degree courses in various universities in Ireland.

The tuition fee for an Interior Design course varies from course to course and from university to university. But the average tuition fee for an undergraduate course in Interior Design in Ireland costs about 12,800 EUR, and it costs about 13,800 EUR for a masters course in the same field.

Yes, governmental and private institutional scholarships, both exist based on merit and excellence in the field.

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