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Study Medicine (MBBS) in Lithuania: A Complete Guide for International Students

Nov 10, 2022

Medical Studies in Lithuania: Top Universities, Admission Requirements, Courses, and Cost of Attendance for International Students

Every year more than 6000 students choose Lithuania for their higher education. Famous for its International student-friendly institutions the country provides various medical programs in English.

Medicine programs (MBBS/MD) in Lithuania are recognized and approved by the various medical boards including but not limited to  NMC, PMDC, and BMDC. Lithuanian medical degree is globally accepted. The faculties are globally acclaimed and Lithuanian universities are among the top 500 universities of the world. The advanced medical equipment, innovative teaching methods, and affordable fees make Lithuania one of the best places in the world to pursue a medical degree.

Why Study Medicine in Lithuania?

Lithuania, a country in the Baltic region of Europe is popular for its captivating natural beauty, historic sites, rich culture, food, and heritage. The country offers excellent academic institutions and approximately 350 programs in English for International Students. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, it is filled with opportunities. Not only is it safe to study here but the cost of medical studies is also inexpensive. Lithuania, a member of the European Union is business-friendly and ideal for higher education with its internationally recognized institutions.

The universities provide high-quality education to medical students. The hospitals affiliated with the university provide the students with practical knowledge, internships, and future job prospects. The most attractive part of getting a medical degree here is the fact that along with quality education the tuition fee is affordable and a lot less than in other countries.

Top Medical Universities in Lithuania offering courses in English 

University Name Global Rank  (US News) National Rank
Vilnius University 735 1
Kaunas University of Technology 1678 3
Lithuanian University of Health Science 1514 7

Medical Study at Vilnius University 

 Vilnius University is not only the largest and oldest university in Lithuania but it is also Lithuania’s leading academic institution. The university provides a wide range of programs focused on excellence in research and teaching.

Programs Offered 

Program  Duration      Tuition fee (yearly)
Medicine   6 12337 USD
Dentistry     5 14535 USD 

Admission Requirements for Medicine Program 

High School/Senior Secondary Education diploma and transcripts Completion of Biology at the high school level is mandatory; 

Completion of either Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics is an advantage.

Minimum English Language Proficiency IELTS- 5.5; TOEFL iBT- 65
Online Interview Held for Selected Candidates
Application Dates 1 January- 1 June
Where to Apply Gyanberry Application Services


The accommodation options at Vilnius University are plenty, especially for International Students. The most suggested is the Vilnius University Dormitories as it is near the campus, affordable, and equipped with the necessary facilities.

Room Type     Rent (monthly)
Double Room      98 USD
Triple Room    66 USD 

Medical Study at Kaunas University of Technology

KTU provides MSc in Medical Physics, and is one of the few universities in Europe excluding UK Universities, to provide this program in English. The International Organisation of Medical Physicists recognizes the program.

Program: MSc in Medical Physics

Admission Requirements

University Bachelor Degree certificate
IELTS ≥6.0, TOEFL ≥85, CEFR ≥C1, or previously completed studies in English. 
Average Grade (CGPA) >60%

Duration: 2 years

Annual Tuition

Full-time studies 5368 USD
Price per credit  8947 USD


KTU in total has 12 dormitories to accommodate its students, staff, and teachers. The rooms are equipped with all the necessities and there are a lot of onsite facilities. 

Room Type  Rent (monthly)
Single   151-172 USD
Double 85-140 USD

Medical Study at the Lithuanian University of Health Science 

With a history of more than 100 years, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is the largest institution for biomedical sciences in Lithuania, consisting of two main academies: Medical and Veterinary. Along with integrating studies and research, the university provides clinical practice to all students at the LSMU Hospital, Pharmacy and Veterinary Academy.

Programs Offered

Program Name Level Duration Yearly Fee (approx) (USD)
Medicine Integrated Studies 6 years 14021-14581 
Veterinary Medicine Integrated Studies 6 years 8973-11217 
Odontology Integrated Studies 5 years 15142-15705
Pharmacy Integrated Studies 5 years 6281 
Medical & Veterinary Genetics Bachelor Studies 4 years 4824
Nursing Bachelor Studies 4 years 4824
Occupational Therapy  Bachelor Studies 4 years 4487
Health Psychology  Bachelor Studies 4 years 4487
Physiotherapy Bachelor Studies 4 years 5048
Applied Public Health Master Studies 2 years 6170
Advanced Nursing Practice Master Studies 2 years 6170
Food Science Master Studies 2 years 6170
Lifestyle Medicine Master Studies 1.5 years 8974
Animal Science Master Studies 2 years 6170
Management of Public Health Master Studies 2 years 6170
Clinical Health Psychology Master Studies 2 years 6170
Animal and Human Interaction Master Studies 1.5 years 6170
Pre-Med Course Short Course 10 weeks 2468

Admission Requirements for Medicine Program 

Integrated and Bachelor’s Degree Matriculation Certificate approved by the government;Documents verifying high school completion in the specific courses (Biology being mandatory for the medical program)
Master’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree diploma approved by the government;Transcript of Academic records from the previous university.
Application fee 170 USD (approx)
Passport or Id Card A copy of your Id card or passport should be certified.
Motivation Letter Applicant must submit a motivation letter, 1200-1400 words
Translation of Documents All documents in languages other than English and Lithuanian should have an officially translated copy.
English Language proof Applicants are required to submit certificates proving their knowledge of the English Language.
Entrance Exam  The applicants have to appear for an entrance exam, exceptions with conditions are applied to this exam.Good grades in biology, chemistry, and physics will be given preference. 


The university provides accommodation at the LSMU hostel.

Room Type Rent (monthly)
Medical Academy
Small Room 195 USD
Large Room 225 USD
Veterinary Academy 
Room 218 USD

The upper-year students are supposed to rent an apartment in the city by themselves. Admission Officers at the university will guide the students in the process.

Studying medicine in Lithuania is growing popular among international students. Lithuania’s advanced programs along with affordable fees are a rare combination to find. The overall quality of student life, educational environment, fee, and exposure provided by these universities make them one of the best options available in today’s world. Gyanberry is here for the aspirants, to guide them through the entire process, and help them make informed decisions. Get in touch to know more. 

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Students can get partial financing through a state-funded scholarship that covers one to two semesters. The scholarship is contingent on the acceptance offer from the university of choice. Additionally, the candidate must be a citizen of one of the approved list of countries. Having sufficient knowledge of English is also a requirement.

Yes. The medical universities of Lithuania are NMC approved. However, to practice medicine in India, the candidate should have appeared for NEET with sufficient marks and must take the qualifying exam from NMC upon graduation.

The top medical universities of Lithuania are quite selective. The acceptance rate at Vilnius and Kaunus Universities is at a stringent 25%. The acceptance rate at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is 60%.

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