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Tacoma Community College (TCC), Washington, United States

Aug 24, 2022

Tacoma Community College: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Founded on the brave notion that everyone who desires higher education should have access to college, Tacoma Community College believes in empowering and uplifting all sections of society. Based in Washington DC in the United States, the institute ensures an equitable distribution of opportunities, knowledge, and resources for all its students. 

TCC offers more than 60 programs in the fields of STEM, Arts & Communication, Business, and Health. Apart from offering associate transfer degrees and professional certificate programs, TCC also has 4 applied science bachelor’s programs.

The college holds an International Student Orientation through which students are assigned, mentors. These mentors help them navigate life on campus. TCC is home to 11,000 students and celebrates the values of diversity and inclusion. This is clearly represented by the fact that 33% of the total student population consists of international students and people of color. The college ensures that its graduates master the central concepts of their areas of study, gain relevant skills and understand the value of education.

Tacoma Community College: Highlights

University Type Public 
Year of Establishment 1965
Total Enrollment 11,000 students 
International Student Percentage 33%
Student-Faculty Ratio 16:1 
Application Deadline for International Students November 15th, 2022
Acceptance Rate Admission is granted if application requirements are met
Estimated Cost of Attendance per year (tuition fees+living expenses) 22,041 USD for international students 
Scholarships for International Students Available 

Why study at Tacoma Community College? 

  • The college is a flagbearer for diversity and 1/3rd of its students come from different ethnic backgrounds. 
  • A number of associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and professional certificate courses allow students to obtain credentials in specialized career fields.
  • High-quality education is provided at an affordable rate. By the numbers, over 47% of students receive financial aid. 
  • International students looking to study in the USA can fund their education by working on campus. There are also a variety of employment opportunities available all year round. 
  • TCC’s Global Mentor Program equips new students to take on leadership roles and assist other incoming students 

Tacoma Community College Rankings 

According to Niche, Tacoma Community College ranks

Most Liberal Colleges in America #527
Safest College Campuses in America #544
Best College Locations in America #626
Most Diverse College in America #953 

Programs and courses offered by Tacoma Community College 

With over 60 associate degrees, certificate programs, and 4 Bachelor of Applied Science degrees, TCC has plenty of resources to help its students succeed.

The areas of study covered by the programs are 

  • Arts and Communication
  • Business
  • Health and Wellness
  • People and Community
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Continuing Education (CE) 

Bachelor’s Programs 

The college provides 4 Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees. These include 

  • Applied Management
  • Community Health
  • Health Information Management (HIM)
  • IT Networking Information Systems & Technology

Associate Degrees and professional certificates 

Tacoma Community College offers a huge range of 74 associate degrees. Some of the popular degrees are 

  • Music
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Anthropology

Moreover, the college has around 23 Professional Certificates. The most in-demand are 

  • Accounting office associates
  • Assistant bookkeeping clerks
  • Bookkeeping systems
  • Chemical dependency professional education
  • Certified nursing assistants

Campus and accommodation


Framed by the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, the Tacoma Community College spans an expanse of 150 acres. It is conveniently located and can be accessed by all modes of transportation. 

Just northwest of Tacoma is the location of TCC’s Gig Harbor campus. The Gig Harbor campus is known for providing a small, intimate learning experience. However, the main Tacoma location consists of 28 buildings equipped with modern infrastructure. The 150-acre plot comprises computer centers, an art gallery, a gymnasium, a health science center, a learning resource center, and a student center. 


International students enrolling at TCC can choose to live with an American homestay family, rent a place or live with local relatives or friends.

The college places students in families which gives international applicants a first-hand insight into American culture. The initial placement fee is 350 USD. Students should note that homestay placements are quarterly commitments and the prices for various rooms are given below 

Type of Room  Annual Charge in USD
Complete homestay, private room  950 USD
Complete homestay, shared room 850 USD
Partial homestay, private room 700 USD
Partial homestay, shared room  600 USD

Admission Requirements for international students 


  • The minimum age for application is 16 years
  • High school graduation is not compulsory since the college offers High School Completion Program 

Documents Required:

  • Bank Statement showing at least 22,041 USD
  • High School or College Transcript
  • Passport 
  • A Consent Form if the applicant is under 18 years of age

English Proficiency is not a mandatory criterion for admission. However, the applicants are advised to submit their scores if they have taken an English Proficiency test within the last 2 years. 

Undergraduate Admissions 

Interested applicants should apply via Gyanberry, an official partner of Tacoma Community College. We will ensure the timely submission of all documents and guide you through the admissions process at TCC. 

Application fee: 50 USD (non-refundable)

Application deadlines: 

Quarter (term) Application Closes
Fall 2022 August 15, 2022
Winter 2023 November 15, 2022
Spring 2023 February 15, 2023
Summer 2023 May 15, 2023

Tuition, fees, and the annual cost of attendance

Tuition costs at TCC are tabulated according to the standard course load of 15 credits. International students must take a minimum of 12 credits per quarter. 

A detailed table outlining all the expenses incurred by an international student at TCC is given below 

Type of Expense  Annual Cost in USD 
Tuition Fees  $10,206
Course Fees $300
Medical Insurance $1,485
Food & Housing $8,550
Books and Supplies $1,500
Total  $22,041

Thus, the annual cost of attendance for an international student at TCC is 22,041 USD or 80,959 AED*. 

*Note: Costs are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Scholarships for international students 

As mentioned earlier, 47% of the student strength at TCC avails of financial aid. The TCC Foundation Scholarship awards range from 500 USD to 5,500 USD and have minimal eligibility criteria. 

Other scholarships are awarded based on the parameters of academic achievement, artistic or athletic talent, financial needs, and particular areas of study. 

The different scholarships available for students at Tacoma Community College are 

  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Discretionary Tuition and Fee Waivers
  • Supplemental Assistance
  • Tacoma Community Foundation Scholarships
  • Third-Party Scholarships
  • Tuition Waiver for High School Seniors

To explore more university-specific scholarships for new international students in the USA, click here.

Career prospects, placements, and salaries for TCC graduates

TCC provides dedicated career coaching services to its fresh graduates. Most people transfer after gaining enough credits or pursuing higher education. 

To sum up, Tacoma Community College helps its students make the right career choices by

  • Providing free assessments to help you identify your interests, values, and skillset. 
  • Finding adequate internships and workshops that develop the soft skills required to apply for a job profile. 
  • Discovering jobs that cater to your unique requirements. 

Graduates are also encouraged to join the TCC team as faculty members or administrative staff. Based on the data collected, alumni of TCC with 6 years of working experience have an estimated median salary between 30,000-45,000 USD. 

International students also have plenty of stay-back options to explore. An Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension or STEM OPT extension to your F-1 visa can allow you to stay back after graduation. This Post Study Work permit under OPT is valid for 12 months, after which you can seek permanent employment.

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No, TOEFL or IELTS test scores are not mandatory for international applicants. Those who have not taken such tests will appear for the Pearson Versant English Placement to determine their English proficiency level. This test is conducted free of charge by the college for its incoming students.

Tacoma Community College does not have a residence hall or provide on-campus housing.  However, international students can avail themselves of the homestay program that is managed by the International Programs Office.

Yes, international students are allowed to work 17 hours a week if they have a minimum GPA or 2.0 or more. But, employment is not guaranteed and new students must attend TCC for one quarter before looking for work.

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