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The Great Lake College of Toronto (GLCT), Canada

Oct 21, 2022

The Great Lake College of Toronto (GLCT): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

The Great Lakes College of Toronto was established in 1978 as a private, authorized secondary school in Toronto. The Great Lake College has been educating international high school and post-secondary students for over 40 years. 

More than 20,000 students are currently enrolled at the College. GLCT offers four types of programs to prepare students for a higher education degree. 96% of the students graduating from the institute get admission to a post-secondary program. Additionally, more than 80% of students receive some scholarship from the university they get accepted to. 

The Great Lakes College of Toronto specializes in helping their students prepare for admission to North American universities and colleges, as well as in learning English as a second language. At GLCT, the “Personalized Education Program” is well-known for striving to meet each student’s individual needs.

Over 10,000 of its graduates have been accepted into universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, and other nations.

Why study at The Great Lake College of Toronto?

  • Over 95% of Great Lake College graduates have been accepted into universities in recent years.
  • College counseling teachers work one-on-one with students regularly to ensure that they are applying to programs and colleges that will help them get into the best university for them.
  • GLCT has a simple admission process and 5 entry options in an academic year, making it very convenient for international students to start their university prep.
  • They make certain that all students develop to their full potential year after year and are prepared to take the next steps in their life.
  • For nearly 40 years, Great Lake College in Toronto has been delivering university preparatory education.
  • They work with students from a diverse range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. They empower their students to become intellectually autonomous and responsible individuals by offering a secure and caring learning environment with high standards and quality.
  • Students are personally guided throughout the program in acquiring language competency while remaining engaged in the learning curriculum and gaining a comprehensive range of literacy abilities.
  • They provide a thorough and authentic university preparation program that meets all Ontario curriculum standards and includes a range of exams to ensure that their students are prepared to get into a reputed university.
  • With over 20,000 students and 230,000 alumni from a diverse range of interests, ages, and origins, Toronto’s Great Lake College reflects the city’s diverse population.
  • GLCT provides the high-quality degree required for leadership in today’s fast-paced world. With an unshakable dedication to quality, provides students with unrivaled learning opportunities in a range of academic areas.
  • They offer excellent academic and career coaching that leads to acceptance to prestigious universities.
  • Their “Personalized Education Program” enables students to prepare for and enroll in the university of their choice by achieving “A+” academic achievement through a guided study plan.

Accreditation and Rankings of The GLCT

  • Great Lake College Toronto has been certified and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and all of its instructors are well-trained and experienced. Their faculty has strong ties to almost every university in Canada.

Programs and Courses offered at The Great Lake College of Toronto

Program  Total no. of Courses Available
Fast-Track University Preparation Program  20 Courses
Grade 9 – 12 & University Preparation Program 42 Courses
English As A Second Language (ESL) Program 10 Courses (5 Levels from basic to advanced)
Language Study and Summer Camp Tours 4 activity Courses

Campus and Accommodation

  • The GLCT campus is in Toronto’s North High Park neighborhood, which is surrounded by a well-known residential area and includes High Park, the city’s largest park. Community libraries, grocery stores, banks, and shopping malls are all within a 10-15 minute walk from the college.
  • On-campus housing, off-campus housing (all within 5–10 minutes walking distance), and home-stay are all viable options for students. If a student wishes to live with a homestay family, the college will locate one that meets their requirements.
  • Students staying in a dormitory, off-campus housing, or with a home-stay family are provided with a desk, chair, bed, bedding, closet, and refrigerator at no cost.

Admission process for international students at The Great Lake College of Toronto

  1. To begin, the candidate must fill out the Great Lake College application form, which can be found on the college’s official website.
  2. For a smooth and error-free admission process, international students are advised to apply via Gyanberry, an official partner of GLCT
  3. The student must then submit the application form along with a transcript of grades
  4. Following that, the school will send an offer letter with a cost summary that includes tuition, residence fees, application fees.
  5. Once the payments have been received by the staff, the school will provide a Letter of Acceptance along with a Receipt.
  6. The next step is to notify the school of your arrival date so that a room can be reserved and an airport pick-up service can be scheduled.

Application Deadlines 

Flexible Program Start Dates: September, November, January, April, and June are the five intake dates for the school year. Depending on the status of the student’s visa application, he or she can enroll in one of five intakes.

Eligibility Criteria

The student must have finished Grade 8 or equivalent, or be currently enrolled in Grades 9–12 or equivalent, or have graduated from high school, or be enrolled in university or college but have yet to acquire a degree or diploma.

Document required for International Students

  • All applicants must submit transcripts from their home country, beginning with Grade 9, as well as a certified translation into English, if necessary.
  • Submit any external exams taken in the applicant’s home country, such as IGCSE, SSCE, O level, A level, or IB exams.

Tuition Fee and Annual Cost of Attendance for International Students

Grade 9-11 16,390 USD  (Upto 10 Courses)
Grade 12 12,150 USD (Upto 7 Courses)

Cost of Attendance 

Expenses Grade 9-11 Grade 12
Application Fee 160 USD (One time) 160 USD (One time)
Residence  6,715 USD Yearly 6,715 USD Yearly
Residence Deposit & Service Fee 560 USD Yearly


560 USD Yearly


Meal Expense 4,605 USD Yearly 4,605 USD Yearly
Health Insurance  520 USD (Standard) Yearly

800 USD (Enhanced) Yearly

520 USD  (Standard) Yearly

800 USD (Enhanced) Yearly

Ancillary, Activity & System Access Fee 560 USD Yearly 560 USD Yearly
Custodianship 560 USD  Yearly

(Under 18 Students)

560 USD Yearly

(Under 18 Students)

Total Cost of Attendance  13,960 USD 13,960 USD

Total Yearly Cost of Attendance for Grade 9-11 Students Including Tuition Fee – 30,055 USD

Total Yearly Cost of Attendance for Grade 12 Students Including Tuition Fee – 25,830 USD

Scholarship for International Students

The Great Lake College students frequently receive academic awards from the province of Ontario and Canada, as well as university entrance scholarships.

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GLCT offers 42 Fast-Track University Preparation Program, 12 Grade 9 – 12 & University Preparation Program, and 10 ESL programs.

A candidate should have completed 8th grade and enrolled in 9th grade for grade 9-12 University preparation programs, and should have completed high school for enrolling in the University preparation programs.

The College provides on-campus housing, off-campus housing (all within 5–10 minutes walking distance), and home-stay are all viable options for students. If a student wishes to live with a homestay family, the college will locate one that meets their requirements.

The students of GLCT receive several academic awards from several governments and foundations, as well as financial aid based on merit from the college. The amount may vary based on the GPA and subsequent performance.

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