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The University of New York in Prague (UNYP), Czech Republic

Oct 21, 2022

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP): Rankings, Courses, Fees, Admissions, and Scholarships

The University Of New York, Prague is a private university located in Prague, Czech Republic. It was established in 1998. UNYP is one of the largest English language higher education institutes in the Czech Republic. It offers EU and American accredited undergraduate degrees in various fields of study ranging from Business and IT to Literature and Psychology.

The University of New York in Prague was set up with the help of the State University of New York and Empire State College. It is a member of the British Accredited Council for Independent and Further Education. It was recognized by the Czech Education Ministry in the year 2001. It has over 800 students with 650 undergraduate and 150 postgraduates. 

The University offers four-year bachelor’s degrees in fields of Business Administration, Child Development,  Technology, Digital media arts, etc. It also offers three years of European Degrees in the field of business, Technology, and Arts. A master’s degree in Psychology, an MBA with 5 different concentrations, and a Ph.D. program (offered at New York College Athens) are also available to prospective students of UNYP.

University Rankings:

The University of  New York Prague’s rankings are as follows:

  • QS rank of 270 worldwide
  • It has been ranked 8235 worldwide
  • It was placed 37 nationally
  • It is amongst the best universities in Prague and has been ranked 17th.
  • In Europe, it has been ranked 2117.
  • In terms of impact, it has been ranked 7162 internationally.

Why study at the University of New York in Prague?

This university is amongst the top-ranked universities worldwide. It has a huge campus and a variety of courses to choose from. The location makes it Not just that it offers a variety of scholarships for international students.

  • UNYP spends over 200,000 USD every year on financial aid and scholarships. 
  • A degree from UNYP is accredited by the US, UK, and the Czech Republic
  • UNYP has class sizes of just 15-30, ensuring a personalized education experience. 
  • Students have the opportunity to obtain dual degrees 
  • UNYP has an exceptional employment rate of 99% amongst freshly graduated students 
  • A wide range of clubs and student-run activities are functional on campus. 
  • The student body at UNYP is diverse, ranging from across 60 countries. 
  • UNYP is home to more than 100 professors coming from 30 countries.

Courses Offered at the University:

This university provides accreditation from the universities of the USA, UK, and the Czech Republic. The courses available here are both 4 year US degrees and 3 year UK degrees. Here is a list of bachelor’s programs available at UNYP:

American Bachelor’s Degrees

Courses  Annual tuition and fees 
Bachelor’s in Business Administration  11204 USD
Bachelor’s in Communications and Media 11204 USD 
Bachelor’s in Child Development  11204 USD
Bachelor’s in Digital Art 11204 USD
Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature  11204 USD
Bachelor’s in International Relations  11204 USD
Bachelor’s in Information Technology  11204 USD
Bachelor’s in Psychology 11204 USD
Bachelor’s Political Science 11204 USD

European Bachelor’s Degree 

Courses Fees
Bachelor’s in Business Administration 9950 USD
Bachelor’s in Marketing Finance  9950 USD
Bachelor’s in Human Resources 9950 USD
Bachelor’s in Sports Management  9950 USD

The University Of New York provides a complete English master’s course. It has an intensive weekend studies format which is offered for the convenience of the students. Apart from the Master’s programs offered at UNYP, there are also several non-degree programs that students can choose to get admission in. The University provides an MA in psychology. It complies with international requirements for European Master’s Degree in Psychology which is awarded by the Czech Republic Education Ministry. 

The University also provides MBA with concentrations in

Courses Fees
MBA in Management  USD 16832
MBA in Entrepreneurship  USD 16832
MBA in Finance USD 16832
MBA in Marketing  USD 16832
MBA in Global Business USD 16832

Admission Requirements for International Students


  • A copy of the application form(completed)
  • A copy of high school diploma
  • Certified Academic Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • English Language Certificate
  • Compulsory English Entrance Essay
  • Maths Aptitude Test is mandatory for science and business courses 
  • Copy of ID Proof
  • Copy of Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Application fee of 94 USD/ 345 AED
  • Interview regarding the course selected


  • Completed application form
  • A copy of undergraduate degree
  • Academic transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Two Letter of Recommendations
  • English Language Certificates (according to the course chosen)
  • Copy of ID Proof
  • Copy of Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Application Fee of 94 USD/ 345 AED
  • Interview for the course selected

To enhance your chances of admission and ensure an error-free application process, apply via Gyanberry with no additional costs.

Tuition Fees and Total Cost Of Attendance

  • The cost of an American bachelor’s degree at UNYP is approximately 11000 USD per year for International students. 
  • The cost of a European bachelor’s degree is around 4800 USD per year for international students.
  • The cost of an MBA program is approximately 17000 USD per year for international students.

Cost of Living

The average monthly living expenses (inclusive of accommodation) for a full-time student at the University of New York in Prague is USD 400-600.

Scholarships for international students at the University of New York in Prague

The Scholarship provided by the university for international students are as follows:

Sr. No. Scholarship Name Awarded Amount 
1. Admission Merit Scholarship 50% off on tuition fee for a score of IELTS 8 and SATs 700 above
2. Admission Merit Scholarship 30% off on tuition fee for a score of IELTS 7 and SATs 650 above
3. Admission Merit Scholarship 15% off on tuition fee for a score of IELTS 6.5 and SATs 600 above
4. The Barbara Adams Hasek Scholarship Full tuition fee is awarded to student
5. Sports Achievement Scholarship 10-20% off depending on participation in events
6. Academic Achievement Award 23378 USD
7. Alumni Graduate Discount 11689 USD

This university provides many American as well as European courses. Not just that it has a huge campus and fantastic accommodation available at the campus itself. The courses offered here are practical and comprehensive and hence this university is worth considering for your future graduate plans abroad.

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The courses offered by UNYP are accredited by the USA, UK, and the Czech Republic. Both 4 year US degrees and 3 year UK degrees are available. Some of the popular undergraduate programs are Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Marketing Finance, Bachelor’s in Human Resources, Bachelors in Sports Management.

A candidate must have completed high school and submit transcripts of the same. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or 7 2in TOEFL iBT is required. SAT score may be a prerequisite for some courses. The student must also clear the interview conducted by the University.

UNYP does not have a student dormitory, although it manages a few residence halls in partnership. The allotment is made on a first come first serve basis. The student will be able to pick the type of room, but building management places the student into an available apartment.

The University provides scholarships to students at the time of entry based on their academic merit. Scores of high school, IELTS, or SAT are taken into consideration for determining the amount of the scholarship. Some scholarships are one time whereas some are renewable on the basis merit.

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