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Top Universities for Medicine in Georgia

May 25, 2023

Universities for Medicine in Georgia: Rankings, Cost, and Admission Requirements

Explore top universities to study Medicine and MBBS in Georgia.Georgia is one of the most desired places to pursue a medical science degree like general medicine. It’s the dream place for most medical aspirants who want to settle for high-paying jobs in the medical field and hospitals all around the world. More than 10,000 international students currently pursue higher education in Georgia.

Overview of top universities for Medicine in Georgia

Medium of education  English
Average tuition fees for medicine programs  5,000 to 8,000 USD*/year
WHO recognition  Yes
Accepts international students  Yes
English proficiency test TOEFL or IELTS required
Duration of MD program  6 years (with internship)

Why study Medicine in Georgia?

Apart from the country’s beauty, Georgia provides huge opportunities to international students in terms of education. Many students from India, the rest of Asia, Middle East countries like UAE, and other GCC countries apply to Georgian medical universities. Given below are some factors for choosing Medicine in Georgia.

  • Low living cost 

The average cost of living in Georgia is extremely low compared to other countries. Living and food expenses are around 200 USD per month. Also, institutions do not ask for donations from medical aspirants. Hence, students can save money and have a better budget while applying for post-graduation later.

  • High-quality education

It is well known that universities in Georgia pay more attention to the practical skills of students than just book knowledge. They let students access modern medical equipment. Additionally, they follow World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

  • Approachable admission criteria

Unlike other universities, many universities in Georgia offer admission to students in medical programs without entrance exams. Applicants who have attained a minimum 50% score in the final year of school are eligible for admission to universities in Georgia. However, it is recommended that students score higher in order to increase their chances of admission. 

Apart from these facts, it is safe to study in Georgia for students coming from other countries.  

Popular universities for Medical studies in Georgia

Georgian medical universities are well known for offering a one-step medical program called MD (Medical Doctor), which is equal to an MBBS degree. They are recognized by the WHO, so their degrees are accepted worldwide. Plus, a Georgian medical license can be transferred to any EU country. Gyanberry has partnered with these universities to help students with their admission process. You can avail of our admission services offered by our highly experienced counselors. Here is a list of some popular medical universities in Georgia. 

University Name National Ranking (uniRank 2022)  Duration of MD Program  Annual Tuition fee per year (approx.)
Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi 1 6 years 8,000 USD* (29,384 AED*)
Tbilisi State Medical University 7 6 years 8,000 USD* (29,384 AED*)
East European University 22 6 years 5,000 USD* (18,365 AED*)
ALTE University (formerly known as Tbilisi Open University)  24 6 years 5,000 USD* (18,365 AED*)

Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi

The Tbilisi State University, which is now known as Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi, was founded in 1918. Authorities changed its name in 1989 to Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi in honor of its founder. Currently, around 22,000 students study at the seven faculties including its faculty of medicine. International students from India, Iraq, Jordan, Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, and Great Britain study at this university. The medicine faculty at Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi offers two programs:

Programs Offered Duration 
MD (Medical Doctor)  6 years
Dentistry 5 years

Both the medical programs at Ivane Javakhisvilli Tbilisi are recognized worldwide. An aspirant with an MD from the university (master’s degree equivalent) can directly apply for doctoral programs. Students can also complete their residency training at the university.   

Academic requirements for MD

  • Notarized secondary school certificate translated into the Georgian language
  • Secondary school diploma in biology, chemistry, and English
  • NEET certificate for Indian students
  • A valid passport

Application process

Students can fill out the application form available on the website and submit with relevant documents. The deadline for the 2022-2023 academic year was June 30, 2022. Foreign students have to attend an online interview to prove their English proficiency. The students need to have English proficiency of at least a B2 level. 

Tbilisi State Medical University

The faculty of medicine at the Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) came into existence on February 27, 1918. There are a total of five faculties at TSMU: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, physical medicine, and rehabilitation. The medicine program is designed considering the inputs from European experts and has over 100 years of history. The university also offers several joint and exchange programs. Tbilisi State Medical University has more than 2,800 international students from 80 different countries. The university offers two MD programs of 360 ECTS credits (including 1-year internship). 

Programs Offered Duration 
MD  6 years
American MD (USMD)  6 years

There are 6 university clinics where students can pursue a residency after graduation. In addition to MD programs, the university also offers the following medical degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

  • Dentistry
  • Nursing and midwifery
  • Public health
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Academic requirements for MD 

  • English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS
  • Secondary school diploma (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Passport photographs
  • Citizenship document
  • Medical certificate

Application process

Students can apply directly through the TSU website. Particularly for overseas students, the TSU admissions process can be somewhat intimidating. You can choose our value-added services to make sure your application proceeds smoothly. We provide the following services:

  1. Legalization of documents from the relevant Embassy or Ministry
  2. Translation of mark sheets and certificates
  3. Detailed pre-departure briefing based on the destination of the student
  4. Travel and Medical Insurance
  5. Private Accommodation or University hostel booking

East European University

The East European University or EEU is a private accredited university. In 2012, East European University got its authorization and has been running various programs and courses flawlessly since then. EEU has over 20,000 students enrolled. The medical school at the university was established in 2017. The additional facilities and huge employment possibilities provide EEU with more recognition and significance than many other universities in Georgia. EEU students do have the opportunity to do internships in 150+ companies. Many state agencies, the biggest hospitals in Georgia only, public and private organizations, pharma companies, etc. are partners with East European University. 

Medical Doctor Educational Program 

Details for Medical Doctor Educational Program offered at EEU 

  • The university offers MD for international students with a very affordable fee i.e 5,000 USD*/ year 
  • The program is 6 years duration
  • There are 12 semesters in total
  • It is one-cycle program

Eligibility criteria for international students

  • The candidate should have passed the English language exam and must have scored a percentage of 85% at least
  • The candidate is required to pass the relevant national examinations for the subjects
  • If an entrant passes the English language exam at the ALTE B2 level, they can take admission without a national examination

List of the documents required for admission at the EEU

  • Passport copy
  • Academic transcripts
  • High school certificate
  • English language test if belong to a country where English is not the language of instruction
  • NEET (for Indians)

English exam results are to be submitted with the application form only. 

Application deadlines

Students can apply for admission twice a year. Once in the fall academic session, which is for the September batch, and the other one in the spring academic session, which is for the February-March batch.

ALTE University

Founded 20 years ago, ALTE University harbors 2,100 students from 15 countries. It was formerly known as the Tbilisi Open University. There are a total of 5 schools including the International School of Medicine. The university offers full tuition funding from its “Endowment Fund” to students with a GPA of 3.5 or more. ALTE provides the following two medical degrees:

Programs Offered Duration 
MD  6 years
Dentistry 5 years

The MD course at ALTE is 360 credits, of which 342 are compulsory and the rest optional.

Academic requirements for MD

  • Filled application form
  • Passport 
  • Higher secondary school certificate with notarized transcript 

Application process

Students have to fill out the international student application form with all the relevant information. Enter the relevant information and submit the required documents. The selected candidates receive a conditional formatting letter. University conducts an online or face-to-face interview for these students. After this applicants have to pay the application fee. The university admission office will verify the submitted documents. This whole process usually takes a month. Once you get accepted at any of the above universities, the next step involves a visa application. Gyanberry offers visa services to over 20 countries.

*Note: The tuition fees are converted based on the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change.

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After completing an MD from Georgia, aspirants can continue their medical career by giving a screening test to get a practice license. They can also go back to their home countries or abroad for research work or further studies.

All countries allow MD graduates from Georgia to practice medicine. But they have to pass a required screening test to get a practicing license.

The MD program in Georgia lasts for a period of 6 years which includes 1 year of internship. 

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