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Trine University, Indiana, USA

Oct 21, 2022

Trine University:  Rankings, Programs, Admissions, Cost, and Scholarships

Trine University is a private university that was established in 1884. The university has a humongous campus of 400 acres and it is located in Angola, Indiana. 

Trine University offers more than 60 programs across several subject areas such as Engineering, IT, Business, Education, and Health Science. The degree awarded is of Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s level which have been accredited by ‘Higher learning Commission’ from U.S Department of Education. 

The university has an acceptance rate of 82%, with annual undergraduate tuition for international students being around 47,979 USD. The university is one of the top regional universities in the Midwest in the United States, as acknowledged by the U.S.News & World Report ranking. 

Why study at Trine University, Indiana?

  • The university has a high enrollment percentage with more than 4500 students being enrolled in fall 2020
  • With an adequate student to faculty ratio every student growth is monitored and tailored personally.
  • Because the class size is on the lower end of 20, students can easily receive one-on-one attention.
  • The campus is modernized and world-class because the university has invested over 176 million dollars in infrastructure over the last two decades.
  • The university is well-known for its high post-graduation employability rate of around 99.4 percent.

Trine University Rankings 

  • Regional University Midwest – 69 by U.S.News & World Report Ranking 2022  
  • Best Values Schools – 53  by U.S.News & World Report Ranking 2022  
  • Top Performer in Social Mobility – 32  by U.S.News & World Report Ranking 2022   

Programs offered at Trine University

The Trine University offers more than 60 programs in various fields which are highly in-demand skills with large employment percentage and promising growth in various sectors such as Business, Health care, Science & Technology, Arts, Engineering & Computing. 

The degree provided by Trine University is of Associate, Undergraduate, and Graduate level, and some of the majors are listed below of each category 

Associate programs

The University of Trine provides students with 12 Associate degree programs which are of two years.

Arts  Criminal Justice  General Studies 
Accounting  Information System  Surgical Technology 

Undergraduate programs

The University of Trine offers over 50  Bachelor’s programs to students for 4 years in the fields of Arts & Science, Business, Education, Engineering & Computing, and Health Science.

The tuition fees for the Undergraduate programs annually are around 

Actuarial Science  Finance  Education Studies 
Computer Engineering  Biochemistry  Forensic Science 

Graduate programs

Trine University offers very few Graduate programs as their university has 9 Master’s programs

The university offers graduate programs in fields such as business, criminal law & justice, health care & Science. The annual tuition fees for the graduate program are around. 

Business Administration  Business Analytics  Criminal Justice 
Science in Nursing  Physical Therapy  Nursing Certificates 

Campus & Accommodation

The colossal campus of 400 acres of Trine University is located in the Countryside of the U.S in one of the best small towns in Indiana, Angola. And Trine University has activities and organizations that will help you cultivate your interests in a community where you will be known and your dreams will be supported by everyone around you. all of the other vibrant campus community includes the following:

  • Residence halls and apartment-style campus housing that resembles a vacation resort rather than a dorm
  • An award-winning dining commons, as well as other campus dining options
  • A championship golf course that has hosted PGA tournaments as well as NCAA national championships.
  • There are over 60 clubs and student organizations on campus, including five sororities and eight fraternities.
  • Student activities and athletics provide opportunities for the Trine community to come together weekly.
  • Personalized assistance, such as health and wellness, accessibility services, and campus security

The University provides exceptional  Housing for students in more than 10 apartment buildings with golf course views, fireplaces in student lounges, and laundry facilities are all available. at Trine, you’ll live in a community of your peers, and right in the middle of campus activities like Library Putt-Putt and sand volleyball.

Tuition, Fees, and Cost of attendance

The annual cost of attendance of Undergraduate program 

Particulars  2021-22 Expenses
Enrollment fees  500 USD or 1836 AED
Housing Deposit  150 USD or  550 AED
Tuition  33,650 USD or 123,596 AED
Engineering/Science fees  330 USD or 1,212 AED 
Health Insurance 1,499 USD or 5,505 AED  
Student fee 530 USD or 1,946 AED 
Parking Permit fee  120 USD or 440 AED 
Total  47,979 USD or 176,226 AED

The annual cost of attendance of Graduate program 

Particulars  6-Credit per semester  9-Credit per semester 
International Enrolment fees  500 USD   5,00 USD or1836 AED  
Tuition  3,450 USD  5,175 USD or 19,007 AED
Health Insurance  750 USD  7,50 USD or 2754 AED
Total Semester Estimate  4,200 USD  5,925 USD or 21,762 AED
Total Annual Estimate  8,400 USD  11,850 USD or 43,525 AED 

Admission process for International Students at Trine University

The first step in the Trine University application process is for students to fill out the admission form online through the university portal/ Gyanberry application services.

Application deadlines

Spring Semester Term One  December 30th 
Spring Semester Term Two  March 4th 

Eligibility Criteria

English Proficiency test   IELTS – 6.0, TOFEL – ibt 71, Duolingo – 95
Standardized test  SAT( 1040 – 1260 ), ACT( 22 – 28)
Standardized test  GRE/GMAT 

Required documents

  • Transcripts of academic work
  • Financial assurance (The United States Department of Homeland Security requires all international students to demonstrate their ability to pay tuition.)
  • Passport photocopy
  • Purpose statement (explaining your desire to pursue a graduate degree)
  • GRE/GMAT (is recommended)
  •  Resume/CV 
  • Score of the English placement test.

Scholarships for International Students

Trine University Academic Tuition Scholarships are awarded to qualified international undergraduate students based on academic merit. A student may only receive one scholarship. Scholarships are renewed each year. Renewal requirements can differ. ACT/SAT scores are advised.

Some of the scholarships awarded are listed below, along with their amounts and eligibility requirements.

Scholarships  Cumulative GPA SAT/ACT Score Scholarship award 
President’s Scholarship 3.9 ACT 27 / SAT 1320 $16,000/year
Distinguished Scholarship 3.75 ACT 24 / SAT 1200 $14,000/year
Dean’s Scholarship 3.5 ACT 23 / SAT 1120 $13,000/year
University Scholarship 3.2 ACT 21 / SAT 1070 $11,000/year
Discovery Award 2.85 ACT 20 / SAT 1040 $  8,000/year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Trine University offers more than 70 programs across undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in various sectors such as Business, Health care, Science & Technology, Arts, Engineering & Computing.

A candidate must have completed high school and submit the transcripts for the same. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or 71 in TOEFL iBT is required. SAT/ACT score is not mandatory but recommended.

Trine University has student residence halls in the form of spacious apartments, where rooms are fully furnished and come with all basic amenities. The residence halls also come with multiple meal options.

Trine University Academic Tuition Scholarships are awarded to qualified international undergraduate students based on academic merit. A student may only receive one scholarship. The scholarship award varies between USD 8,000-16,000 based on the GPA. Scholarships are renewed each year on the basis of merit. ACT/SAT scores are advised for becoming eligible for such scholarships.

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