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University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), Iserlohn, Germany

Oct 21, 2022

University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

University of Europe for Applied Sciences is a recently established private university with its flagship campus in Iserlohn and two ancillary campuses located in Berlin and Hamburg. It was formed after the merger of two prominent institutions- the Business and Information Technology School and the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in 2017. Having gained significant traction in 5 years, UE imparts quality education in accordance with the highest international standards.

As of now, the university is also accepting applications from international students who wish to pursue a career in Business, Sports, Media, or Art & Design. Interested applicants can apply to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs or opt to enroll in specialization and pre-intensive courses.

Why study at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences?

  • The university is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities. Its programs have also received the FIBAA and ZevA accreditations.
  • Unique placement guarantee as 93% of graduates get a job offer within 12 months of graduation.
  • UE has created an inclusive community that consists of a diverse student population of over 3,000 students. 
  • Acceleration Courses are provided in collaboration with giants like IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook, Tableau, and HubSpot, leading to an uptick in the professional development of fresh graduates. 
  • UE students can easily differentiate themselves from those of other universities as here, emphasis is laid on the importance of extracurriculars and leading an enriching student life. 
  • The university network comprising Global University Systems allows intercultural exchange from all parts of the world.
  • The curriculum is flexible and is taught entirely in English, much to the benefit of international applicants.
  • There is an availability of 6 scholarships and Government-sponsored support so that no student is denied a quality education because of financial constraints.
  • The UE Master’s Reform program paves the way by allowing meritorious students to pursue postgraduation with 60, 90, or 120 ECTS.

University Rankings

Particular  Rank
U-Multirank ‘Business Studies in Germany’ Rankings 2022 Top 10
CHE ‘Business Studies in Germany’ Rankings 2022 Top 10
Global University ‘Best International Orientation’ Rankings 2022 Top 25

Programs & Courses offered by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences

UE offers interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs across its 3 campuses and 1 Innovation Hub in Germany. 

Tech and data meet design with the inculcation of a few other diplomae, specialization, and pre-intensive courses alongside conventional programs.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

Applicants interested in studying in Germany do not need to understand the German dialect for studying at renowned institutes like the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. 

Almost all undergraduate courses are taught in English, but the top picks by international students include

  • UX and UI Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Media & Marketing
  • Psychology

Graduate/Master’s Programs

Similarly, a variety of coveted postgraduate courses are also offered by UE. The favorite choices for international students include

  • Business Administration 
  • Marketing Management
  • Communication Design
  • Clinical Psychology

Campus and accommodation

Across all 4 UE study locations, students learn in settings that are similar to their future work environment. Modern facilities are made available for use so that they can benefit from an optimal environment for studying and exploring. With Iserhohn as its main campus, this UE study location is conveniently placed at the center of one of Germany’s strongest economic regions.

Students can expect the perfect blend of economics, art, and culture with the availability of Animation centers, Green screens, Motion Labs, and TV studios on campus. They also get to avail a plethora of recreational facilities, all at very affordable costs. 

The Welcome Centre at the university works around the clock for international students regarding any questions about accommodation, health insurance, and more. However, it only caters to those who have been admitted to UE but are still in the process of matriculating and starting their curriculum. 

Finding accommodation can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks, which is why international students should arrive at least 2 months before the beginning of their course. 

Admission requirements for international students

For the successful submission of their application before the deadline, prospective students should apply via Gyanberry.

If you are looking to enroll in either UG or PG courses, you have to create an account in the UE portal. Do so by clicking the New User option or opt to login in with your LinkedIn account. You will then be able to start your application process at your preferred UE location. 

You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is 1st September while it is February 05th for the summer semester.

Students can directly sit for the entrance examination before finishing high school. However, they will be accepted into the curriculum only after furnishing a valid high school diploma or its equivalent. The entrance examination conducted by UE consists of an English section, a Mental capacity and Personality test alongside an interview. 

To apply, international students must submit 

  • The completed online application form 
  • Their resume
  • A cover letter
  • A copy of their passport
  • High school diploma, and a portfolio
  • Proof of an overall band score of 5.5 in IELTS

After this, a reservation fee of 3,157 USD* will have to be paid. Upon payment, the university will issue your letter of admission and you can officially join the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. 

*Note: Costs are converted on the basis of the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 EUR= 1.05 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Tuition, fees, and the annual cost of attendance

Program  Type of Course  Annual Tuition Fee for international students*
Art and Design  Bachelor’s  12,741 USD
Master’s  13,257 USD
Business, Sport, and Technology  Bachelor’s  11,931 USD
Master’s  13,875 USD
Psychology  Bachelor’s 12,941 USD
Master’s  13,875 USD

*Note: Costs are converted on the basis of the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 EUR= 1.05 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Cost of living 

While Germany is a reasonably priced country for students, the cost of living will vary depending on your lifestyle. 

Students have to shell out 210 USD for a semester ticket which allows the use of public transportation during the entire semester. No hidden fees are charged as all costs such as the matriculation fee, examination fees, or the bachelor thesis fee are integrated into the annual tuition charges. 

Student accommodation in dormitories or private apartments can cost anywhere between 4,200 and 6,000 USD annually. 

Thus, the annual cost of attendance for an international student at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences ranges between 16,341- 20,085 USD or 60,022- 73,774 AED**

**Note: Costs are converted on the basis of the current exchange rate, i.e., 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change. 

Scholarships for international students

If you are eligible for a UE scholarship, you will gain a financial advantage and be able to promote your CV and yourself to your future employers.

The main scholarships offered by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences consist of

The Digital Pioneers Scholarship

Students enrolled in any 1 of the following courses are eligible to receive this scholarship 

  • Creative Computing M.Sc.
  • Digital Product Management B. Sc.
  • UX/UI Design B.A.
  • Software Engineering B.Sc.
  • Software Engineering M.Sc.
  • Data Science M.Sc

Awardees will receive a 2,104 USD tuition fee waiver, divided equally between two semesters.

Hamburg International Scholarship

This scholarship is only for those international students who are enrolled in any 1 of the following courses at the Hamburg campus of UE

  • Corporate Management M.Sc.
  • Smart City Management M.Sc., 
  • Business and Management Studies B.Sc., 
  • Digital Business & Data Science B.Sc., 
  • Digital Media & Marketing B.Sc., 
  • Sport & Event Management B.Sc

Upon winning, the scholarship awardees will get a 1,578 USD exemption from the total amount of their tuition fee across 2 semesters.

Young Entrepreneur’s Scholarship

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are exactly similar to that of the Hamburg International Scholarship. The only difference is in the fact that this scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled in the aforementioned courses at the Berlin campus. 

Creative Minds Scholarship

This scholarship is open to applicants for an English-speaking Art & Design program at the UE campus in Berlin. The scholarship amount awarded is 1,578 USD, distributed equally between 2 semesters.

Sheryl Kintu Scholarship

Funded by UE in collaboration with Global University Systems, the Sheryl Kintu Scholarship is the only scholarship providing a 100% fee waiver on the full tuition fee of your study program. Sherryl Kintu Fund Board (SKFB) will look for candidates who fit the aims and objectives of the scholarship. To avail of this scholarship, you must 

  • Show clear evidence of creativity, talent, and ambition 
  • The apparent need for funding
  • Talk about the benefits you will attain if you are given the Scholarship

Cultural Diversity Scholarship

5 such scholarships are given to students with diverse cultural backgrounds. They avail of a 50% waiver on the tuition fee for the first year of their course. 

Career prospects, placements, and salaries for UE graduates

The Career Center at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences serves as an interface between the university and commercial enterprises. Students and fresh graduates are groomed to enhance their professional and interpersonal skills, increasing their chances of landing a high-paying job immediately after graduation. 

Some services provided by the Career Center include

  • Maintaining a new career portal for students named JobTeaser. This portal acts as a digital repository, aiding students in their journey from enrolment to employment.
  • Extensive advisory and coaching sessions are provided on the right way to approach interviews and build a rapport with potential employers. Graduates are also given adequate preparation for salary negotiations.
  • Since each application is different and requirements vary, the Career Center gives you the opportunity to talk about your personal career plans in a one-on-one consultation and get professional feedback on your application. 
  • Joint activities are conducted with the alumni and current students enrolled at UE so that these alumni members can mentor the students and help them in expanding their network.
  • After completing their course, international students can work in Germany by extending their residence permits for up to 18 months. They can also apply for PR status. 

93% of UE graduates get a job offer within 12 months of graduation. On the off chance that you do not get one, the university states that it will enroll you in a top-up master’s program, free of charge. 

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Almost all the programs at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences are taught in English. International students can enroll in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs or specialization and pre-intensive courses across the Business, Sports, Media, or Art & Design domains. 

After calculating the total expenses for tuition fees, semester tickets, and accommodation charges, the annual cost of attendance for international students at UE comes out to be between 16,341- 20,085 USD or 60,022- 73,774 AED. 

Yes, the university provides international students with 6 scholarships and Government-sponsored financial support. These scholarships include the Digital Pioneers Scholarship, the Hamburg International Scholarship, the Young Entrepreneur’s Scholarship, the Creative Minds Scholarship, the Sheryl Kintu Scholarship, and the Cultural Diversity Scholarship.

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