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University of Limerick (UL), Ireland

May 30, 2023

University of Limerick (UL): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Founded in 1972, the University of Limerick was initially known as the National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick. The university came into existence in 1989 under the University of Limerick Act 1989. 

Located on the west coast of Ireland by the River Shannon, the campus holds an unspoiled natural beauty. The population is close to approx 17,500 students, 2000 being international students each year. It is a non-profit, public-private funded university with an acceptance rate of 45%.

UL holds proud records of innovation in education. Also, UL Ireland shows an 85% satisfaction rate according to a survey of Irish students. There are more than 70 undergraduate programs across disciplines like arts, social sciences, education, health sciences, engineering, and business. Also, there are more than 100 postgraduate programs at doctoral and postdoctoral levels. It is one of the top universities to study medicine in Ireland.

UL is well known for pioneering Cooperative education in Ireland. Out of 2000 students being placed annually, 30% of them are international placements. The university also excels at research, aiming to benefit society by implying research on practical life situations. The Nexus innovation center is a hub of international researchers, adding to science daily. UL has also been awarded various awards and 5-star rankings for employability, innovation, teaching, and infrastructure. 

University Type Public
Year of Establishment 1972
Total Enrollment 17,500 
International Student Percentage 15%
Student-Faculty Ratio 10:1
Application Deadline for International Students 1st July
Acceptance Rate 45%
Number of Academic Faculties 5
Annual fees for the medicine program 54,816 USD
Total enrollment in the medicine program 600
Scholarships for International Students Available

University of Limerick Rankings

According to the QS Global World Rankings 2022, the University of Limerick was ranked:

  • 501-510 globally
  • 51-100 by subject
  • 201-250 based on Graduate Employability.

According to the US News 2022, the University of Limerick was ranked:

  • 861 In Best Global Universities
  • 44 in Best Global Universities in Europe.
  • 5 in Best Global Universities in Ireland
  • 419 in Chemistry, Subject Rankings
  • 682 in Clinical Medicine, Subject Rankings
  • 832 in Engineering, Subject Rankings
  • 612 in Materials Science, Subject Rankings
  • 372 in Psychiatry/Psychology, Subject Rankings
  • 412 in Social Sciences and Public Health, Subject Rankings.

According to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), 2019-2020, the University of Limerick ranks 

– 902 Globally.

– 5 Nationally.

UL was named 2019 Irish University of the year by Sunday Times.

Why study at University of Limerick as an international student?

Reasons to Choose the University of Limerick

  • Known as the University of ‘Firsts’, UL takes pride in being ahead and the first at many levels in the field of education, sports, and other facilities. It was the first to introduce Cooperative Education, Library ARC in Ireland, and many more achievements.
  • The graduate employment rate at UL is consistently higher than the national average. 
  • The cooperative education system makes students career-ready and the transition from university to a cooperative working world is made easier in the process. 
  • Limerick is one of the most affordable places for students planning to move to Ireland. The university provides on-campus accommodations and also has sources that make the search for off-campus accommodation hassle-free.
  • A very nice feature to start within the University is a First 7 Weeks program. This program has been designed to support and guide newcomers. 
  • Homing top-class indoor pool facilities, and outdoor pitches, the sporting campus has been well developed and maintained for national-level training. 
  • There are specific learning centers available for students to support them in language, maths, science, and IT. 
  • Apart from the lectures, life here is very well supplemented by various clubs and societies for students to boost their extracurriculars.

University of Limerick Programs & Courses

Undergraduate Courses at UL

The University of Limerick provides over 150 Undergraduate programs in areas like arts, business, education, engineering, health sciences, humanities, and more. All undergraduate degrees are honors courses of a duration of four years. 

The list of Faculties includes:

  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • Education & Health Sciences 
  • Kemmy Business School
  • Science & Engineering 
  • Irish World Academy of Music & Dance

A very great opportunity provided by the university is a six-to-eight Month internship. This cooperative education has been an integral part of all the academic programs. This experience gives them an advantage after graduation and adds a stone to their career. This could be held as a reason for a tremendous 91% employment rate within six months of graduation from UL. 

Postgraduate courses at UL

The university offers around 110 postgraduate programs across the faculties mentioned below:

  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Education & Health Sciences
  • and Science & Engineering.

The graduate diplomas are for 9 months and the masters for  12 months. The programs are designed in such a way to produce skilled graduates and valuable future employees. 

Research at UL

The university shows a proud record of excellence in science and engineering by conducting impactful research. Lero, an Irish Software Engineering Research Center, combines software engineering from across universities and institutes with a strong industry focus. It has raised Irish software engineering research levels, making it the best known in the world. 

The Materials & Surface Science Institute generates state-of-the-art fundamental research on topics of industrial significance in surface science and materials. The institute houses multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers undertaking research in design, synthesis, processing, characterization, and material modeling to higher levels. Established in 1998, MSSI focuses on applications in Health, Transport, Energy, and Clean Technology. The Stokes Institute is a research organization dedicated to education and innovation in fluid dynamics. It has been active in national and European Union research programs for over two decades. 

The Institute for the Study of Knowledge in Society (ISKS) interdisciplinary research provides excellent graduate education and promotes collaborative research. 

Campus and Accommodation

The University of Limerick has one of the most beautiful campuses worldwide. It is well furnished with student and faculty accommodation and various on-campus facilities like cafes, restaurants, training centers, and much more. UL houses Ireland’s first altitude training center, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the National Strength and Conditioning Center. The new 3G pitches are the largest artificial grass development in Europe. Also, the Sports Arena attracts more than 600,000 visitors every year.

The university provides accommodation facilities to more than 2600 students. There are 6 on-campus residential villages, with a total of 2700 rooms, well facilitated with wi-fi. Also, the complexes have 1500 en suite rooms, with a large shared kitchen and lounge area. Cleaning and self-catering services are available. The 6 residential villages are Cappavilla Village and The Quigley Residence (north of the campus), The Plassey Village, Dromore Village, Kilmurry village, and Thomond village. Accommodation is offered based on the Random Selection Lottery. The accommodation fee varies from 5706 USD to 10697 USD (20959 AED to 39291 AED)*. 

There is also a ‘University of Limerick off-campus accommodation service’ managed by Campus Life Services. Off-campus accommodation in the area is advertised in this portal, and the students have the liberty to choose from the listed options. The accommodation office helps students in finding the perfect accommodation based on the location.

Admission Requirements for International Students

The University of Limerick has an acceptance rate of 45% with a student-to-staff ratio of 10:1. Ireland English language proficiency test and a student visa are mandatory requirements for an international student to get admitted to the University of Limerick. Other mandatory requirements are listed below:

Application Portal: Online. Students can also apply via Gyanberry application services.

Application Fee: 41 USD/ 149 AED.

Documents required: 

  • Academic transcripts including High school leaving certificate for UG and UG transcripts for a PG Course
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial documents like a bank statement, loan sanctions if applicable
  • Resume, If asked for the course
  • Recommendation letters if required.

English language proficiency test scores:

Exam Minimum Score
TOEFL (Paper-based) 580
TOEFL (Internet-based) 90
PTE 61

For applicants who do not meet the above scores, the institute offers English language classes at the UL language center located on campus. 

Tuition, fees, and the annual cost of attendance

Tuition Fee

Approximate tuition fee for international students:

Degree Yearly tuition fee (USD) Yearly tuition fee (AED)*
Bachelor  13,841 USD 50,837 AED
Master  16,148 USD 59,310 AED

Cost of living

Estimate Cost of Living for an Academic Year at the University of Limerick:

Expense Estimates Cost (USD) Cost (AED)*
Books and other academic requisites 523 1920
Campus Accommodation (Plassey Village; single bedroom in the 8-bed house). 5706 20964
Food 3136 11522
Immigration registration fee 348 1280
Health insurance 185 683
Fair fare  1742 6401
Clothing 929 3414
Total 12571 46184

*Converted at the rate of 1 USD=3.67 AED. The exchange rate is subject to periodic change.

Scholarships for international students

There are numerous scholarships available for international students, funded by the government of Ireland, the Irish higher education institutions, and other organizations. 

  • Government of Ireland Scholarships 2021 

Under the scheme, 60 scholarships are provided for one year of study at Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. levels and are available for all international students. The students receive a 11616 USD/ 42674 AED stipend for one year’s study and a full fee waiver of all tuition and other registration costs at the higher education institution.

  • Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)

Funds for cutting-edge research in the humanities, social sciences, business, and law with clear objectives of benefitting Ireland’s economic, social and cultural development.

  • Law Ph.D. Scholarship Opportunity

A  4-year scholarship for an outstanding Ph.D. candidate in the field of Law within the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University.

Scholarship awarded by gyanberry based on academic performance and extracurricular achievements.

Some other Scholarships have been listed below:

  • Inclusive Ireland Scholarship 2021 – restricted to U.S. students
  • Irish Aid-funded Fellowship Training Programme
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme  
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarships 
  • Claddagh Scholarship Programme – for Chinese students
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • The Walsh Fellowships for postgraduate programs
  • National College of Ireland Scholarships 
  • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
  • DCU International Student Scholarships
  • University of Limerick Scholarships

The University of Limerick provides a very wonderful experience filled with an educational degree, career-oriented teachings, and a lifetime of experience. With all the wonderful facilities, a built-in campus, and a beautiful international family, it’s an overall blissful experience to have a degree from the University of Limerick.

Career Prospects for International Students

Graduates at the University of Limerick have excellent career prospects with higher graduate employability and average starting salaries. About 91% of the graduates at Limerick are in employment or further studies. Additionally, the job opportunities after studying medicine in Ireland are vast due to the reputation and quality of education.

The following is the median salary for some prominent professions in Ireland:

Fields Average Salary (USD)
Executive Management and Change EUR 82,648/ USD 87,687**
Financial Services EUR 82648/ USD 87,687**
Finance Control and Strategy EUR 68,597/ USD 72,780**
Programme and Project Management EUR 63639/ USD 67,520**
Legal Department EUR 58680/ USD 62258**
IT and Software Development EUR 54547/ USD 57,783**

**Converted at the rate of 1 EUR=1.06 USD. The exchange rate is subject to periodic change.

Working in Ireland

During graduation-Students holding a valid immigration stamp 2 permission will be permitted to work 40 hours per week only during June, July, August, and September, and from 15 December to 15 January inclusive.  At all other times, students holding Immigration permission Stamp 2 will be limited to working 20 hours per week. The authorization to work ceases on the student’s Stamp 2 immigration permission expiry.

After graduation-Students may apply for ‘Stamp 1G’ permission. This entitles them to work up to 40 hours per week for 12 months following successful completion of their course, with the option of extending for a further 12 months subject to certain conditions.

Work Permit after studies-The Ireland General Work Permit is a Work Visa that permits non-EU nationals to work lawfully in Ireland. This is for an employer in a specific occupation, and the Visa is granted initially for 2 years. The Ireland Work Visa is offered to applicants who have a job offer.

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The University offers around 70 undergraduate and 90 graduate programs through its faculties. The most popular courses are under the faculties of Arts, Business and Economics.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Completing senior secondary school with a minimum of 70% in 12th grade.
  • English proficiency: A minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 90 in TOEFL iBT.
  • For Master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree in the required field.
  • Specific courses such as MBA may require an interview after applying.

The university provides accommodation facilities to more than 2600 students. There are 6 on-campus residential villages, with 2700 rooms, well facilitated with wi-fi. Also, the complexes have 1500 en suite rooms, with a large shared kitchen and lounge area. Cleaning and self-catering services are available. 

There is also a ‘University of Limerick off-campus accommodation service’ managed by Campus Life Services.

There are several scholarships available for international students such as the Government of Ireland’s scholarship, Irish Research Council scholarship (for doctorate programs). The award and renewability depend upon academic merit. The university also provides a 4-year scholarship for an outstanding Ph.D. candidate in the field of Law.

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