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University of New Haven, Connecticut, USA

May 30, 2023

University of New Haven : Rankings, Courses, Admission, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of New Haven is a private university that was established a century back in the year 1920. It is a co-educational institute that is chartered by the General assembly of the state of Connecticut and accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. 

The University of New Haven has an acceptance rate of 83%. It enrolls about 6400 students every year of which 4,800 students are for Undergraduate programs and 1600 students for the Master’s program.

New Haven offers programs in a total of 74 Undergraduate Majors and awards masters degrees in 44 areas. The most popular majors are Forensic Science & Technology, Criminal Justice, Business, Biology, and Psychology. 

Financial aid is provided to almost 95% of the student body of the undergraduate program. The final tuition after aid mostly ranges near 22,346 USD 

The university is recognized as one of the best colleges amongst the top 386 colleges in the USA by Princeton review. The university was named Top-tier global university in the north by the US. News & World Report and in June 2015 the university joined New American Colleges and Universities(NICU). 

Why study at New Haven University? 

  • The University of New Haven has received reviews and recognition from reputed organizations like Princeton and US. News & Reports in addition the University has received its accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education. 
  • The average financial aid is on the higher tip of the scale of more than 20,000 USD. 
  • The University has a high employment rate after graduation of 63% plus the university offers more than 2000 internships on campus. 
  • The University can vaunt about its culture and diversity as it lets the students have access to more than 150 sports clubs and cultural clubs and international exchange programs. 
  • New Haven offers its complete assistance to its international students even in immigration through the UIS office.

University Ranking 

  • #55 in Regional Universities North by US News & World Report, 2022
  • #118 in Top Performers on Social Mobility by US News & World Report, 2022
  • #19 in Best Colleges for Veterans by US News & World Report, 2022
  • Band 501-600 by THE (Times Higher Education) US College Rankings, 2022
  • #9 in Best Colleges in Connecticut by Niche
  • #46 in Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America

Why study at University of New Haven as an international student?

Programs & courses at New Haven University

The University of New Haven has a total of 100 programs in Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in various fields. Most picked majors are Forensic Science & Technology, Criminal Justice, Business and Management, Biology, and Psychology.

Undergraduate Programs

The university provides undergraduate majors in the fields of Engineering, Business, Health programs, Computer Science & Cybersecurity, Criminal Justice, and Forensics, Fine art, and design.

The undergraduate program is for 4 years and the university has more than 74 Undergraduate programs, Some popular programs are 

Computer Science  Cybersecurity & networks Business Analytics  
Dental hygiene   Biology  Engineering 

Tuition fees for Undergraduate Programs

 The average tuition cost per semester for Undergraduate programs is 20,685 USD or 75980 AED.   

Tuition fees for 1st year  41,370 USD or 1,51,960 AED 
Total tuition for the Undergraduate program  1,65,480 USD or 6,07,311 AED 

Graduate Programs

The University of New Haven offers 44 Graduate programs for students. In various fields most popular are

Ms. Data Science  Ms. Cybersecurity  Ms. Biomedical Engineering 
Ms. Computer Science  Executive MBA  Ms. Finance 

Tuition fees for Graduate programs

The average tuition per semester for a graduate program is 8,910 USD or 65456 AED.

Tuition fees for 1st year  17,820 USD or 65,456 AED
Total Tuition for Graduate program  35,640 USD or 1,30,912 AED 

Online Courses

Are you unable to physically attend classes on campus? You can still get a top-notch education from the University of New Haven. The university has gone above and beyond to provide its students with a selection of online degree programs. You can choose your class schedule and location with these remote learning courses. The courses, most importantly, have the same aims, expectations, and value as their on-campus equivalents, as well as the same academic credit.

The tuition cost for these online courses is 150 USD per term. and the list of the programs can be found on the official website.

Application process & requirements for International Students

Program Name  Undergraduate 
Where to apply  Gyanberry Admission Services  or apply online 
Application deadline  Fall semester – June 1st 

Spring semester – November 1st 

Admission requirements for Undergraduate programs 

The university doesn’t need any standardized score test if you are from an English-speaking country, if not then a test like IELTS, TOFEL, and Duolingo would suffice.

Document Required –

  • SSC Transcribe 
  • HSC Transcribe 
  • One letter of recommendation from the teacher or guidance counselor 
  • One personal essay with a word count between 250 to 650 

These documents can be submitted through email or can be physically mailed to the university.

Program Name  Graduate 
Where to apply  Universities Online portal 
Application deadline  Fall semester  – May 1st 

Spring semester – November 15th

Admission requirements for graduate programs

Graduate students are expected to meet certain benchmarks on the standardized test 

TOEFL: 70, IELTS: 6.0 and, Duolingo: 105 

Documents required –

  • Transcript of all colleges and universities attended.
  • Two letters of recommendation. 
  • One statement of purpose. 
  • Resume or Curriculum vitae.

Campus & Accommodation

The University of New Haven has a humongous campus of 82 acres in which every daily necessity is covered. The campus is divided into four main sectors and colleges Technical, Arts, Human science. 

The campus comprises 18 sponsored commercial dormitories for international students, which cost around 12,052 USD or 44269 AED  

Annual cost of living 

Rent  10,000- 12,500 USD
Food  3,000- 6,000 USD 
Utilities  720 USD
Travel 600 USD
Personal Expenses 1,200 USD
The average annual cost of living 18,500 USD

Scholarship for International Students

The University provides scholarships to all students of 1000 USD through Honor scholarship and other scholarships like Charger, Presidential, and Distinguished Scholar award are given to the students on merit. The students must meet certain scores for the English language test. 

For graduate programs Provost assistantship and Dean’s scholarship are provided for international students. 

The assistantship covers 75% of your tuition and the student is provided with work of 15 – 20 hours per week for an academic department.

The dean’s scholarship covers 50% of your tuition. These scholarships can be applied through the same application portal with the same deadline of the application process for both the semester.

The University is globally and nationally well recognized; the programs are structured in such a manner that the student’s overall development has not been overlooked. The dormitory brings the living on the campus experience, develops and diversifies the student at the global level. Sports events and more than 150 clubs on campus keep the student engaged and intrigued.

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The University of New Haven has around 100 programs in Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in various fields. The most popular majors are Forensic Science & Technology, Criminal Justice, Business and Management, Biology, and Psychology.

The requirements for studying graduate programs at the university are:

  • Transcript from previous university (in English).
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • A statement of purpose.
  • English proficiency: A minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or 75 in TOEFL iBT.
  • Certain majors require GRE or GMAT test scores.

Indian applicants must submit detailed semester-by-semester mark sheets/academic transcripts. Consolidated mark sheets alone are not acceptable.

The University has residential halls for both domestic and international students within the campus, with all the necessary amenities. Additionally, the University of New Haven offers multiple options for graduate student housing sponsored by the University. The Atwood and Park View are located just across the street from the northeast end of our campus, approximately 0.2 miles from the entrance to campus

International students are automatically considered for several scholarships such as the presidential scholarship. The amount varies between USD 20,000-26,000 and is renewable annually on a merit basis.

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