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Vancouver Film School (VFS), British Columbia, Canada

Oct 21, 2022

Vancouver Film School (VFS): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Founded in 1987, Vancouver Film School started with 12 Film Production students. The school is based on the philosophy that one year of concentrated work, which balances industry-led theory and hands-on production, gives students the necessary skills to craft a professional-level portfolio or reel. VFS offers 15 programs to more than 1000 students across eight campuses. Students are physically and mentally immersed in Vancouver’s film, animation, game, and design industries that surround the campuses. The students also benefit from career guidance and expertise from industry mentors, instructors, and guest speakers. 

Vancouver Film School Rankings

For over 30 years, Vancouver Film School has been one of the most successful and award-winning  Alumni Networks in the industry. 


Ranked By

#1 Alumni Network Campus Rankings
Top Global Film Schools  Variety
#1 Animation School in the World, 2018 Animation Career Review
Top 15 Global Game Design Schools, 2018 The Princeton Review 

Why study at the Vancouver Film School?

  • More than 47% of the students are International Students.
  • VFS alumni have been part of entertainment properties, grossing over 19 billion USD. 
  • VFS Alumni have received nominations and wins at the Oscars & Emmys 
  • In 10 years 5000+ Student  Awards have been awarded.
  • VFS has various Accreditations that include accreditation from B.C. Private Training Institutions Branch and British Columbia Education Quality Assurance.
  • Rebranded in 2018 Beyond Capture offers performance capture, motion capture, photogrammetry, audio capture, and post-processing services.

Programs & Courses offered at Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School offers 15 signature post-secondary programs, 3 preparatory programs, and a few Pathway programs spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts.

Advanced Production Programs


Tuition Fee 

3D Animation & Visual Effects 28800 USD
Acting Essentials   8610 USD 
Acting for Film & Television 24440 USD
Animation Concept Art 20790 USD 
Classical Animation 20790 USD 
Creature Animation  15820 USD
Digital Design  34250 USD
Film Production 43060 USD
Foundation Visual Art & Design 24640 USD
Game Design  39860 USD
Makeup Design for Film & Television 37450 USD
Programming for Games, Web & Mobile 30460 USD
Sound Design for Visual Media 23190 USD
VR/AR Design & Development 17630 USD
Writing for Film, Television & Games  23030 USD

Preparatory Programs



Tuition Fee 

Acting Essentials 4 months 8600 USD
English for Creative Arts 4 months 5400 USD
Foundation Visual Art & Design 12 months  24600 USD

Pathway Programs

Vancouver Film School has partnered with select higher education institutions in Canada and abroad to offer students the opportunity to acquire both an advanced diploma and bachelor’s degree in as few as two years. The Partner Institutions are:

  • 3iS Paris, France
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada
  • Capilano University, Canada
  • Regent’s University London, UK
  • Royal Roads University, Canada
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
  • MetFilm School, UK & Germany
  • University of the Arts London: LCC, UK
  • Manchester Metropolitan University: SODA, UK


Vancouver Film School offers multiple accommodation services that include renting your own apartment, sharing with roommates, or living in a homestay. Homestay allows students to live with a local family and is a great way to experience local culture. The Housing Coordinator of VFS will help students search for accommodations that meet their needs and budget. The estimated cost of accommodation depending on the housing type is:

Housing Type


Shared with roommates 520 USD +
Studio 720-1280 USD
One-bedroom 880 – 1920 USD
Two-bedroom 960-2160 USD
Three bedroom  1680 USD +

Cost of Living

With an average Tuition Fee of 25,000 USD, the approximate cost of living for a year is 40,000 USD. 

Admission requirements for International Students

Where to apply:  Apply via Gyanberry

Application Fee: 120 USD 

The university has multiple universal, international, and prom-specific requirements for its programs. Some of the main requirements are:

  • A high school graduate or be at least 19 years of age
  • Names and contact details of 2 references
  • Financial Plan
  • Medical Coverage
  • Study Permit
  • Proof of English Proficiency, the applicant must meet either the Level 1 or Level 2 English language requirements depending on the program. 

Scholarships for International Students

Vancouver Filming School hosts scholarships for both domestic and international applicants.

The scholarships are program-based, merit-based, community-based tec.  Some of the scholarships are:

  • ABCDE Scholarship
  • The Kevin Smith Scholarship
  • Indigenous Peoples Scholarship 

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Vancouver Film School offers 15 signature post-secondary programs, 3 preparatory programs, and a few Pathway programs spanning every aspect of the entertainment industry. Some of the popular specializations are visual effects, game design, and acting essentials.

The candidate must have completed high school or be at least 19 years old for applying to VCF. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 80 on TOEFL iBT is required.

VFS does not provide on-campus accommodation. Students are required to make their own arrangements upon arrival to Vancouver, and prior to the start of their tenancy date. VFS assists students in finding accommodation through contacts of landlords and private agencies.

VFS provides scholarships based on merit and achievements in entertainment-related fields. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships at the time of admission. Some of the scholarships are ABCDE Scholarship, The Kevin Smith Scholarship, Indigenous Peoples Scholarship.

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