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Vilnius University, Lithuania

May 25, 2023

Vilnius University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Vilnius University was established in 1579 as a public university and is the oldest and largest university in Lithuania. It is ranked as the third-oldest higher education institution in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. QS world university rankings have ranked Vilnius among the top 500 universities globally.  It is one of the top Universities to study in Lithuania.

It’s a classical university with the widest range of courses in Lithuania and 430 years of academic transition. Approximately, 16,000 graduates and undergraduates are a part of Vilnius University with almost 1,435 international students. Adding to the fact, 2300+ teaching staff are present in the university along with 740 research staff. It is popularly known for secondary school graduates. 

Additionally, Vilnius University has been an active participant in academic activities and international scientific activities as well. Research and studies at Vilnius are being contributed a lot by scientific development and good relations with various well establishes global research centers. 

University Type  Public 
Year of Establishment 1579
Total Enrollment 24,716
Percentage of International Students 7%
Application Deadline for International Students 1st June
Acceptance Rate N/A
Number of Academic Faculties 12
Student-Faculty Ratio 11:1
Annual fees for general medicine program EUR 11,000/ USD 11,520*
Estimated cost of attendance per year for medicine students 20,288 USD/ 75,518 AED*.
Scholarships for International Students Available

Vilnius University Rankings

  • According to Qs world university rankings 2022, Vilnius recorded a position of 400th worldwide.
  • According to the National ranking, the university has been ranked 1st among all Lithuanian universities.
  • The university is among the top 350 worldwide and 1st in Lithuania, according to the Teaching Ranking.
  • International diversity ranking has placed Vilnius University among the top 450 universities in the world.

Why study at Vilnius University? 

Vilnius University, Lithuania has talked about prominent scientists, graduates, and professors with excessive pride.

  • The university has claimed to have an academic environment purposely focused on teaching and research.
  • It also encourages students to actively take part in various sports activities. The university organizes the annual interfaculty competition, European week of Sport, Health day events, and many more.
  • Various Vilnius University brands such as Virgo, Ratilio, Minimum, and more are being labeled for the students interested in dance, singing, music, or drama.
  • The university also takes pride to educate specialists who are successfully integrated with the modern European community and globally-minded.
  • It also promotes a very low student-faculty ratio approximately of 11:1 i.e only 11 students are being taught by a single teacher.
  • It is one of the top Universities to study Medicine in Europe.

Why study at Vilnius University as an international student?

Programs & Courses Offered at Vilnius University 

Vilnius University is preferably known for its academic life. There are multiple graduate as well as undergraduate programs offered at Vilnius. 

Undergraduate programs

All the undergraduate programs offered in English at the university are provided below-

Undergraduate programs  Years of completion
Software engineering  3.5
Russian philology  4
Quantitative economics 3
Music pedagogy 4
Marketing technologies 3.5
Management  4
Light engineering 3.5
International business 3.5
Information systems and cyber security 3.5
Global marketing  3.5
German philology 4
Geology  4
English and other foreign languages 4
English philology 4
economics 3.5
Accounting and audit 4

Additionally, Fees of undergraduate programs vary between 3046 USD to 4500 USD per year approximately.

Graduate programs

The university offers more than 40+ master’s programs to applicants. The most followed-up programs cover public policy, finance, economics,  international relations, and business. The fee for the courses varies between 5524 USD/year to 5769 USD/year approximately.

Adding to the information, Vilnius university also offers two integrated programs. One is Medicine and the other one is Dentistry. Both are instructed in the English language only. Fees for the same vary between 12693 USD/year to 14954 USD/year approximately.

Campus and & accommodation at Vilnius  University

Multiple accommodation options are available at Vilnius university for international students. Dormitories are the most preferred option in Vilnius university as they’re a very short distance from the university’s academic campus.

However, It is important to keep in mind that only Vilnius’s students can be accommodated in dormitories during the academic year, and application for the same is submitted via online admission procedure.

Three locations, Saulėtekio, Didlaukio, or Olandų streets, are available for students for accommodation in dormitories. facilities provided in each street is followed by- 

  • Room type– all the dormitories provide double and triple rooms. Prices for double-triple rooms may vary from 70 USD to 100 USD.
  • A common room with internet access is only provided in dormitories on olandu streets.
  • A common kitchen is to be shared by 18 to 23 people and is available on all streets.
  • Bedding and laundry facilities are also available on all three streets.
  • Wireless internet connectivity is available at Saulėtekio and Olandų streets only. 

Also,  approx 70 USD is needed as an arrival deposit/person.

Admission Requirements for International Students

Vilnius university provides admission to international students with a decent acceptance rate of 47% (approximately). Below are given the requirements to meet the eligibility criteria-

Application portal  Online application on the official website  Online application on the official website
Application fee (non-refundable) 116 USD along with a fee receipt 116 USD along with a fee receipt
Letters of recommendation Required along with motivation letter Required along with motivation letter  
Academic transcripts Required  Required 
Certified copy of passport Required  Required 
Test scores  SAT/ACT scores are not mandatory GRE/GMAT scores are mandatory
English language test


Required to submit at least one of the test scores

TOEFL- 65, IELTS- 5.5

Required to submit at least one of the test scores

TOEFL- 65, IELTS- 5.5

  • For undergraduates, a marks list of secondary school is required with a leaving certificate. 
  • For graduates, a university bachelor’s degree certificate is required.
  • For more details on course eligibility and application assistance, get in touch with Gyanberry.

Tuition, fees, and annual cost of attendance

The total cost of attendance roughly comprises the cost of tuition and expenses that are made on room rent, food, and other utilities. 

Tuition fees for some of the popular programs at Vilnius are:

Undergraduate programs  Annual Tuition fees*
Economics  3,039 USD
Information systems and cyber security 4,507 USD
Management  3,051 USD
Software engineering 4,160 USD
International business 4,184 USD
Graduate programs 
Global Business and economics 4,645 USD
Marketing and Integrated communication 4,645 USD
Software engineering 5,532 USD -5778 USD
Neurobiology  5,532 USD -5778 USD
Integrated programs 
Medicine  12,713 USD
Dentistry  14,978 USD

The average living expenses for international students at Vilnius University are tabulated below.

Particulars Annual Expenses*
Student fees  (undergraduate and graduate programs) 3,046 USD -5,769 USD
Student fees  (Integrated medicine & dentistry programs) 12,713 USD – 14,978 USD
Books and other stationery 600 USD
Residence  610 USD to 2,414 USD
Food  2,424 USD
Internet  72 USD
Personal care and other 1,320 USD
Social leisure 430 USD
Public transport 84 USD
Total expenses (undergraduate and graduate programs) 8,586 USD- 13,113 USD;

31,536 AED- 48,164 AED-

Total expenses (Integrated programs) 18,253 USD- 22,322 USD;

67,043 AED- 81,988 AED

Total annual expenses(approx) for undergraduate and graduate programs- 10,850 USD*/ 39,852 AED

Total annual expenses (approx) for integrated medicine & dentistry programs- 20,288 USD*/ 75,518 AED

*Converted at the rate of 1 EUR=1.05 USD & 1 USD=3.67 AED. The exchange rates are subject to periodic change.

 Scholarships for international students

Various financial supports are being granted to students of the first cycle, second cycle, and integrated studies

  1. Incentive scholarship- It is granted to students who have excellent performance and the best outcomes. The two sizes of incentives are- 70 USD./month to 116 USD/month approximately.
  2. One-off social grants- it is granted in the event of death ( family members only).
  3. One-off earmarked scholarships- it is granted in terms of relevant achievements in the field of cultural, sports, and social activities. A recommendation and other proof of activity are required for the scholarship.
  4. Nominal scholarship- It is granted as per merit of students in various fields of science and other fields also.
  5. Foreign student scholarship- It is only provided to foreign university students who have taken admission as per bilateral cooperation agreements to the university. The size of the scholarship is the same as the Incentive scholarship.

Career Prospects for International Students

Vilnius University ranked 301–500 out of 786 institutions in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022. The following is the placement data comprising the median salary for Vilnius University graduates-

Masters in Science $113,000 
Bachelor of Arts $71,000 
Master (Other) $64,000 
Bachelor of Science $56,000 
Masters in Finance $40,000 

The University has a student career center, where services are provided free of cost. The services include an appointment with a career consultancy expert, CV analysis, and sources for applying to suitable jobs and internships.

Working in Lithuania

Non-EU nationals who plan to work in Lithuania need to obtain two separate documents: a work permit and a visa to enter and stay in Lithuania. The visa required for foreign employees is referred to as a national visa (D). 

For Visa, a person will need to apply for it himself/herself, whereas it is the employer’s responsibility to apply for a work permit on behalf of a foreign employee. The employee should provide the employer with the necessary documents. It must be noted that Visa can be obtained only after getting the work permit.

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The university offers more than 40 programs to international applicants. The most followed-up programs are public policy, finance, economics, international relations, and business. The fee varies for each course at both bachelor’s level and master’s level.

The total estimated annual expenses for undergraduate and graduate programs- is USD 11,000.

The total estimated annual expenses for integrated medicine & dentistry programs- USD 21,000.

The following are the eligibility criteria for Indian students studying medicine:

  • Applicants should be 17 years old at the time of admission, and the maximum age limit should be 25 years.
  •  Applicants must have opted for Science (Physics, Chemistry, & Biology) as a stream in class 12th.   
  • General category students must score 60%, while reserved category students require 40% to qualify for admission.

The following scholarships are to international students:

  1. Incentive scholarship : It is granted to students who have excellent performance and the best outcomes. The two sizes of incentives are- 70 USD/month to 116 USD/month approximately.
  2. One-off target scholarships: One-off target scholarships are granted to students of the first cycle, second cycle, third cycle, and integrated studies with relevant achievements in sports, cultural, and scientific/social activities.
  3. Bilateral Agreement scholarships: Foreign student scholarships are granted to foreign university students who came to study according to bilateral cooperation agreements. Scholarship sizes are the same as the sizes of incentive scholarships granted to University students of an appropriate cycle, excluding cases when another scholarship size is agreed upon and provided to maintain the partnership.
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