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Work While Studying in Ireland: Guide for International Students

Work While Studying in Ireland: Guide for International Students
Alpina ChariFeb 4, 2023

Work While Studying in Ireland: Guide for International Students

A bane of every student’s life is the sheer amount of expenses that are made on a day-to-day basis. But have no worries, Gyanberry has compiled a guide on how to find work while studying in Ireland. Part-time work has become quite the trend, with over two-thirds of the student population in Ireland working part-time to support their educational costs and living expenses. With more than 32,000 international students studying in Ireland, the country has become one of the most student-work-friendly countries in the world. 

It also doesn’t hurt that the current national minimum wage has been increased to €10.50 per hour for any sort of part-time job. Through this blog, we aim to help you adjust to the student study-work culture balance in one of the international students’ favorite destinations, Ireland.

Benefits of Working as a Student in Ireland

Ireland is frequently known as the creative hub of Europe, the technology base of significant business, and the third safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2023. But the most attractive attribute to international students hoping to study in Ireland is student life. Be it student societies or top-ranking universities, or be it picturesque locations or the nightlife, Ireland has become swamped with international students.

Although there are inexpensive universities in Ireland, students must also bear living expenses in addition to tuition fees. As per the “education in Ireland”, the average living expenses for an international student in Ireland are 10,000-16,000 EUR. For this very purpose, part-time jobs in Ireland offer a ray of sunshine to international students to enjoy their student years to the fullest and save up! 

  • Resume/Expertise Development: In addition to earning extra money, you will acquire worthwhile job experience that will enhance the strength of your resume. When you create a bank account and pay your taxes, you join the Irish workforce, which is advantageous if you intend to work there after completing your education.
  • Skill Set: Your interpersonal skills, such as communication and collaboration, will develop as a result of working while you study, and you’ll get experience interacting with the Irish community.
  • Explore fields: In Ireland, working part-time allows you to experiment in many industries. You can select the profession that best meets your preferences or that would benefit the course you have registered for. You get the exposure you need by doing this to succeed in your job.

How to Find Part-time Jobs while Studying in Ireland?

Students wishing to work part-time jobs to assist themselves while studying in Ireland financially may opt to work offline or online. 

Online Part-time Job Opportunities for International Students

Students interested in part-time employment might search internet job boards and register there. Some universities in Ireland have their community or forum to assist students in finding careers. The university itself may have vacancies for part-time employment.

Offline Part-time Job Opportunities for International Students 

International students can work part-time as salespeople, contact center executives, or customer service representatives. They can work as a tutor, waiter, or waitress in a hotel or restaurants or as support personnel for acts, including concerts, music festivals, and plays.

Requirements to Work as an International Student in Ireland

Based on the Ireland study visa a student has entered Ireland, there are specific rules about working while enrolled in classes. 

The primary factor for working while studying as an international student in Ireland is the validity of the student visa. Getting a part-time job should be less hassle as long as a valid student visa exists. 

Visa Type Part-time Work
Stamp 2A International students enrolled in a full-time program not listed on the Interim List of Eligible Programs (ILEP) will be issued a Stamp 2A visa, which prevents them from doing any part-time jobs.
Stamp 2 It enables students to work 20 hours per week throughout their course and 40 hours per week during their summer and winter breaks when they are enrolled in a full-time course that is included in the ILEP

Some basic requirements exist for working while studying for an international student in Ireland. 

  • All international students wishing to work must be registered with the local police, the Garda national immigration bureau, or GNIB.
  • A PPS (Personal Public Services) number is required for students. You will only be paid by your employer if you have a PPS number.
  • A student must maintain an Irish bank account. Only an Irish bank account will be used to receive the earned pay.
  • The course opted for by the student must be one leading to a qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education & Skills, Ireland.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in an NFQ Level 7 or above course for a minimum of one year.
  • Since the jobs are part-time, international students must study between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to keep up their attendance.

Top Sectors for Working as an International Student in Ireland

International students can opt for either of the two choices of part-time work offered:

  1. On-campus
  2. Off-campus

On-Campus Part-time Job Opportunities

Off-Campus Part-time Job Opportunities

Research/Teaching Assistant Call Centers
Library Attendant Waiter/Store Assistant 
Barista Secretary
Campus Tour Guide Househelp/Babysitting
Peer group Tutor Tutoring

Financial Aid Provided to Working International Students in Ireland

Although it is not required, previous work experience will undoubtedly improve your chances of finding a part-time job in Ireland, and therefore your pocket. Regarding the part-time minimum wage in Ireland, cities like Dublin and Cork have a minimum salary of between €10 and €12 per hour. The minimum wage ranges from €8 to €9 per hour outside of Dublin and in Tier 2 cities like Limerick.

In Ireland, you start paying taxes when you make the minimum wage. You will be required to pay income tax. Most part-timers are considered full-time employees, depending on the job you choose.

Sector-wise Salaries for Working International Students in Ireland

Let’s look at the average wages offered to an international student working part-time at various jobs.

Part-time Job Wages Offered (Per Hour)
Tutor €12 
Sales/Call Centers €10
Waiter/Store Assistant €10
Secretary €12.75


Keeping up with the trend, it is most suitable for international students in Ireland to work part-time alongside studying. But it entirely depends on you, whether you can manage both things simultaneously or not. It doesn’t hurt to become financially independent so as to live your life on your terms; the writer says so while writing this blog from the comfort of their home! 

So go ahead and pick the college of your destination for we at Gyanberry will always be there to assist in your educational and assorted needs! Our admissions counseling services have assisted thousands of students in getting into their dream universities. For more information, kindly book a video appointment with our experts.

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Some of the best part-time job opportunities available to international students studying in Ireland are that of a teaching/research assistant, barista/waiter/sales assistant, tutor, secretary, and house help.

Depending on the type of part-time job, an international student may earn much within the bracket of €10-20 on an hourly basis.

Since there is a widespread culture of becoming financially independent as a student, many students opt for working a part-time job to manage their day-to-day expenses. But one can only try working to know whether we can maintain the work-life balance!

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