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Yasar University, Bornova, Turkey

Oct 21, 2022

Yasar University: Rankings, Programs, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Yasar University was founded in 1999 by the Selcuk Yasar Sports and Education Foundation. 

The enrollment figure at the university is 10,423 with an acceptance rate of 95%. The university is well-known for its achievements and business leadership, set out to establish a university that would strive to be a pioneer once more.

Yasar University’s mission and vision statement are to build a road plan for transformation into a scientific-oriented university that combines technology and science, By identifying new departments, new demands, and future societal trends, an action plan was formed. International students seeking a rewarding academic experience can consider studying at Yasar University.

The growing popularity of Yasar University has aroused the interest of international students to study in Turkey.

Why Study at Yasar University?

  • The mission of Yasar University is to become a world-class organization committed to developing and reinventing the future.
  • Their mission is to contribute to society by nurturing creative minds who will impact the future through delivering excellent education.
  • Yasar University seeks to cultivate current and innovative students who can think analytically, analyze and compare ideas, and have a social obligation to handle challenges.
  • The university considers it a responsibility to improve their students’ artistic and design tastes.
  • Yasar University continues to keep the pulse of art alive by organizing concerts, exhibitions, workshops, film festivals, theatrical performances, and artistic projects.
  • Yaşar University Vocational School prepares the future workforce with employees who have experience in vocational education, work on a project basis, and have strong design skills.
  • The University’s ties to the business community and international universities make the campus an ideal setting for personal growth and international study.
  • Yasar University’s students will benefit from English education as well as an understanding of the Turkish language and exposure to the rich local culture. 
  • In keeping with its local engagement within Izmir and the Aegean Region, the University puts a focus on growing its international role.

Yasar University Rankings

Particular Rank
Country-wise Ranking #68
World-wise Ranking #3430
Overall Ranking #97
Innovation wise Ranking #80
Societal Ranking #82
Research Ranking #96
Turkey  #98

Programs offered at Yasar University for International Students

Yasar University provides their students with a variety of bachelors, masters, and vocational programs, allowing them to select the field of study that best suits their interest.

Bachelor programs for international students

A wide range of bachelors’ programs at Yasar University are available through eight faculties.

Faculty  Programs
Faculty of Communication BA in Visual Communication Design

BA in Public Relations and Advertising

BA in Radio, Television and Cinema

BA in New Media and Communication

Faculty of Business Administration BA in Business Administration

BA in Economics

BA in Logistic Management

BA in International Trade and Finance

Faculty of Architecture BA in Architecture

BA in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences BA in English Language and Literature

BA in Translation and Interpretation

BA in Psychology

BA in International Relations

Faculty of Engineering BSc in Computer Engineering

BSc in Industrial Engineering

BSc in Software Engineering

BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

BSc in Energy Systems Engineering

BSc in Civil Engineering

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Art and Design BA Film Design

BA in Animation

BA in Industrial Design

BA in Music

Faculty of Law LLB in Law
School of Applied Sciences Management Informatıon System

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Tourism Guidance

Graduate for international students

In addition to master’s programs offered at Yasar, students can also choose to pursue doctoral degrees.

Particular  Programs
Ph.D. / Proficiency in Art Programs Ph.D. in Architecture (English)

Ph.D. in Business Administration (English)

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering (English)

Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)

Ph.D. in Finance (English)

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (English)

Ph.D. in Private Law (Turkish)

Ph.D. in Public Law (Turkish)

Proficiency in Art (English)

MA/MSc Programs (Thesis) MA in Art and Design (English)

MA in Art and Design (Turkish)

MA in Business Administration (English)

MA in Communication (English)

MA in Economics (English)

MA in English Language and Literature (English)

MA in International Logistics Management (English)

MA in International Relations (English)

MA in International Trade and Finance (English)

MA in Private Law (Turkish)

MA in Psychology (English)

MA in Public Law (Turkish)

MA in Tourism Management (English)

MSc in Architecture (English)

MSc in Business Engineering (English)

MSc in Computer Engineering (English)

MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)

MSc in Industrial Engineering (English)

MSc in Interior Architecture (English)

MSc in Logistics Engineering (English)

MA/MSc Programs (Non-thesis) MA in Art and Design (Turkish)

MA in Business Administration (English)

MA in Business Administration Distance Education (Turkish / e.MBA)

MA in International Logistics Management (English)

MA in Private Law (Turkish)

MA in Public Law (Turkish)

MA in Tourism Management (English)

MSc in Architecture (English)

MSc in Business Engineering (English)

MSc in Computer Engineering (English)

MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)

MSc in Interior Architecture (English)

MSc in Logistics Engineering (English)

Vocational Schools at Yasar University

Particular Programs
Vocational School of Justice (Turkish) Justice
Vocational School (Turkish) Banking and Insurance


Maritime and Port Management

Marina and Yacht Management

Computer Programming

Computer-Aided Design and Animation

Public Relations

Food Technology

Foreign Trade

Graphic Design

Architectural Restoration

Tourism and Hotel Management

Alternative Energy Resources Technology

Occupational Safety Program

Global Exchange Programs at Yasar University

  1. ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs)– ISEP is a global network of approximately 300 member universities in the United States and over 50 other countries dedicated to international education. ISEP is a membership-based organization that offers low-cost study abroad and exchange opportunities.
  2. Erasmus- The European Union’s Erasmus program (short for European Community Action Scheme for University Student Mobility) is a student mobility project (EU). It allows students to study or work in another European country while pursuing their degree.

Campus and accommodation at Yasar University

Selcuk Yasar Campus include studios, offices, and laboratories dedicated to each department, in addition to classrooms outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Students form student organizations in the fields of culture, art, and sports to fill their free time with socioeconomic activities.

Their educational area surpasses worldwide standards in terms of providing students with a natural setting and physical space. Elevators and ramp systems are available on campus to allow physically challenged users to engage in a comfortable atmosphere. On-campus smoking is forbidden both indoors and outside. 

The principles of a school adhere to global standards, which are civilization’s requirements, are conveyed throughout the university.


Yaşar University’s new Halls of Residence are among the many excellent housing options available in Izmir. Because the university is in a central location, there are various flats, houses, and other lodging alternatives. The International Office is always willing to assist students in finding housing that meets their specific needs.

Halls of Residence

The freshly constructed living halls are about a five-minute walk from the university campus. They provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for students as well as entertainment alternatives during their academic years. A total of 400 students are housed in the buildings. All of the rooms (twin or triple bed options) have en-suite bathrooms and are equipped to the highest degree with the needs of the students in mind. There’s also a mini-fridge, free, unlimited wireless internet access, hot water (available 24 hours a day), central heating in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer.

A refectory, café, market shop, laundry, and an ATM are among the other facilities. There are plenty of lounges and social places where you can meet up with friends and hang out. There are also study rooms, a TV room, and facilities for table tennis, billiards, and treadmills to stay in shape.

Application Process at Yasar university for International Students

Where to apply: Interested students can apply for admission through the university website. However, to ensure an error-free document submission and enhance your chances of admission, apply via Gyanberry– an official admission partner of Yasar University. 

  1. After you submitted all of the required documents, the admissions staff will review your application and contact you either to seek any additional information or to place you in the feedback category while they await your missing or incomplete information. Kindly wait for their response if you have been nominated, which means that your application has been sent to the appropriate Institute/Faculty for review. Your status will be updated to “Accepted” if your application has been accepted.
  2. To reserve your spot in the program, you must pay a deposit of $1,000 USD after accepting the program offer. You must pay the first installment of 2500 USD within the registration time. The remaining debt must be paid before the next semester’s course registration.
  3. After paying the $1,000 USD deposit, you will receive an official acceptance letter that you will use to apply for a student visa at the Turkish consulate closest to you.
  4. You will need to travel to Turkey in person to register after getting a student visa. 
  5. Dates for registration will be notified. 

Documents Required for Registration at Yasar University

  1. Original transcripts and diploma Certificate
  2. Translations into Turkish that have been attested or notarized
  3. Proof of language competency exam (program-specific – if available)
  4. passport photocopy (with student visa)
  5. 2 passport photographs are required.

Tuition Cost at Yasar University

Particular  Annual Cost
English Preparatory Year 6,500 USD / 23,875 AED
Undergraduate Program 6,500 USD / 23,875 AED
Master Degree Program 6,500 USD / 23,875 AED
Doctorate Program Full Tuition Fee Waiver
Vocational School Programs 3,500 USD / 12,855 AED

Fees are paid by bank transfer in one or two installments (The first payment upon registration in the fall semester and the second payment at the beginning of the spring semester). Access to the university library and sports facilities, an academic advisor, support classes in Turkish, graduate bench costs, and access to campus and IT services 24 hours a day, seven days a week are all included in tuition fees. The fees at Yasar University are revised every year to account for currency fluctuations.


A 10% discount is available to students applying from partner universities (global or Erasmus partners). Students with siblings enrolled at Yaşar University may be eligible for a 15% discount.

Deadlines at Yasar University

  • Important Course Registration Information For The Spring Term Of The Academic Year 2021-2022
    January 26, 2022
  • Spring Term Double Major And Minor Programs Application Results for the Academic Year 2021-2022
    January 26, 2022
  • Important Information Regarding Campus Entrances
    January 19, 2022

Scholarships for International Students at Yasar University

International Relations and Programs Office Scholarships:

While applying to Yaşar University, students with a successful track record in their previous studies may apply for International Office Scholarships. A limited number of scholarships are available, and the best candidates will be chosen. Scholarships for international offices will be awarded on a 100 percent, 50 percent, and 25% basis, depending on the quota set.

Academic Achievement Scholarships:

Scholarships are available to Yaşar University undergraduate students based on their academic performance. Any student who has successfully completed their first academic year is entitled to apply for an academic award. Scholarships for the following academic year will be awarded on a 100%, 50%, and 25% basis, depending on the quota set. Please contact the student affairs directorate for more information.

Note: All applicants will be charged a non-refundable application fee of 50 USD /185 AED.

Students who are accepted to their selected program will be charged a non-refundable 500 USD / 1,835 AED placement fee if they accept the program placement.

If you accept admission to the program, the non-refundable 50USD/185 AED fee will be charged to your tuition.

Health Insurance

To be eligible for a residence permit in Turkey, all international students residing in Turkey must have private health insurance coverage, according to Turkish law. Foreign nationals are covered by Yaşar University’s health insurance program. As long as the student has paid the tuition costs for the relevant year, the university provides bachelor’s degree-seeking students with four years of health insurance coverage.

Students pursuing a Ph.D. or Master’s degree are offered one year of coverage, after which it is the student’s obligation to renew or seek a new policy. Because international students must apply for a residence visa within one month of arrival in Turkey, it is critical that they complete their registration and pay their tuition on time. This insurance permits students to seek treatment at private hospitals and clinics; some treatments and services need small out-of-pocket expenses. For more information, please contact the International Office team. There is also a free on-campus health center where students can get basic treatment (checkups, medicines, medical reports, and so on).

Scholarship Eligibility

Graduate Degree

GRE, GMAT, ALES Scholarship Percentage
80%-86 25%
87%-90 50%
91% or Higher 100%
95% or Higher Accommodation Scholarship

Undergraduate Degree

Grade Type 25% Scholarship 50% Scholarship 100%Scholarship Accommodation


Attestat  Turkish Republic Highest Score: 5.00 4,25 4,5 4,75 4,80 or higher
Scholastic Aptitude Test USA Based International Examination Highest Score: 800 1325 1450 1550 1700 or higher
Secondary School Certificate Pakistan Highest Score: A+ B+ A- A, A + A +
Abitur/Fachabitur Germany Highest Score :1.1 2.9-2.6 2.5-2.1 1.9-1.1 1.4-1.1
International Baccalaureate (IB) 30/45-33/45 34/45-37/45 38/45 or higher 42 or higher
A Level Out of two scores, at least B and C Out of two scores, at least B Out of two scores at least A and B At least two A 

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Yasar University offers international students the opportunity to apply to 23 undergraduate, 17 postgraduate, and 7 Ph.D. programs that are taught in English. These programs enable students to pave their way in dynamic sectors such as engineering, law, business administration, and applied sciences.

To be eligible for admission to undergraduate courses, international students must bring their secondary education certificate along with a motivation letter and at least 1 reference letter. They will also need to meet various program-specific language requirements by appearing for TOEFL IBT, the CAE, and the Yasar University FLAT Examination.

The Halls of Residence of Yasar University house almost 400 students and are located within a short walking distance of the university campus. International students can get accommodation here after filling out a residence application and submitting it to the International Office of the university.

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