Scholarships to study Medicine in Turkey

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One of the prime reasons to study MBBS in Turkey is its inexpensive tuition fees and scholarships for international students. Turkey offers a wide range of Scholarships for medical programs, some of them are as follows

  • Full-time Turkey Scholarship 
  • Success Scholarship program 
  • Turkey merit scholarship program 
  • Yeditepe University Scholarship 
  • Medipol-Ankara University Scholarship 

The Turkish universities are among the finest universities in Europe with more than ten universities being in the top 1000 for clinical medicine in the U.S.News Rankings. The acceptance rate for these universities ranges from 22% to 70%.

Turkish universities are well-known for their high educational standards and affordable tuition costs. And, with a continual growth rate of more than 5% in the healthcare sector, there are a plethora of fantastic work options in Turkey following MBBS.

Why study Medicine in Turkey?

There are many perks of medical studies in Turkey, the primary ones have been compiled below:

  • In comparison to other European countries, Turkey’s cost of living and educational costs are more beneficial and less expensive for students.
  • The main and most essential factor that students consider while choosing a country for their higher education is the language spoken there. In Turkey, English is primarily utilized for oral and written communication.
  • Turkey is regarded as one of the most important platforms for higher education. Turkey is a global market for students from all over the world. For countries all around the world, a Turkish MBBS degree is quite valuable.

Turkey scholarship

Turkey Scholarships is a government-funded scholarship program that allows qualified overseas students from all over the world to study full-time or part-time at Turkey’s leading universities.

Turkey Scholarships offers a variety of programs for students at all levels of education, as well as tailored and partnered programs for specific target groups. Programs range from full-time degrees to short-term specialized programs, as well as tailored and partnered programs for specific target groups.

Full-time Scholarship

These are full-time degree programs that include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Except for two-year associate or vocational degrees, almost every topic of study is covered. The Undergraduate Scholarship Program is for students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a certain field, such as engineering, health sciences, humanities, or social sciences.

Duration  The scholarship is given for the duration of the study program.
Scholarship benefits  Tuition fees, Accommodation, Health Insurance, Monthly stipend, Once Off-flight ticket 
Deadline  February 20 

Success Scholarship Program

A limited number of overseas students will be eligible for Success Scholarships if they study and live in Turkey and meet the other requirements. Students must submit an online application for Success Scholarships.

Students must give all needed data for the application, as well as scan and upload requested documents in a recognized format to the system (pdf, jpeg, etc.). Applications will be deemed void if they are not submitted promptly.

Duration  9 months 
Scholarship benefits  Monthly allowance of 35 USD or 132 AED
Deadline  November 30 
Application criteria for Medicine  2.5 GPA out of 4 

Turkey Merit Scholarships Program

Turkey Scholarships seeks to reach out to successful students with leadership potential all across the world. Within the scope of the comprehensive scholarship fund, it provides students with numerous opportunities. Turkey Scholarships now wishes to support qualified students with the “Merit Scholarship Program” by demanding and rewarding success.

Duration  The scholarship is given for the duration of the study program.
Scholarship benefits  2 times higher monthly stipend than the regular payment.
Deadline  31 August 

Yeditepe University Scholarship

The Academic Merit Scholarships may be awarded to students admitted to Yeditepe University based on the principles established by the University Boards. The scholarship covers tuition fees based on a student’s ranking in the respective term.

Ranking  Tuition fees covered 
1st Rank  75%
2nd Rank  50%
3rd Rank  25%

The Academic Merit Scholarship is awarded prior to the start of the Fall semester on the condition that there are at least 35 students enrolled in the program and that the students are in the typical phase of their respective majors’ education. This scholarship will expire at the end of the academic year in question.

Medipol-Ankara University Scholarships


The merit scholarship is completely based on the ranking a student acquires at the universities and benefits are given to them according to the ranking. 

  • The top 100 students will get a monthly education stipend of 395 USD (for seven months each year) as well as free housing and meals.
  • For students aged 101 to 250, there is a monthly education stipend of 315 USD(for 7 months each year) as well as free housing and meals.
  • For students aged 251 to 500, there is a monthly education stipend of 236 USD TL (for 7 months each year) as well as free housing and meals.
  • For students in the range of 501 to 750, there is a monthly education subsidy of 157 USD (for 7 months a year) as well as free housing and meals.
  • Students aged 751 to 1000 will receive a monthly education subsidy of 118 USD (for 7 months each year) as well as free housing and food.

Student Success Scholarship 

The student success scholarship is entirely based on a student’s university rating, and benefits are distributed according to the ranking for each class.

If the top three students in their class receive a full scholarship, the first class will receive 

35 USD (for 7 months), the second class will receive 27 USD (for 7 months), 

and the third class will receive 20 USD (for 7 months). The scholarship money is delivered to the student in cash.

Turkey has a huge number of medical schools to choose from, almost all of which are of the best caliber. Turkish medical programs are also certified by prominent agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). 

However, everything from selecting an institution to successfully completing the application process can be stressful. 

Gyanberry offers complete assistance & advice and guidance to students interested in studying medicine at some of Turkey’s best medical schools. To learn more, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If an international student is applying to the medical universities in Turkey via scholarships, then he/she is not required to take the YOS entrance examination.

Most scholarships are granted based on merit, but the requirements may vary. For popular scholarship programs like the Turkiye Burslari, the requirement for a medical school application can be a 90% percentage result in 12th grade.

Most Turkish universities accept only the TOEFL scores. Other language proficiency tests may not be accepted by the universities.