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BBA in Netherlands: Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees & Scholarships

BBA in Netherlands: Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees & Scholarships
Shishant KumarDec 14, 2022

BBA in Netherlands: Top Universities, fees, eligibility, and scholarships

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA in the Netherlands is offered as a Bachelor of Science or a BSc degree. It lasts between three to four years. Dutch universities are well-known for their worldwide reputation, as evidenced by their inclusion in global rankings. Their BBA curriculum is designed to teach students how to tackle real-world business problems. The BBA degrees provided by them are NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) accredited degrees that are recognized worldwide.

The Netherlands is ranked 17th among the world’s top economies and is home to growing start-ups as well as industry megacorporations. Philips, Heineken, Nike, Tesla Motors, and IKEA are some of the big companies with their headquarters in the Netherlands. They are renowned for hiring BBA graduates, especially international ex-pats. As a result, BBA graduates from the Netherlands are in high demand in the job market, both locally and internationally.

BBA in the Netherlands: Overview 

Number of Dutch universities with BBA programs in English  9 (approx) 
Degree type  BSc (full-time)
Duration  3 to 4 years 
Annual tuition fees  8,500 to 13,800 EUR
Minimum eligibility  High school diploma and English language proficiency 

Why study BBA in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a popular destination for BBA students for the following reasons:

  • Small and interactive classes with easily approachable professors 
  • A welcoming and an open environment 
  • A multidisciplinary approach with a problem-based learning style
  • Global rankings in competition with other famous UK and U.S. universities
  • Globally recognized NVAO-accredited BBA degree programs 
  • English-speaking country (>90% population) with no need to learn Dutch 
  • Variety of English-taught BBA programs
  • Relatively low tuition fees and low cost of living (compared to the US and the UK)
  • Excellent job prospects 
  • One-year visa post-graduation to search for a job in the country 

Top BBA universities in the Netherlands

University Name  THE Ranking (2023) QS Ranking (2023)
Erasmus University Rotterdam 80 208
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 121 214
Radboud University 139 232
University of Twente 251-300 212
Tilburg University 251-300 398

Here is a list of some other popular universities offering BBA in English in the Netherlands 

Cost of studying BBA in the Netherlands

The annual cost of studying BBA in the Netherlands (tuition fees + cost of living) can range between EUR 15,000-30,000 for international students.

Tuition fees 

University Name  Program Name and Duration  Annual Tuition Fees (EUR)
Erasmus University Rotterdam International Business Administration, 3 years  11,100
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam International Business Administration, 3 years  10,030
Radboud University Bachelor

Business Administration, 3 years

University of Twente International Business Administration, 3 years 9,375
Tilburg University International Business Administration, 3 years 9,000
Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences BBA with Specialization*  9,800
VHL University of Applied Sciences International Business (BBA) 9,270
Team Academy BBA in Entrepreneurship  13,750
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Business Administration, 4 years 8,495

*The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences offers BBA degrees in 17 different specializations like business analytics, hospitality management, economics, real estate, digital marketing, etc.  

Living costs

In addition to tuition, international students must pay for living costs in the Netherlands. The average monthly living expense is 800 to 1,100 EUR or 9,600 to 13,200 USD per year. This value can be higher or lower based on the student’s spending habits.

Particulars  Costs per year (EUR)
Housing  3,600 to 7,200
Food  2,400
Health insurance  1,200 to 1,800
Entertainment  1,200 to 1,800
Transportation  1,000

International students can also avail of discounts through their student ID cards. International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and CJP are two such cards to get discounts on travel, shopping, museums, and festivals.

Eligibility for BBA in the Netherlands

  • A secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch HAVO diploma
  • Mathematics or economics as core subjects in high school 
  • English proficiency test score (IELTS Academic 6.0, TOEFL IBT >80, CAE grade C, or equivalent

Note: In many cases, students who have completed their previous education in English and can prove it, are excluded from the English language requirements.

In addition, some universities also ask students for proof of proficiency in mathematics. International Baccalaureate, UK’s GCE A-levels, and German Abitur are diplomas that demonstrate sufficient proficiency in mathematics. If you do not possess these, you can sit for additional mathematics tests like Boswell-Bèta, CCVX, and Online Mathematics Placement Test-A (OMPT-A) to gain the required proficiency. 

Applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria can also apply for the foundation year program. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers one such foundation year program for entry to its BBA program.  

Students can apply for BBA in the Netherlands via Studielink or Gyanberry. Studielink is a centralized admission portal for Dutch universities. Although the centralized application procedure appears simple, the available options can be confusing. Since you must also provide a number of documents with your application, the procedure can become lengthy. With our assistance, you can make it a little less laborious. You are welcome to contact us or book an appointment for a video call with our expert advisors. 

Scholarships for BBA in the Netherlands

The BBA scholarships in the Netherlands range from university-wide to program-specific grants. The Holland Scholarship, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science as well as several universities, is quite popular among overseas students. It is a one-time award in which students receive 5,000 EUR in their first year.

Some scholarships are even limited to citizens of a single country. The following is a list of such country-specific scholarships:

  • Orange Tulip Scholarship Program (Indian and Indonesian students)
  • Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship program (Dutch and Chinese citizens)
  • OKP-LPDP: StuNed Joint Scholarship Program (Indonesian students)
  • Erasmus+ (EU citizens)
  • MENA Scholarship Program (Middle Eastern and North African students)
  • NRF-Nuffic Program South Africa (South African citizens)

Career prospects after BBA in the Netherlands

A BBA degree from the Netherlands teaches students how to be effective leaders. They are taught presentation and communication skills, as well as project management methodologies. They are prepared to lead teams and businesses. An international student with a BBA from the Netherlands can work in various fields as

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Business development manager 
  • Export and trade specialist
  • International entrepreneur
  • Logistics or supply chain manager
  • Financial Advisor 
  • Account manager
  • International business manager

Students who are looking for further studies can go for master’s degree programs in business administration or related fields. Erasmus University Rotterdam,  University of Twente, and Radboud University offer 1-year MSc courses in Business Administration. Non-EU students who complete a BBA from a Dutch institution are eligible for a one-year visa, popularly known as Orientation Year Visa after graduation. With the extended visa they can look up for a job in the Netherlands. 


Since there are over nine Dutch universities offering BBA programs, you might feel overwhelmed by the options. This article has highlighted all 9 universities and their BBA programs, along with their yearly tuition fees. The tuition fees for BBA in the Netherlands fall in the range of 8,500 to 13,800 EUR per year. Some Dutch universities offer general BBA programs, while others offer it as an international business administration degree. Some schools offer specific specializations in the BBA. So the ultimate choice depends not just on tuition fees,  but also on the type of specialization you seek in your career.

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In the Netherlands, a BBA course lasts 3 to 4 years.

Yes, international students pursuing BBA in the Netherlands are eligible for scholarships. The Holland Scholarship is one of the most popular scholarships in the Netherlands. Students are also awarded country-specific scholarships.

Yes, there are around nine Dutch universities that offer their BBA programs in English in the Netherlands.

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