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Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine

May 19, 2023

Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, Scholarships, Career Prospects

The Second Faculty of Medicine was established in 1990 and is one of the seventeen faculties of the prestigious Charles University. The faculty is located in Prague in the Motol University Hospital. Its theoretical subjects are taught within Motol’s academic and preclinical departments. In addition, teaching also occurs at the Na Bulovce Hospital and the Military University Hospital. 

Charles University’s second faculty of medicine is best for those students who consider research and innovation an integral part of modern medical education. Being a part of one of the Czech Republic’s best medical universities, the second faculty of medicine enjoys the same prestige and honor as Charles University. The faculty’s course in medicine is sought by several students from within the country and abroad

The second faculty of Medicine is relatively smaller than the much older First Faculty of Medicine in terms of the number of students enrolled at the institution, which is currently a little over 1400. Yet, the faculty is at par in the quality of education and training.

Why study at Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine?

  • Students of the second faculty of medicine get the experience of practical training at Motol University Hospital, the clinical base of the Second Faculty of Medicine. It is a well-renowned one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Central Europe.
  • The Second Faculty of Medicine invests in cutting-edge research. The faculty is recognized internationally for its biomedical research. Much of this scientific advancement is performed by students at the doctoral level. 
  • The academic staff is prominent doctors, scientists, and research leaders in their field. They share their extensive research and commentary on relevant issues through publications. At the second faculty of medicine, students can benefit from being trained by such renowned scientists.
  • Modern infrastructure in the laboratories and other practical training departments and newly constructed lecture halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and common areas ensure that students experience a comfortable learning environment.
  • Faculty students and graduates can benefit from the internship and employment opportunities available at the best hospitals in the Czech Republic.
  • The general medicine program at the second faculty holds national accreditation and is additionally accredited by the Medical Board of California.

Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine Ranking

Prague’s Charles University has consistently been one of the leading biomedical science universities. It is the best medical university in the Czech Republic and within the top hundred in Europe. It is also one of the few ancient universities to continue into the modern age. Several top university-ranking publishers have included Charles University in their lists.

Publisher Ranking
QS World University Rankings 2022 266
QS WUR by Subject 2022: Medicine 151-200
Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021 201-300
Shangai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021: Clinical Medicine 151-200
US News Best Global Universities Rankings 2022 218

Programs offered by Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine

Currently, seventeen English-taught programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels

Undergraduate level

The second faculty of medicine offers a six-year full-time English-taught course in General Medicine. This is currently the only English medium course available.

The general medicine degree is also available as a Czech-taught course.

Other courses in Czech at the undergraduate level include

  • Physiotherapy
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • General Nursing
  • Applied Physiotherapy

Postgraduate level

Doctoral programs are available in English and Czech languages in the following subject areas:

  • Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
  • Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Cardiovascular Science
  • Cell Biology and Pathology
  • Experimental Surgery
  • Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Imaging Methods in Medicine
  • Immunology
  • Kinesiology and Rehabilitation
  • Medical Biophysics
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology
  • Neurosciences
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology

The duration of all doctoral programs in four years. 

Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine accommodation

Each faculty of the Charles University has its accommodation. There are eleven dormitories in Prague. 

The university provides single, double, and multiple-shared rooms. Single rooms may be challenging to book. All rooms have a shared bathroom facility between two rooms or a bathroom for each floor. 

Incoming international students must contact the Student Affairs Department to reserve rooms.

International students under the Erasmus+ program should book their accommodation via Erasmus online registration and not directly with the accommodation services.

Private accommodation is also available for those students who were not allotted a dormitory room due to full occupancy. However, students must be careful as there is a chance of scams. 

Admissions at Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine

The application process for top medical universities in the Czech Republic is often followed by a competitive entrance examination. Charles University-second faculty of medicine accepts both offline and online applications.

Undergraduate level

Some undergraduate programs at Charles University are considered long-cycle master’s programs because they do not need a bachelor’s degree. Students should have completed their high-school education.

The second faculty of medicine offers an undergraduate program in General medicine.

General medicine is taught in English and Czech languages. Approximately 19% of the total students enrolled for a general medicine degree choose to study in English.

Entrance Exam

Successful admission to the General Medicine program is conditional upon the performance in the entrance exam. The second faculty of medicine, Charles University, has laid out the following structure for its entrance examination:

  • A multiple-choice questionnaire in the Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Logic with 15 questions in each subject
  • Each correct choice carries four marks, with no negative marking for wrong answers. The maximum score is 240.
  • The test duration is 75 minutes.

The department dean finalizes test results. Applicants with satisfactory scores are invited for an interview. Applicants are expected to express their interest in the program, defend their opinions, and demonstrate sufficient knowledge.

Application Process at Charles university-second faculty of medicine

Students interested in pursuing a general medicine degree must apply through the official university website or the faculty website. An application fee of CZK 820 (USD 36.47*) will be paid.

Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry, an official partner for Charles University, to ensure a hassle-free and timely admission process.

Students who successfully apply within the deadline will be invited to the entrance examination. Depending on the entrance test and interview performance, students may or may not be admitted.

Admitted students should produce a certificate of high-school graduation in English or Czech.

Postgraduate Level

Admissions to Ph.D. study programs are determined by an entrance interview. The applicant should demonstrate knowledge, language skills, and qualities needed for independent research.

Applications should be made electronically via their official website link. An application fee of CZK 720 (USD 32.02*) is payable.

Successful applications will receive an interview invitation.

Additional documents required during the admission process are

  • A recognized master’s degree
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • A brief annotation of the applicant’s doctoral project, signed by the prospective supervisor

* Application fees mentioned in CZK are converted to USD at the exchange rate of 1 CZK = 0.044 USD. Please note that exchange rates may vary periodically.

Application deadline

Applications for undergraduate and graduate programs must be submitted by 30th April.

Tuition fees and cost of attendance at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Medical education programs are among the most demanded globally; they have gained further prominence recently with the increase in virus outbreaks. However, the cost of medical education is a significant consideration, especially among those with limited income sources. Therefore, medical education costs in the Czech Republic can seem worthwhile for those looking to gain high-quality, practical education at reasonable tuition.

Tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Charles University-second faculty of medicine are

Program Annual Tuition in USD*
General Medicine 14640-17300
Doctoral Programs USD 0

* Please note that the tuition fees mentioned in the table have been converted at the current exchange rate of 1 CZK = 0.044 USD. Exchange rates vary periodically.

Cost of living in the Czech Republic for international students

The Czech Republic is often viewed as an affordable country. The Czech currency is ‘Czech Koruna (CZK)’ as it is outside the Eurozone and does not use the euro as its currency. University Dormitories cut down an international student’s living costs significantly. Private accommodations may range up to USD 3000-5400 annually.

Typical living costs for an international student in the Czech Republic are:

Particulars Annual Expense in USD*
University Accommodation $1,900
Food $2,160-3,241
Transport $146
Books $170
Total $4,376-5,457

The annual cost of attendance for full-time international students at Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine is USD 19,000-22,757 or AED 70,000-83,588**

* Annual living cost estimate in EUR has been converted to USD at an exchange rate of 1 EUR = 1.08 USD. Exchange rates vary periodically.

** Cost of Attendance in USD is converted at the current exchange rate of 1 USD = 3.67 AED. 

Exchange rates vary periodically.

Scholarships for international students at Charles University-second faculty of medicine

The Czech government participates in international agreements to make Czech education more accessible to international students. As a result, scholarships to study medicine in the Czech Republic can significantly reduce the load of tuition and living costs. The Second Faculty of Medicine also arranges a few scholarships to encourage merit.

Scholarships under bilateral agreements

  • The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MEYS) grants scholarships to foreign nationals of countries with whom the Czech Government has arranged a bilateral agreement.
  • Scholarships are awarded to candidates recommended by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the eligible countries. In India, it is handled by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi.
  • Undergraduates and graduates who wish to undertake research in Czech public institutions are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Scholarships may be awarded to the same awardees. But they must submit a renewed scholarship application for the next academic year and will be evaluated by the authorities in their country of origin.
  • The scholarship is open for Czech-taught courses. But students planning to enroll in selected English-medium courses may also be eligible.
  • For 2022-2023, the scholarship amount is CZK 9,000/month (USD 400*) for those without a Master’s degree and CZK 9,500/month (USD 422.32*) for those with a Master’s degree.

“Top Student” Faculty Award for Foreign Students

International students in their second year of the General Medicine (English-taught) program are eligible to receive the scholarship, provided they have

  • cleared all exams at the Second Faculty of Medicine
  • achieved results within the 90th and 100th percentile
  • paid tuition fees in full and on time
  • acquired the minimum required credits, i.e., 60 ECTS, in their previous academic year

The value of the “Top Student” Faculty award is CZK 70,000 (USD 3,106.15*).

*Scholarship values in CZK have been converted to USD at the current exchange rate of 1 CZK = 0.044 USD. However, exchange rates may vary periodically.

Career Prospects at the Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine

Job prospects for medical graduates in the Czech Republic primarily depend on their work location preference. The degree obtained at Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine is recognized nationally and internationally. 

  • From their first year of the program onwards, students of the Second Faculty of Medicine are exposed to practical education. This training ensures that, after graduation, students are prepared to deal with real-life scenarios.
  • Students who wish to continue working in the Czech Republic can access the job postings page on the main university website, which posts information on the latest openings. 
  • Alternatively, students may choose to work abroad, for which they may have to contact the Student Office for the arrangement or translation of any necessary documentation.
  • Alternatively, graduates may choose to become professors or pursue further education through a Ph.D. The Second Faculty of Medicine offers sixteen doctoral programs in the English language.
  • Students should remember that being a medical practitioner in any country is subject to the due verification of the medical degree and clearing the required qualifying examination. For example, foreign medical graduates must appear for the National Medical Commission (NMC) exam in India.
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Frequently Asked Questions

NEET is necessary for all the students who wish to practice medicine in India after obtaining a medical degree abroad. Students who want to work overseas after their studies are not required to clear NEET.

Applications are accepted electronically through their official link. An application fee of CZK 820 (USD 36.47*) is payable. Post applying, candidates will be invited to appear for the faculty conducted entrance examination.

* Application fees mentioned in CZK are converted to USD at the exchange rate of 1 CZK = 0.044 USD. Please note that exchange rates may vary periodically.

Charles University-Second Faculty of Medicine tests its candidates in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Logic. Each subject carries 15 questions, and the maximum marks are 240.

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