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Cost of Medical Studies in Cyprus

Cost of Medical Studies in Cyprus
Amarnath pratapwarNov 14, 2022

Every year thousands of international students travel to Cyprus to pursue their medical studies. There are several reasons for Cyprus becoming popular for higher education. But one of the main reasons is the affordable cost of medical education.

Studying medicine and other related programs abroad is often quite expensive. The average cost of MD in the US ranges between USD 60,000 and USD 80,000 for one academic year alone. In the UK, the cost reaches USD 47,000. These costs do not include living expenses, which, when considered, can increase one’s budget significantly.

On the other hand, Cyprus, and other European countries, offer the same quality of medical education at lower tuition costs. Moreover, the living costs are also considerably lower than in other English-speaking countries.

Get an estimate of your cost of medical education in Cyprus. Keep reading to know more about the tuition fees at various medical universities in Cyprus. This article also gives a brief overview of your possible living expenses as an international student.

Cost of medical studies in Cyprus

Cost of Medicine (MBBS / MD) in Cyprus

There are many medical universities in Cyprus that offer English-taught medicine programs. The duration is six years. The cost of these programs is often higher than other programs. The average cost of a medical degree for one academic year is EUR 15,546 or USD 15,694.

University Annual Tuition Fees in EUR Annual Tuition Fees in USD*
University of Nicosia 18,000-22,000 18,172-22,210
Eastern Mediterranean University 21,198 21,400
European University Cyprus 21,000 21,200
Near East University 12,600 12,720
Cyprus International University 12,955 13,080
Girne American University 7,525 7,600

Cost of Dentistry in Cyprus

The cost of dentistry programs in Cyprus is more or less the same as medicine programs. Many universities offer Dentistry in the English language. The duration of dentistry programs is five years.

The average cost of studying dentistry in Cyprus is EUR 15,237 per annum.

University Annual Tuition Fees in EUR Annual Tuition Fees in USD*
Eastern Mediterranean University 19,193 19,376
Cyprus International University 10,645 10,746
Near East University 11,600 11,710
European University Cyprus 21,000 21,200
European University of Lefke 13,750 13,880
Final International University 18,500

Although the tuition costs are quite low; international students can enjoy a further reduction in costs with scholarships or tuition fee discounts. 

Many Cypriot universities offer scholarships to international students. Moreover, students can get tuition discounts with Gyanberry as well. Gyanberry’s Gscholar program provides a fixed percentage discount to students on their first-year fees.

Cost of Nursing in Cyprus

There are six universities in Cyprus offering Nursing in English. Nursing in Cyprus is a four-year degree, similar to the United States and Canada. But students can become trained nurses at far lower tuition costs. The cost of a nursing degree ranges from EUR 3,100-15,937.

University Annual Tuition Fees in EUR Annual Tuition Fees in USD*
Eastern Mediterranean University  15,937 16,089
Cyprus International University 5,843 5,898
Near East University 5,600 5,653
European University of Lefke 5,750 5,805
Frederick University 8,100 8,177
Cyprus Science University 7,500
Girne American University 3,100 3,129

Cost of studying pharmacy in Cyprus

There are more universities offering pharmacy programs than the other medical courses mentioned above. Eight universities offer pharmacy programs at the undergraduate level. These programs are available in the English language for international students. The average cost of studying pharmacy in a year is EUR 8,970.

University Annual Tuition Fees in EUR Annual Tuition Fees in USD*
Eastern Mediterranean University 16,914 17,075
Cyprus International University 7,844 7,919
Near East University 8,600 8,682
European University of Lefke 7,750 7,824
Girne American University 4,212 4,252
Frederick University 8,520 8,601
Final International University 8,500

Cost of studying Health Sciences programs in Cyprus

Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing tend to be the most popular programs among international students. But Cyprus has a lot more to offer besides those. Physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, rehabilitation, etc., are some of the commonly offered programs. 

The annual tuition fee range for health sciences programs usually ranges between EUR 3,100 and EUR 5,843. This range converts to approximately USD 3,130-5,900.

Cost of living in Cyprus

Most international students will find Cyprus affordable. The cost of studying in Cyprus is similar to other European nations like Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Particulars Monthly Expense in EUR Monthly Expense in USD*
Accommodation 300-400 303-404
Utilities 120-150 121-151
Food 150-300 151-303
Books/Study materials 20-80 20-81
Estimated Monthy Expense EUR 590-930 USD 595-939

An international student is expected to spend USD 7,140-11,268 for one academic year.

* Tuition fees and living costs are converted to USD at 1 EUR = 1.01 USD. Please note that exchange rates are subject to periodic changes.

Scholarships in Cyprus for international students

International students are eligible to receive further tuition discounts. Almost every Cypriot university that accepts international applications offers scholarships to its students.

Many of these scholarships are academic merit-based. Students are assessed based on their performance in the previous academic qualification. Some scholarships are available to students based on their previous semesters at the university.

The discount range is usually 25-50%. Some universities also offer a full tuition fee waiver, but the applications to them are highly competitive.

Merit-based scholarships are offered by the following universities.

  • European University Cyprus: Existing Students Scholarship
  • EMU International Student Scholarship System
  • Near East University Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • Final International University Scholarships

These are not the only scholarships available. Many other universities offer scholarships for international students.

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The average tuition cost for medicine in Cyprus is USD 15,694 per year. An average international student spends USD 7,140-11,268 on living costs. So the annual cost of attendance is estimated at USD 22,834-26,962.

The average cost of living for international students is USD 595-939 each month. This range is roughly USD 7,140-11,268 for one academic year.

All medical programs in Cyprus are generally more affordable than in other countries. The average tuition fee for medicine and dentistry is USD 15,694 and USD 15,382, respectively. Other medical programs like nursing and pharmacy range between USD 5,678 and USD 9,055

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