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How to Apply to Medical Universities in Poland?

Nov 10, 2022

International students may find the application process to Medical Universities in Poland chaotic. Medical program admissions in Poland are based on academics, entrance tests, and interviews. 

Several medical programs are available in Poland, like MD, DDS, and PharmD. These programs are recognized all over the world. A good percentage of medical graduates from Poland are employed globally. The USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and many other EU and non-EU countries.  

Medical Universities in Poland are some of the most popular in the world. Several universities offer medicine programs in the English language for international students. 

The Polish government takes many initiatives to welcome foreign students into the country. This has made it easy for international students to study medicine in Poland. Moreover, it has made Poland one of the most popular countries to study medicine. 

There are many reasons to study medicine in Poland. Reasonable cost of living, government support, and practical education are some of them. 

Yet students may find it challenging to apply to their desired universities. This could be due to a lack of enough information for applying to a foreign country. But with Gyanberry‘s professional guidance, you can easily reach your desired Polish universities.

Medical Programs offered in Poland

Medical studies in Poland cover a wide range of disciplines. English-taught programs are found in

The duration of the most popular programs in medicine is typically

Program Duration
Medicine 6 years
Dentistry 5 years
Pharmacy 5 years 
Nursing 3 years
Physiotherapy 3 years

Some popular medical universities in Poland offering these programs are

Eligibility criteria to study medicine in Poland

  • Good grades in high school, especially in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • English proficiency test or proof of high school education in English
  • Entrance test
  • Interview.

Admission requirements for medical universities in Poland

The applications can be made easily through Gyanberry admission services. Students can also apply through the university website. 

Gyanberry has already helped many International aspirants get into medical universities in Poland. We have a 100% success rate for helping students get admission to Polish Universities.

Below mentioned are some documents that are required to apply for the programs:

  • Secondary school transcripts
  • High school leaving certificate
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Resume/CV
  • Health certificate
  • Copy of vaccination records
  • Health Insurance certificate
  • Visa or other document allowing a stay in Poland

Application Deadlines for Medical Universities in Poland 

University  Deadline
Medical University of Bialystok  Rolling Basis / As per availability
Medical University of Silesia July 31
Jagiellonian University May 9
Medical University of Lodz July 15
Medical University of Gdansk  July 15
Poznan University of Medical Sciences July 15
Wroclaw Medical University July 8
Nicolaus Copernicus University July 5
Medical University of Warsaw June 30
Pomeranian Medical University July 26

Students should start their application process six to seven months before the deadline.

At Gyanberry, we provide application and visa assistance. Students also receive entrance exam preparation materials. Get in touch to know more.

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Poland offers medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and more. Some popular medical universities offering these programs include the University of Gdansk, Wroclaw Medical University, Jagiellonian University, Medical University of Lodz, Medical University of Bialystok, Medical University of Silesia, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Medical University of Warsaw, Pomeranian Medical University.

To apply to Polish medical universities, international students should have a good academic record. They must also clear an English proficiency test. Proof of high school education in English may be used to get an exemption English proficiency test. Some universities require students to appear for an interview.

Polish medical universities require international students to submit academic transcripts and school documents. Students must show proof of English proficiency.  In some cases, they must also attach a health certificate and a motivation letter.

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