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Study Dentistry in Poland: Top Universities, Admission Requirements, Fees, and Scholarships

The country of Poland is a focal point for international students as the number has grown to 57,000, in which 8000 students are pursuing the field of Medicine and Dentistry as the Polish universities are known for their world-class medical programs, all the Polish universities provide a dental program of 5 years and the average annual tuition for the same is 15,000 USD. All the university’s curriculum is updated to the modern standards and the approach towards the dentistry program is of both practical and theoretical perspective. 

Some of the most popular universities in Poland offering the Dentistry program in English are:

  • Jagiellonian University
  • Wroclaw Medical University
  • Medical University Gdansk
  • Medical University Warsaw
  • Medical University Lodz

These universities have international recognition for their graduates and they are highly ranked in the best universities globally which are backed by U.S.News & Report, and every mentioned university offer a Dental program with the tuition ranging from 12,500 – 18,500 USD or 45,911 – 67,948 AED 

Poland isn’t just famous for their higher quality of education but for various factors such as cost of living, tuition, lifestyle, etc. the Polish universities meet all these standards. 

Why study dentistry in Poland?

  • The programs from the Polish universities have global recognition and the license to practice anywhere in the world 
  • The living cost is comparatively low when compared to western Europe and western countries. 
  • There are a large number of scholarships available for international students which makes the study abroad dream quite pocket-friendly.
  • Poland’s medical faculties are frequently considered as having one of Europe’s best English medical programs.

Top Universities to study Dentistry in Poland

Name of University World Rank National Rank 
Jagiellonian University320 by U.S.News 01 by U.S.News 
Wroclaw Medical University870 by U.S.News 07 by U.S.News 
Medical University Gdansk1106 by U.S.News  09 by U.S.News 
Medical University Warsaw1118 by U.S.News 10 by U.S.News 
Medical University Lodz1237 by U.S.News 14 by U.S.News 

Admission requirement to study Dentistry in Poland

The admission process for the Polish universities is quite simple. After the acceptance of the application, the student is expected to clear a university-provided entrance exam and interview and submit all the necessary documents.

Eligibility Criteria for Dentistry programs

English Proficiency test IETIS, TOFEL 
Minimum points in High School Subjects 30 points out of 100 
Compulsory Majors Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics 

Application process

Admission application  Gyanberry application services 
Application deadline July to August 

Document Required

  • Application form with attached photo 
  • Original Transcripts 
  • Original School certificates 
  • Cover letter(signed)
  • Health Insurance 

With the accordance to the basic documents the universities demand these as well 

  • Passport 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Bank receipt of 1st-year tuition fees(only asked by few universities)
  • Passport size photos 

Cost of studying Dentistry in Poland: Tuition fees and living expenses

Name of University Program Name Duration Annual Tuition fees  
Jagiellonian UniversityDentistry5 years 14,000 USD  or  51,423 AED 
Wroclaw Medical UniversityDentistry5 years 12,339 USD or 45,322 AED 
Medical University GdanskDentistry5 years 18,315 USD or  67,272 AED 
Medical University WarsawDentistry5 years 18,315 USD or67,272 AED   
Medical University LodzDentistry5 years 15,116 USD or 55,520 AED 

The annual cost of living in Krakow

Rent 3600 USD or 13,222 AED 
Food 2400 USD or 8,814 AED 
Transport 240 USD or 881AED 

The annual cost of living in Wroclaw

Rent 1980 USD  or 7,272 AED 
Food 1464 USD or 5,377 AED 
Transport 100 USD or 367 AED 

The annual cost of living in Gdansk

Rent 1704 USD or 6,258 AED 
Food 1440 USD or 5,288 AED 
Transport 300 USD or 1,101 AED 

The annual cost of living in Warsaw

Rent 2052 USD or 7,536 AED 
Food 1800 USD or 6,611 AED 
Transport 324 USD or 1190 AED 

The annual cost of living in Lodz

Rent 2952 USD or 10,842 AED 
Food 1750 USD or 6427 AED 
Transport 102 USD or 374 AED 

Scholarships to study Dentistry in Poland

When choosing the country for your study abroad program the scholarships have a potent effect in decision making as it can make your dental programs quite inexpensive. Luckily in Poland, there are several scholarship opportunities for international students.


As we all know how the tuition fees can affect the study abroad dream so at Gyanberry we offer Gsholar which pays your 20% of tuition in your freshman year the scholarship is decided on the factors of 

  • Extracurricular  Activities 
  • Sports 
  • Academics 

British Council IELTS Award

 The British Council IELTS Award is to help high-caliber individuals who have a strong desire to advance their careers and can demonstrate that their education will enable them to contribute to society.

Successful applicants will be eligible to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in an English-taught program anywhere in the globe (in Germany or abroad) that recognizes IELTS as part of their entrance requirements.


EMJMDs (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees) are distinguished educational programs offered through international higher education cooperation. Through EMJMD, you can receive a full degree scholarship for a Master’s level foreign study degree. Czech universities are involved in many Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees.

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships are offered to brilliant Indian students studying at universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries. The program offers grants, awards, and scholarships to students pursuing full-time Master’s, Postgraduate, or Doctoral graduate degrees.

You can count on high-quality education and research in Poland, particularly in medicine. At Poland Universities, English-taught degrees are becoming more widespread. This is in reaction to the significant number of international students who are drawn to Poland because of its academic prospects and low living costs.

 For the complete application process get in touch with Gyanberry.

Frequently Asked Questions

International students interested in studying dentistry in Poland can apply to several universities such as the Jagiellonian University, the Wroclaw Medical University, the Medical University of Gdansk, the Medical University of Warsaw, and the Medical University of Lodz in Poland.

To be eligible to apply to dentistry programs in Poland, international students must have scored at least 30% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in high school. They should also have passed an English proficiency test such as the IELTS or the TOEFL.

Yes, international students can avail scholarships that will minimize the overall cost of their program. Some of the scholarships that can be awarded to international students include GScholar, the British Council IELTS Award, Erasmus+, and the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship.