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MBA in Ireland: Universities, Requirements, Fees, and Job Prospects

MBA in Ireland: Universities, Requirements, Fees, and Job Prospects
Alpina ChariFeb 9, 2023

MBA in Ireland: Universities, Requirements, Fees, and Job Prospects

An MBA degree from Ireland can cost between EUR 20,000-40,000 (tuition fees) per year with a standard duration of 1-2 years. MBA and other business programs are quite popular in Ireland. In 2021, 25% of all Irish higher education students were enrolled in business, administration, and law programs.

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) experience is unique, with the focus on theory and practical application. Students will learn about the latest developments in business, finance, and management, as well as develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

The MBA also provides a great opportunity for networking and for gaining valuable insight into industry trends. Throughout the program, students will be exposed to a range of topics and practices, from financial analysis to leadership and from project management to innovation.

Get ahead with an MBA in Ireland. With a thriving economy & consistently ranking in the top 5 for best countries for business, the country offers unique career opportunities. An MBA can give you a competitive edge with an average salary increase of 20-30% for graduates. Take your career to the next level and invest in your future in Ireland. For high school leavers interested in business programs, a bachelor of business studies from Ireland is a favorable choice.

The MBA is a great choice for those looking to take their career to the next level.

Overview: MBA in Ireland

Course Level Postgraduate
Course Duration 1 or 2 years
Course Type Full time | Part-time
Eligibility Graduate from any discipline preferably with 2 or more years of work experience
Exams Required IELTS | TOEFL | GMAT
Average Tuition Fees 20,000 – 36,000 EUR
Average Annual Salary 53,000 EUR

Why Study MBA Courses in Ireland?

Rich culture and history: Ireland has a rich culture and history which provides students with an opportunity to explore the country and its culture.

Beautiful scenery: Ireland has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, making it a great place to study and explore.

High-quality education: Ireland is renowned for its high-quality education system, providing students with a world-class education.

International recognition: MBA courses in Ireland are internationally recognized and respected, giving students valuable qualifications.

Professional development: MBA courses in Ireland provide students with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge, making them more attractive to potential employers.

Job opportunities: Studying in Ireland provides students with access to a wide range of job opportunities in the country, as well as abroad.

Top Universities in Ireland Offering MBA Degree Programs

There are a number of universities and business schools in Ireland that offer MBA degree programs. Some of the top universities in Ireland for MBA include:

University Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject (MBA, Business and Management) Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023
Trinity College Dublin #101-125 #161
University College Dublin #126-150 #201-250
National University of Ireland Galway #301-400 #301-350
University College Cork #501-600 #301-350
Dublin City University #126-150 #401-500

MBA Specializations Offered in Ireland

Ireland is an ideal place for pursuing your MBA due to the high-quality education and world-class faculty it offers. With a wide range of specializations, an MBA in Ireland provides the perfect opportunity for professionals to develop their skills and knowledge to increase their career opportunities. Here are some of the specializations offered in Ireland:

Specializations Description
Entrepreneurship This specialization focuses on developing business ideas and the skills necessary to launch and manage a startup
Finance This specialization focuses on financial management and analysis, corporate finance and investments, and risk management
Human Resource Management This specialization focuses on the development and management of employee performance
International Business This specialization focuses on the management of international business operations, understanding of global markets, and cultural and legal considerations
Leadership and Strategy This specialization focuses on the development of leadership skills and the formulation of organizational strategies
Marketing This specialization focuses on the development and implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns
Operations and Supply Chain Management This specialization focuses on the optimization of operations and the management of the supply chain
Technology Management This specialization focuses on the application and management of technology in a business context

Best MBA Courses in Ireland

Ireland advanced-level master’s degree programs in business and management. These programs offer students the opportunity to further specialize and deepen their knowledge in a specific area of business, preparing them for leadership roles in their chosen field. Some of the highly-regarded Master of Business Administration courses available in Ireland include:

University Course Tuition Fees (2023-24)
Trinity College Dublin Master of Business Administration €36,600
University College Dublin Master of Management €21,520
National University of Ireland Galway Business Information Systems €17,390
University College Cork Master of Business Administration For EU €13,630 (Currently not open to non-EU applicants)
Dublin City University Master of Business Administration €25,500

Admission Requirements to Study MBA in Ireland

Admission requirements to study an MBA in Ireland may vary depending on the program and university you choose, but generally, the following requirements apply:

Bachelor’s Degree: You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any field of study.

Academic Performance: You must have a good academic record. Most universities will consider the grades from your bachelor’s degree and any other academic qualifications you may have.

Professional Experience: Most universities require at least two years of full-time professional experience.

English Proficiency: You must demonstrate a certain level of fluency in English. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is usually required.

Entrance Exam: Most universities require applicants to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Application Essay: You must submit a personal statement or essay that explains why you are a good candidate for the program and outlines your goals for the future.

Letters of Recommendation: You must submit two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to your professional qualifications and academic record.

Financial Documents: You must provide proof of financial resources to cover the costs of the program.

Additional Requirements: Depending on the program and university, additional documents may be required. For example, some universities may require you to submit a copy of your resume, proof of professional certifications, or a copy of your passport.

Cost of Studying MBA Courses in Ireland for International Students

The cost of studying an MBA in Ireland varies depending on the university and the type of program chosen. You can easily find cheap universities in Ireland for your MBA studies. Generally, the cost of a full-time MBA program is between €30,000 and €55,000. This includes tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying abroad.

Tuition fees: The tuition fees for an MBA in Ireland typically range from €15,000 to €40,000, depending on the university and the program chosen. 

Living expenses: The cost of living in Ireland is higher than in some other European countries. The estimated cost of living for international students in Ireland is €10,000 to €16,000 per year, which includes housing, food, transportation, and other expenses.

Additional fees: In addition to tuition and living expenses, international students may also need to pay additional fees for visa applications, health insurance, and other services. These fees vary depending on the student’s individual situation.

Financial aid: International students may be eligible for financial aid to help cover the cost of studying for an MBA in Ireland. Many universities offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid to help international students pay for their studies.

Students can also consider part-time work to help them cover tuition fees and other expense while studying in Ireland.

Scholarships to Study MBA Courses in Ireland

Students studying MBA courses in Ireland can take advantage of several scholarship opportunities to help cover the cost of tuition. Academic merit-based and financial need-based scholarships are available from many universities. It is important to contact the university or program you are interested in to learn about the scholarships offered and the application process. Here are some of the top scholarships available for international students studying MBA courses in Ireland:

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is a prestigious and generous program that provides non-EU students with the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree. It offers recipients a full tuition fee waiver and a stipend of €10,000 to cover expenses for one year, with 60 lucky scholars chosen each year.

University College Dublin offers scholarships that reduce tuition fees by 100% or 50% for a select number of outstanding international students.

Trinity College Dublin offers Global Excellence scholarships for students at all levels of study, including MBA courses. Undergraduates receive a reduction of €5,000 in tuition fees for their first year, while postgraduates receive a reduction of €2,000 to €5,000 in tuition fees.

Future Prospects as an MBA Graduate in Ireland

As an MBA graduate in Ireland, you have a wealth of experience and skills that can help you find a successful career. There are a number of opportunities available to MBA graduates in Ireland, and your skills and experience will help you find the right one.

The job market for MBA graduates in Ireland is strong. There are a number of opportunities available in the private sector, as well as in government and non-profit organizations. The skills you acquired as an MBA graduate in Ireland will help you find a position in any of these sectors. Such as Google, Pfizer, Dell Technologies, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, Twitter, and Amazon.

An MBA degree from Ireland provides a solid foundation for a rewarding career. With the skills and expertise gained, you’ll be well-equipped to secure a position in a wide range of industries. On average, MBA graduates in Ireland earn between €50,000 to €80,000 per year, giving them the confidence to pursue a fulfilling career path.


Studying for an MBA in Ireland offers international students an opportunity to receive a world-class education in a diverse and dynamic environment. With a strong foundation in business, management, and leadership, as well as the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of business, MBA graduates are well-prepared for a successful career in the business world. Additionally, with a positive job market and future prospects, studying for an MBA in Ireland proves to be a valuable investment in one’s future. For more information, please contact Gyanberry.

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Ireland is a good place to study for an MBA. The country has a strong economy and a high level of education. It also has a strong corporate culture, making it a good place to learn about business.

The cost of an MBA in Ireland can vary significantly depending on the program you choose and the location. Some programs may be more expensive than others, but the average cost is likely to be in the region of €50,000.

No, GMAT is not absolutely mandatory for an MBA in Ireland. However, some universities require students to answer the GMAT exam. 

MBA programs in Ireland are in high demand. This is likely due to Ireland’s strong economy and its growing reputation as a leading business destination.

Yes, degrees from Irish institutions are widely accepted and renowned for their high quality of education.

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