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Merrick Preparatory School

Oct 21, 2022

Merrick Preparatory School: Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Merrick Preparatory School has welcomed students from 33 nations since its establishment in 2012. International students flock to one of Canada’s safest communities for personalized academic attention and small class sizes. 

Domestic students participate in truly worldwide education with students from all over the world in order to broaden their international understanding and viewpoint. Both domestic and international students benefit from an MPS education by getting admission to world-ranked universities.

Why study at the Merrick Preparatory School?

  • 100% of graduates are admitted into top-tier universities around the world.
  • 75 offers granted to 15 graduates in 2020 to top 250 world-ranked universities 
  • 5 hours of advising combined with university counseling per week.
  • They have an average class size of ten students which provides individualized attention to each student.
  • 3 hours of IELTS preparation per week.
  • 119 graduates-513838 USD  in scholarships. 

Programs offered

  • Grades 9-12
  • University Qualification Year
  • Synchronous Learning
  • ESL Foundations
  • Summer Programs 
  • Enhanced Academic Programming 

Tuition Fees

Boarding Students

This includes custodianship, medical insurance, textbooks, course workbooks, school tie, House t-shirt, meals, accommodation, and Five-Day Academic & Experiential Field Trips. 


1 Semester

2 Semesters 

ESL Foundation Program 22725 USD 44423 USD
High School Grade 9 & 10 CAD 28,750 USD CAD 56,200
High School Grade 11 & 12 23515 USD 46004 USD
University Qualification Year  23515 USD 46004 USD

Synchronous Learning Students 

The Synchronous Learning Platform delivers all the course content online. 


Per course

1 Semester

2 Semesters 

High School Grade 9 & 10 3273 USD 13090 USD  26164 USD
High School Grade 11 & 12 3470 USD 13880 USD 27745 USD

Admission Process and Requirements

Where to apply:  Apply via Gyanberry

Application Fee: 158 USD 

The 5 steps required for admission can be completed in any order

  • Student Review

A 15-20 minutes long informal interview to get to know the student better.

  • Report Cards

Report cards from current in-progress academic years or previous years are required.

  • Personal Profile

A 300-word handwritten personal profile must be submitted by the applicant. 

  • Confidential Reference

The confidential reference form will be provided after the application has been received, the form must be completed by the applicant’s principal or English teacher. 

  • Entrance Exam 

The entrance exam is a 30-minute long Entrance exam test.


Merrick Preparatory School is located in the town of Merrickville, Ontario, voted the prettiest town in Canada. It is a prime location and is located only 45 minutes from Ottawa, the nation’s capital. The town has a lot to offer to its students that include, restaurants, cafes, many year-round festivals, fishing, boating, hiking, skating rink, community center, a large library, 2 large parks, etc. The town is known for its historic charm, natural beauty, and artisan shops. 

The main campus building was constructed in 1861 and retains much of its original charm and overlooks the picturesque Rideau River and Canal System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Boarding and CoCurricular

The beautiful historical campus of Merrick Preparatory School is in a safe community making it the perfect place for focused academic studies. The only 60 students limit in boarding school allows students and staff to know each other well and no one goes unnoticed in this tight-knit community. Along with academic studies the curriculum includes teaching students important life skills like time management, mental health, stress management, hygiene, leadership, etc. 

The weekend activities include sightseeing, on-campus and off-campus activities, historic site visits, co-curricular activities, etc. The meals provided by the boarding school are prepared by kitchen staff who are trained chefs with diplomas in food and nutrition management. There is an eight-week rotating menu and students are encouraged to bring recipes from home as well. 

Merrick Preparatory School offers a huge range of co-curricular activities for its students. The activities take place 3 days a week and are included in the tuition fee. Most of the activities are available all year but some of them are seasonal. Some of the all-year-round activities are:

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Arts & Crafts Club
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga 
  • Yearbook club 

Financial Assistance

Based on the strength of application and funds available, limited merit-based Entrance Scholarships are available for on-campus boarding students. The awards are very competitive and are offered to less than 5% of the students. If a student exhibits sound scholastic achievement, good character, proficiency in co-curricular activities, and demonstrates a capacity to make a worthwhile contribution to the school and society,  financial assistance is provided to them. 

The MPS community is a safe and inclusive environment and helps students acquire excellent academic and English language skills needed to be global citizens and enter world-ranked universities. The MPS promise guarantees that all their graduates will gain entry into a post-secondary institution or they will invite the student back for a Free year of study thus making it one of the best preparatory schools in Canada. 

Moreover, students get an opportunity to live a high-quality life, receive a quality education in Canada, and have access to multicultural metropolises like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, etc. 

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