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Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Moscow, Russia

Oct 21, 2022

Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Since its inception in 1930, Moscow Aviation Institute has been one of the biggest Russian technical universities spearheading advances in aerospace technology. Most of Russia’s advanced modern aviation and aerospace systems were created with the direct participation of MAI graduates. The institute has a total strength of 21,000 students with 1,500 foreign students from 80 countries. Most of these students go on to become established politicians, test pilots, cosmonauts, or academicians, showing how the unique educational environment at MAI accustoms them to the creative part of STEM jobs and industry realities.

Why study at the Moscow Aviation Institute?

  • MAI collaborates with industry leaders such as COMAC, ENAC, Safran, BrahMos Aerospace, and HAL, giving students an insight into the use of new materials and production technologies.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in joint education programs, such as the various diploma projects MAI signs up for with the engineering universities of China.
  • The college hosts several international conferences on aerospace science that help budding researchers develop an interest in the subject.
  • To promote an entrepreneurial spirit, master classes and hackathons are organized with IT and air traffic market leaders weekly.
  • The large foreign student population at MAI helps in the globalization of education.
  • Over 50 sports clubs functioning in the university regularly hold sports days and other sports competitions.
  • With 140+ research centers and laboratories, MAI is a major innovation center in Moscow.
  • Certificate courses provided by the institute ensure that 70% of graduates find employment right after graduation. 
  • Modules designed by eminent faculty members aim to help students optimize time, financial and organizational resources to pursue higher education in the field of research. 
  • The curriculum puts special emphasis on practical skills and equips students with real-time knowledge.

University Rankings

Particular Rank
QS World University 2021: Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering #7 in Russia 
EECA University Rankings #173
THE World University Rankings 2022 #1201
RAEX National Universities Rankings Top 25

Programs & Courses offered by Moscow Aviation Institute

In addition to providing undergraduate degree programs and postgraduate degree programs, MAI also gives its students access to pre-university foundation programs and professional certificate courses. 

Different courses are available in both English and Russian. International students generally opt for Bachelor’s degree programs taught in the English language. For those who wish to study in Russia but feel like they would like to upgrade their school knowledge, the pre-university foundation program is perfect. 

On the other hand, professional certificate courses aim to increase employability by introducing students to the methods of economic evaluation and selection of technically feasible engineering projects. 

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

International students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in 

  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Spacecraft Engineering
  • Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering
  • Propulsion Engineering

Graduate/Master’s Programs 

A Master’s degree can also be obtained in any 4 of the aforementioned engineering disciplines. While the undergraduate program is 4-years long, the graduate program is a 2-year course. 

Campus and accommodation

The Moscow Aviation Institute campus includes research centers, laboratories, design bureaus, and experimental pilot prototype testing plants. An educational and sports complex named ‘Nauka’ gives students exclusive access to several gyms and 50 sports sections. Well-stocked libraries contain more than 3 million copies of books. Various recreation centers are also open for students. 

9 dormitory buildings capable of accommodating 7,020 students are also present on campus and are equipped with all modern amenities. The hostels occupy a 79,541 sq. m area and are Wi-Fi enabled. Since the campus is located within walking distance of the Schukinskaya, Voikovskaya, and Sokol metro stations, students can easily explore the city with their friends. 

The cafeterias on campus also strive to serve nutritious food throughout the day. The menu provides food options for vegetarians and even people with special preferences. The average cost of a meal tray is 3 USD. 

Admission requirements for international students 

To enroll in MAI, prospective students can apply via Gyanberry. The first step in the admissions process is the timely submission of all requisite documents. 

Undergraduate Admissions

Students will have to provide

  • A copy of their passport
  • and A legalized completion certificate for higher secondary education
  • All academic transcripts 

Then, they will have to wait for the approval of their documents and start filling out the application form. An entrance exam shall be conducted in Maths and Physics. 

If students pass the exam, they can expect to receive an invitation letter from MAI in 21 business days. This letter shall outline all further protocols to be followed. 

Graduate/postgraduate admissions

The eligibility criteria to apply for a postgraduate course at MAI are the same as the undergraduate program. The only additional requirement is that students will need to attach a copy of their Bachelor’s Diploma with the relevant academic transcripts while providing documentation. 

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

International students will need to pay the following annual tuition fees, depending on the type of program and course they choose to enroll in. 

Type of Program  Name of Course  Annual Tuition Fees 
Bachelor’s Degree  Spacecraft Engineering 6,000 USD
Aircraft Engineering
Propulsion Engineering
Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering
Master’s Degree  Spacecraft Engineering 6,000 USD
Aircraft Engineering
Propulsion Engineering
Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering
Pre-university programs English Pre-University Program  3,500 USD 

Cost of living

Particular Annual Cost 
Accommodation 1,080 USD
Dining  1,560- 3,960 USD
Transport 150 USD
Extra recreational expenses  500 USD

Thus, the annual total cost of attendance for international students enrolled at Moscow Aviation Institute comes out to be between 8,210 and 10,710 USD or 30,156 and 39,339 AED**

**Note: 1 USD = 3.67 AED

Scholarships for international students

Once students have been accepted into the prestigious Moscow Aviation Institute, they can discuss scholarship requirements with the Admissions Committee. Generally, scholarships for international students are available. 

Sometimes, students are also asked to apply to the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in their respective countries to avail of scholarships. 

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Yes, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Aircraft Engineering, Spacecraft Engineering, Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering, and Propulsion Engineering are available for international students. These are entirely taught in English. 

The annual total cost of attendance for international students enrolled at Moscow Aviation Institute comes out to be between 8,210 and 10,710 USD. This includes tuition fees, accommodation and dining costs, transport, and extra recreational expenses. 

Yes, students can sign up for on-campus housing at MAI. They will then be allotted a room in any 1 of the 9 dormitories present.

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