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Study Master’s in Digital Marketing in Germany

Study Master’s in Digital Marketing in Germany
Amarnath pratapwarOct 12, 2022

Master’s in Digital Marketing programs in Germany are offered as Master of Arts or Master of Science degrees. The duration ranges from one to two years. There are more than 60 digital marketing courses available in Germany as either German-taught or English-taught courses. This article focuses on the nine popular digital marketing masters taught entirely in the English language.

Read this blog to learn why international students wish to study masters in digital marketing in Germany. Also, discover the popular courses, universities, and useful information like costs and eligibility.

Why study a digital marketing course in Germany?

Germany has a developed economy with a thriving digital marketing industry. The following recent trends are proof of Germany’s booming online marketing industry.

  • 32% of advertising spending is on digital marketing
  • The country is the fifth largest e-commerce market globally
  • It is estimated that nearly 92% of Germans are broadband users
  • And 70% of them use the internet to search for products before purchase
  • Germany ranks 9th in the highest number of smartphone users in the world.

Students who wish to make a career in digital marketing can take advantage of the surge in jobs that result from Germany’s expanding digital marketing industry. 

Moreover, according to ERI, the average annual salary of a digital marketer in Germany is EUR 51,573, which is more than the national average salary of EUR 47,700.

Germany can offer advanced degrees in digital marketing at a fairly affordable cost. The low tuition costs in Germany are of huge advantage to international students. A master’s in digital marketing in Germany has an average annual tuition fee of EUR 15,100.

Popular digital marketing universities in Germany

The duration of digital marketing masters in Germany is one to two years. The programs are offered as a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree.

Some popular universities offering master’s programs specifically designed for digital marketing are:

University/Institute Name Program offered Duration
GISMA Business School MSc Marketing 1 year
CBS International Business School Digital Marketing (M.A.) 2 years
EBS University of Business and Law MSc Digital Marketing 2 years
HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Business M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing 2 years
Arden University Berlin MSc Strategic Digital Marketing 1 year
EU Business School (Munich Campus) Master in Digital Marketing, Transformation & Design Thinking 1 year
Berlin School of Business and Innovation MSc Digital Marketing 1.5 years
ESCP European School of Management MSc in

Marketing and Digital Media

15 months
IU International University of Applied Sciences Digital Marketing (M.A.) 2 years

What is the cost of studying master’s in digital marketing in Germany?

The cost to study digital marketing in Germany is EUR 15,100 on average for one academic year. This cost does not include living costs for international students. Some universities, like IU International University of Applied Sciences, have significantly low tuition costs. Many universities also offer scholarships to international students.

University/Institute Annual Tuition in EUR Annual Tuition in USD*
GISMA Business School € 16,000 $ 16,455
CBS International Business School € 15,840 $ 16,290
EBS University of Business and Law € 15,900 $ 16,352
HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication, and Business € 16,680 $ 17,155
Arden University Berlin € 15,000 $ 15,426
EU Business School (Munich Campus) € 14,250 $ 14,655
Berlin School of Business and Innovation € 12,600 $ 12,958
ESCP European School of Management € 21,200 $ 21,803
IU International University of Applied Sciences € 1,785 $ 1,835

*Tuition costs in EUR are converted to USD to 1 EUR = 1.03 USD. Exchange rates are subject to periodic changes.

What is taught in digital marketing masters in Germany?

The curriculum for digital marketing in Germany is a blend of program-specific and management-related subjects. There is also a special focus on building students’ overall skills in communication and leadership.

Typically, you would observe the following subjects in a master’s in digital marketing.

  • Business Economics
  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Online & Social Media Management
  • Applied Management Accounting
  • Big Data & Cloud Management
  • Data and Analytics for Decision Making
  • Public Relations
  • Online Marketing Communication

Students also have to submit projects and master’s thesis as part of the program. This enables students to have practical experience in carrying out online marketing strategies.

Master’s in digital marketing in Germany- Admission requirements

Digital marketing universities in Germany accept international students. Many of these programs are taught in English, so international students do not have to learn German to apply for admission. A digital marketing course in Germany usually does not have strict entry criteria. 

However, students are advised to check their preferred universities’ entry requirements before applying. You can contact Gyanberry to easily obtain information on applying to various German universities.

Below is a list of basic admission requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field- Business Studies, Communication, Media, or Marketing
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English language proficiency level of at least IELTS 6.0 and above

Besides the above requirements, some universities may also need students to have the following.

  • Work experience
  • Valid GMAT or GRE scores
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae

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There are many German universities offering master’s in digital marketing in English. English-taught programs do not require you to know the German language.

The average annual cost of studying for a master’s degree in digital marketing is approximately EUR 15,100. However, there are some courses which are cheaper than the average.

One should have completed their bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, marketing, communications, etc. Some universities require students to have some work experience. English language proficiency up to IELTS level 6.5 is required.

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