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Study Medicine (MD / MBBS) in Cyprus: Guide for International Students

Nov 10, 2022

Medical Studies in Cyprus: Top Medical Universities, Programs, Admission Process, Cost, and Career Scope

Medical Studies in Cyprus are growing in popularity among international students. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of international students on the island increased by nearly 40%. Despite being a small country Cyprus is home to around 10 universities and 50 higher education institutions. A handful of these universities offer 6-year MD programs in addition to programs like Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. 

Cyprus has a very good healthcare system and matches the healthcare standards of many developed countries. What’s more attractive about Medical studies in Cyprus is the affordability of tuition and the availability of programs in the English language. An interesting fact is that English is widely spoken by the country’s inhabitants which means your dependency on the local language is greatly reduced while being an International student in Cyprus.

Top Universities to study Medicine (MBBS) in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, offering a unique setting for pursuing medical studies. Along with the mesmerizing beauty, excellent weather, and high quality of life the country also has great medical universities, recognized globally. A lot of these universities offer programs in English for international students. 

University Ranking (Times Higher Education) National Rank
University of Cyprus 401 1
University of Nicosia, Medical School 601 4
Near East University 801 5

English-taught Medical Programs in Cyprus

With over 30,000 International students in 2021, the numbers only increasing every year, the ratio of international students is quite high in the Universities of Cyprus. Therefore, multiple programs in numerous fields and numerous languages are offered in these institutions. Medical programs are one of the most popular programs.

Program Duration Offered By
Medicine, MBBS (Partnership with St.George’s Uni, London) 4 years University of Nicosia, Medical School
Medicine, MD 6 years University of Nicosia, Medical School
Medicine, MD 6 years Near East University
Nursing Program 4 years Near East University
Master of Pharmacy 5 years Near East University
Master of Veterinary Medicine 5 years Near East University

Admission & Entry Requirements for MD/MBBS in Cyprus

  1. High School Diploma

 A high school leaving certificate is required. Emphasis on science-related subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is given in the admission process. For the University of Nicosia, the applicant should have

    • An overall score of 90%, or
    • GCE A’ Levels with grades ABB, to include Biology and one of either Chemistry, Physics or Maths, and one more subject, or
    • International Baccalaureate with 32 overall and a combined score of 16 at Higher Level, to include Biology and at least one of either Chemistry, Physics or Maths.

For Near East University, the requirement is slightly more relaxed and students with over 75% (or equivalent) in the final year are encouraged to apply. 

Note: A student does not need to necessarily have the Final high school diploma to start the application, all students who are currently in the final year can apply and submit the predictive grades when available to receive a conditional offer letter.

  1. Proof of English Proficiency
    • 6.5 overall in the IELTS, or
    • 213 overall in the computer-based TOEFL, or
    • grade 5 in the GCSE, or
    • a score of 5 in English in the International Baccalaureate Standard Level (SL), or
    • a score of 70% in English in the European Baccalaureate
    • Letter from school confirming the language of instruction in the school was English
  1. An Interview

Personal or Online

To get admission to one of the popular medical universities in Cyprus such as the University of Nicosia or the Near East University, Gyanberry provides free and end-to-end application services. Contact us to know more.

Cost of studying Medicine in Cyprus

The cost of Medical programs is a lot cheaper in Cyprus than the other English-speaking countries. Cyprus is well known for its low-cost education and the country famously spends 7% of its GDP on education, which is higher than most EU countries.

Program Approx. Tuition Fee (yearly)
Medicine, MD (University of Nicosia, Medical School) 20231 USD (first 3 years)

24727 USD (last 3 years)

Medicine, MD (Near East University) 14162 USD
Nursing Program 6294 USD
Master of Pharmacy 9666 USD

General cost of Living:

Other than the university dormitories and hostels, a lot of accommodation facilities are available in Cyprus. The budget for renting a house can vary depending on where the student chooses to live but on average one can expect a monthly rent between 225-675 USD. The expenses other than rent can vary between 100-170 USD.

Career Scope after Medical study in Cyprus

The universities are dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and International Students. The partnerships with foreign institutions help students excel, gain experience and give them the opportunity to gain international clinical experience. 

In between 2015 and 2021, 99.8% of medical school graduates have been offered positions at over 200 medical centers globally for research, residency training, and internships. The University of Cyprus is the biggest employer of young graduates in the country. The nation’s economy is booming and new jobs emerge every day, creating a sea of opportunities for the students. 

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The University of Cyprus, the University of Nicosia, and the Near East University are some coveted universities offering English-based programs. MBBS/MD, MSc, MPH, and Ph.D. programs in medicine are generally opted for by international students.

The admission process for medical universities in Cyrpus is quite scrupulous. International students are expected to get a pre-determined score (predicted) in various English proficiency exams and must have obtained at least 75% marks in high school. Special emphasis is given to the student’s score in various Science subjects and Mathematics.

The government of Cyprus welcomes international students and allows them to participate in the development of the country’s economy. There are ample job opportunities available and 99.8% of medical school graduates have already been offered global jobs across 200 medical centers. 

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