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Study Pharmacy in Cyprus

Study Pharmacy in Cyprus
Alpina ChariNov 14, 2022

Pharmacy Education in Cyprus for International Students

Cyprus is a great destination for studying pharmacy courses. There are a few reasons for saying so; 1. Cyprus pharmacy license is valid in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, the UK, and throughout the EU. 2. Cyprus is an affordable study destination. 3. Many pharmacy colleges in Cyprus teach their courses in English. 4. Cyprus pharmacy schools follow the Bologna process. 

The entry-level education for pharmacists in Cyprus can be an undergraduate or a combination of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Thus, pharmacy colleges in Cyprus offer their degrees as first-cycle or long-cycle degrees. Depending on the college, you will find B Pharm, M Pharm, or Pharm D courses. Any one of these programs can lead to licensure upon registration. Let us discuss aspects of pharmacy education in Cyprus in detail. The article below contains information regarding pharmacy programs, colleges, tuition fees, etc. in Cyprus.

Overview of Pharmacy studies in Cyprus

Entry-level degrees First or long cycle degree
Duration of degree 5 to 6 years
Annual fees  6,844 to 16,914 USD*/year
Medium of teaching  English
Licensing exam Examinations for the Registration of a Pharmacist
Licensing body Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Design and Development

Top Pharmacy Courses in Cyprus

The entry-level education for pharmacists in Cyprus can either be a first cycle degree like B Pharm or long cycle degrees like M Pharm and Pharm D. The pharmacy colleges in Cyprus follow ECTS credits. Each program consists of 300 credits and students have to obtain a minimum credit score to obtain their diploma or degree in pharmacy. The curriculum for the courses follows a balance between theoretical and practical sessions. It consists of the following subjects:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Pharmacognosy 
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical technology

Completing an internship of 6 months to 1 year is mandatory for licensing purposes. After graduation, students can also go for further studies like second-cycle programs (master’s) or third-cycle programs (doctoral). 

Top Pharmacy universities in Cyprus

Here is a list of top pharmacy schools in Cyprus. These schools are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance. Plus, their degrees are recognized by WHO worldwide. The table also contains information about the type of universities and their pharmacy programs. 

University Name  University Type Duration   Programs Offered 
University of Cyprus Public  5 years (M Pharm), 6 years (Pharm D) M Pharm, Pharm D 
University of Nicosia Private  5 years Integrated M Pharm
European University of Cyprus** Private  5 years M Pharm
Eastern Mediterranean University Public  5 years (B Pharm), 6 years (Pharm D) B Pharm and Pharm D
Near East University Private 5 years M Pharm

**Note: The language of instruction for the M. Pharm. course at the European University of Cyprus is Greek.

Tuition fees and cost of studying Pharmacy in Cyprus

The tuition fees in Cyprus are generally lower than that of the UK or other EU countries. Public pharmacy universities are cheaper than private universities. For your reference, we have provided their current fees for pharmacy programs. 

University Name Tuition Fees in Euros/year Tuition Fees in USD*/year
University of Cyprus 6,834 6,844
University of Nicosia 9,420 9,435
European University of Cyprus** 8,940 8,954
Eastern Mediterranean University*** 16,886 16,914
Near East University 8,600 8,614

**Note: The language of instruction for the M. Pharm. course at the European University of Cyprus is Greek.

***Note: The Eastern Mediterranean University offers a 50% scholarship to international students (8,682 USD*/year). 

Cyprus is an affordable study destination for students on a tight budget. The annual cost of living in Cyrpus is. You can consider the following expenses under your cost of living in Cyprus. 

Expense Type Cost in Euro/year Cost in USD*/year
Accommodation  5,952 to 8,146 5,961 to 8,159
Food  2,500 2,504
Transportation  480 481
Utilities  1,174 1,176
Personal expend 2,396 2,400

You can avail our value-added services for accommodation in Cyprus. We can help you with private accommodation or university hostel booking. 

Admission requirements for Pharmacy in Cyprus

There is no centralized admissions service in Cyprus. Students may, therefore, find it difficult to enroll in these programs. They must submit different applications to each university. This procedure is time-consuming. Gyanberry has introduced free and paid counseling sessions to make this process less chaotic. You can get guidance from our experienced counselors. They have assisted over 10,000 students to date. Here are some general admission requirements to consider before beginning your journey to Cyprus: 

  • High school diploma (biology and chemistry)
  • Pre-requisite courses (if any)
  • Official transcripts 
  • University entrance test (if applicable)
  • English Proficiency proof (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Resume
  • Valid passport
  • Reference letter
  • Motivational letter
  • Passport photographs
  • A copy of bank statement showing funds for at least one academic year of tuition

Upon successful completion of your admission, you will be eligible to apply for a student visa. Gyanberry can also assist you with that. We offer visa services to over 20 countries. 

Scholarships to study Pharmacy in Cyprus

Cyprus pharmacy colleges offer many scholarships to international students. Students can contact the universities for this kind of scholarship. There are also government-funded scholarships for international students to study in Cyprus. The Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to students from all countries. The eligibility criteria for receiving scholarships depend on academic performance or socioeconomic status. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to apply. Students in the undergraduate or first-cycle programs like pharmacy can receive up to 3,000 Euros per year. These funds come from the annual budget of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. 

Career scope after studying Pharmacy in Cyprus

Steps to become a pharmacist in Cyprus

To start practicing as a pharmacist, students need to get their names in the Register of Pharmacists in Cyprus. But before this, they have to complete an internship. This Internship can last for a least period of 6 months up to one year. Students can choose a pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and industrial pharmacy for their internship.

Upon completion of the internship, the next step is registration. For this, students have to answer the  Examinations for the Registration of a Pharmacist in Cyprus. This exam is a written test and is of 2 hours duration. Students can take the exam four times a year in the first week of March, June, September, and December. Students can submit their application 15 days prior to the Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Design and Development. The department notifies each applicant in writing the time and place of the exam. Let us summarize the entire process of becoming a pharmacist in Cyprus. 

Since a Cypriot pharmacist license is recognized in many countries, students have a wide career scope after graduation. They can work in the five major areas of the pharmacy field:

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Industrial Pharmacy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Primary Care Pharmacy
  • Research and Development

*Note: The tuition and other costs fees are converted based on the current exchange rate, 1 USD = 0.998346 EUR. Exchange rates are subject to periodic change.

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Yes, there are many public as well as private pharmacy schools in Cyprus that provide English-language courses.

Pharmacy schools in Cyprus provide single- or long-cycle pharmacy programs. To register for a pharmacist license, students can engage in any of those programs.

A Cyprus pharmacist license is recognized in Greece, Turkey (The northern part of Cyprus is under Turkish control), the UK, and all the EU countries.

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