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University of Mediterranean Karpas, North Nicosia, Northern Cyprus

Oct 21, 2022

University of Mediterranean Karpas (UMK):  Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of Mediterranean Karpas was established in 2012 in Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The University of Mederarrian karpas established its second campus in 2014, which aims to educate compassionate, self-assured, and enterprising students with international professional knowledge, skills, and equipment in order to improve educational quality.

Nicosia, the capital and largest city of Cyprus, is a modern metropolis with a remarkable ancient heritage. International students who choose to study in Nicosia will learn about the city’s culture and liveliness.

The University has been aiming to turn academic research and studies into benefits since its foundation by bringing education into production through school-industry collaboration since its inception. In this regard, agreements have been established with several international universities to elevate their standing to that of world universities and offer their graduates a worldwide recognized diploma. 

Each of the ten associate degree programs offered by the Aviation Vocational School, the Vocational School of Business Administration, the Vocational School of Culinary Arts, the Vocational School of Accounting, and the American Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management collaborates with university academics, putting a focus on science and practice.

Why Study at Karpas Mediterranean University

  • By testing, studying, and examining, the university aspires to teach students how to learn by doing, as well as how to apply scientific knowledge in everyday life.
  • The university seeks to educate students with international-standard professional knowledge, skills, and equipment who are sensitive to national and global challenges.
  • Their primary objective is to develop a highly qualified workforce in terms of knowledge, skill, emotion, and cognition.
  • Using an education model that incorporates modern teaching methods and techniques, the university trains individuals with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • The University of Mediterranean Karpas contributes to society’s well-being as a corporate world R&D hub with worldwide scientific research and applications.
  • Their goal is to become a leader who can adapt quickly to the rapidly changing scientific and social conditions of the twenty-first century.
  • They equip their students with high-level, up-to-date information and abilities, as well as the ability to utilize technology effectively.
  • They teach students to be problem-solvers, prone to cooperation and sharing cultures, to have strong social communication skills, to grasp their responsibilities, and to take initiative.
  • The campus and cultural framework of the university are at ease when it comes to adapting to changing conditions.
  • The University of the Mediterranean Karpas welcomes students from 80 different countries to a peaceful and calm campus environment.

University Rankings and Accreditations

Ranking Category EduRank Rank
In the world #10492
In Europe  #2512
In Cyprus #26
In Nicosia  #14

Accreditation and memberships of the university

The University of Mediterranean Karpas and Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation signed an agreement in September 2014 to establish and develop effective and mutually beneficial cooperation in educational, scientific, and practical activities (Moscow, Russia). The major goal of this agreement is to collaborate on the training of highly skilled professionals with advanced economic and engineering specializations. Both universities seek to employ all available resources, including scientific, methodological, and research materials, as well as information databases, software, and other instruments, to achieve the goals of cooperation.

  1. TR Higher Education Council
  2. Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board
  3. EDEXCEL – Education and Excellence
  4. AAHEA – The American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation
  6. San Diego State University
  7. City & Guilds
  8. International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA)

Program and Courses offered at UMK 

Bachelor programs

Faculty  Courses
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management Hospitality Management

Travel Management & Tourism Guidance

Faculty of Business Administration Business Administration

Civil Aviation Management

Political Sciences & International Relations

Master’s programs

  1. Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Tourism Management (MSc)
  3. International Relations (MSc)
  4. Operations Research (MSc)
  5. Educational Management and Leadership (MSc)
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Occupational Health and Safety Ground

Vocational Programs

Program Courses
Aviation Ground Handling Services Management in Aviation

Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program

Civil Aviation Transportation Management

Tourism Tourism & Hospitality Management
Business Administration Foreign Trade
Culinary Arts Culinary Arts

Campus and accommodation at UMK

Campus – The University of Mediterranean Karpas is in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus’ capital city, and is near to the city center.

Accommodations – On-campus housing is available at the University of Mediterranean Karpas for a large number of students. Students can live at one of the university’s Nicosia housing facilities, which are available to both male and female students. Because of its convenience and proximity to the main campus, on-campus housing is frequently recommended, but it can be costly.

New students are given precedence, however, it is vital to book your room as soon as possible.

UMK has completely furnished apartment-style dorms with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a peaceful balcony with views of the city. Students can cook their own meals or eat at the school canteen or other restaurants in the neighborhood.

Central heating, air conditioning, wireless internet connectivity, housekeeping, laundry rooms, dry cleaning services, a refrigerator, a study chair/table, and many other student requirements are all included in every room.

Admission requirements for international students

The first step at the University of Mediterranean Karpas application process is for students to complete the admission form online via  Gyanberry application services.

Undergraduate Admissions

Application Requirements  

  • Applicant’s high school diploma or a comparable qualification
  • A 4.5 IELTS score or a TOEFL score of 30-40, or a diploma proving graduation from an English-medium high school, or passing the University of Mediterranean Karpasia’s English Placement Test.

Documents required

  • High school diploma or equivalent, original or notarized copy
  • 6 photographs for your passport
  • Birth Certificate (original or notarized copy)
  • Residence Certificate
  • The applicant must have no felony convictions on their record.
  • The applicant’s bank receipt details

Postgraduate admissions

Application Requirements  

  • Applicant’s bachelor’s degree or a comparable qualification
  • The applicant must complete the Application Form.
  • A 4.5 IELTS or 35-45 TOEFL score, a diploma from a high school where English is the medium of instruction, or passing the University of Mediterranean Karpasia’s English Placement Test.

Documents required

  • Undergraduate degree diploma or similar, in original or notarized copy
  • 6 photographs for your passport
  • Birth Certificate (original or notarized copy)
  • Residence Certificate
  • The applicant must have no felony convictions on their record.
  • The applicant’s bank receipt details

Course Registration

Course registration is done through the portal’s “Registration” tab, which is found under the “Registration” menu. Then select the courses you want to add and click the “Add to selected courses” button. You must click the “Save Selection” button for advisor approval.


  1. Your adviser will not be able to see your chosen courses unless you click the “Save Selection” button.
  2. You will not be allowed to select courses from your portal if you have not paid your tuition and registration fees to Accounting Office.

Course Registration Procedures

The “Registration” tab under the “Registration” menu on your portal is where you register for courses. Choose a course from the “Courses to Take” section and click the “Add to Selected Courses” button; all of the courses you intend to take should appear in the “Selected Courses” field at the bottom. You must click the “Save Selections” button to complete the Course Approval procedure and then email it to your advisor for approval. Your enrollment will be complete once your adviser has authorized your course.


  1. If you leave the page before clicking the “Save Selections” button after selecting all of the courses, your Advisor will be unable to see the courses you need to take, and your registration will be incomplete.
  2. Students who do not have accounting approval (and therefore do not pay the education and registration fees) must apply to the Accounting office for payment. Otherwise, you won’t be able to register for classes using your portal.

Application Deadlines 

International Students should start the application process as early as possible, usually 6 months before the start of their academic term.

Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

Bachelor’s programs 3,300 USD /12,120 AED (Annually)
Master’s programs 4,290 USD / 15,760 AED (Annually)

Cost of living

Expenses  Annual Cost
Accommodation  1,800-3,840 USD / 6,610-14,105 AED
Cost of Living 720 USD/ 2,645 AED
Meals 960 USD/ 3,525 AED
Transportation fee Free
Total 3,480-5,520 USD / 12,780-20,275 AED

The average annual cost of attendance including cost of living and tuition fee for bachelor student is: 6,780-8,820 USD/ 24,900-32,900 AED

The average annual cost of attendance including cost of living and tuition fee for master’s student is: 7,770-9,810 USD / 28,540-36,035 AED

Scholarships for international students

  • You will be eligible for a 10% sibling scholarship if you have a brother or sister who is a university student.
  • Scholarships are available for students who have achieved considerable academic success and demonstrated remarkable performance.
  • Sports scholarships may be given to students who excel in national sports.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Mediterranean Karpas provides its international students with a 10% sibling scholarship. It also awards scholarships to those students who have performed remarkably well academically or have excelled in sports at the national level.

Yes, UMK ensures that on-campus housing is available to all international students. Although on-campus housing is preferred due to its easy accessibility and convenience, it can tend to be a bit costly. This is primarily because UMK’s apartment-style dorms are fully furnished and stacked with almost all modern amenities.

International students can opt to enroll in various undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational programs in the fields of Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Civil Aviation, and Culinary Arts at the University of Mediterranean Karpas (UMK). 

For a Master’s course, the tuition fee is 4,290 USD. Other housing, living, and transportation expenses round up to a total of 3,480-5,520 USD. This means that the overall cost of attendance for an international student at UMK is 7,770-9,810 USD annually.

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