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Altinbas University, Istanbul, Turkey

Oct 21, 2022

Altinbas University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Established in the year 2008, Altinbas University is a non-profit higher education institution founded by the Mehmet Altinbas Education and Culture Foundation. The university has, over the course of a few years, has established itself as a highly reputed institute for students looking to study abroad. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the medium-sized university offers its students undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and associate-level programs. 

Altinbas University provides more than 100 programs over their 3 campuses and 1affiliated hospital. The university has 9 faculties, 1 vocational school, 1 graduate school, and 1 school for foreign languages. At present, the university has over 9800 students from over 86 countries, making 38% of their overall enrollment international. 

Why study at Altinbas University?

  • Altinbas University offers numerous undergraduate and graduate courses with English as their medium of instruction, making the university a sought-after study abroad destination. 
  • The academic and teaching staff at Altinbas University are highly qualified and possess professional qualifications and diplomas. 
  • Despite being relatively cheap, the quality of living in Istanbul is quite high. 
  • International students will be able to effectively experience the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul. Many students Study in Turkey for the cultural change they provide. 
  • Students are provided with practical learning opportunities in the form of internships, social responsibilities projects, entrepreneurship courses, summer schools, and joint programs with universities abroad. 
  • Despite being a young university, AU has quickly achieved a high ranking among the many global universities offering higher education. 
  • Altinbas University is a non-profit university and provides its students with a number of Scholarships. Aside from this, the regular tuition fees of the university are also lower than that of other universities in Asia and Europe. 
  • The university provides employment opportunities to students both while studying and also after graduation. 
  • The university offers its students state-of-the-art facilities including a library, health center, sports center, stadium, and psychological research and application center. 

University Rankings

Altinbas University world rankings: 

Istanbul Ranking  36
Turkey Ranking  131
THE Ranking  601-800
World Ranking  6039
Asia Ranking  2437
Subject Ranking – Medicine (National) 85 
Subject Ranking – Medicine (World) 3639
Subject Ranking – Engineering (National) 106
Subject Ranking – Engineering (World) 3567
Subject Ranking – Computer Science (National) 62
Subject Ranking – Computer Science (World) 2941
Specialty Ranking – Economics (National) 63
Specialty Ranking – Economics (World) 2567

Programs and Courses offered by Altinbas University

Altinbas University offers a number of its undergraduate programs with English as the primary medium of instruction, making them accessible to international students. The university also provides its students with various courses in the field of medicine. International students who want to study Dentistry in Turkey can opt for Altinbas University.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

Altinbas University offers international students the following undergraduate/Bachelor’s courses:

Course  Duration (Years) Annual Fees (USD) Annual Fees (AED)
Architecture   8,500 31,200
Business Administration  4 8,500 31,200
Civil Engineering  4 8,500 31,200
Dentistry  5 20,000 73,400
Economics  4 8,500 31,200
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  4 8,500 31,200
Industrial Engineering  4 8,500 31,200
International Relations  4 8,500 31,200
Mechanical Engineering  4 8,500 31,200
Medicine  6 25,000 92,000
Pharmacy  5 15,000 55,000
Psychology  4 8,500 31,200
Sociology  4 8,500 31,200

Postgraduate/Master’s Programs

Course  Duration (Years) Fees (USD) Fees (AED)
Aesthetic Dentistry  3 16,200/ per year 59,500
Architecture  2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300
Biomedical Sciences  2 6,900/ per year  25,300
Civil Engineering  2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300
Clinical Periodontology 3 16,200/ per year 59,500
Industrial Engineering  2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300
Information Technologies  2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300
MBA 2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300
Orthodontics  3 25,000/ per year 92,000
Political Science and International Relations  2 6,900 (Full Fees) 25,300

Campus and Accommodation

Altinbas University has three campuses:

  • Mahmutbey Campus
  • Bakırköy Campus
  • Gayrettepe Campus

The university provides special accommodation for all their domestic and international students. The Mahmutbey campus has several dormitories, separate for boys and girls. Students can opt for a single, double, or triple room based on their budget and preferences. Suites are also available on special requests. 

  • The average cost of university accommodation is between 2000-4000 USD, depending on the type of room selected. 
  • The dormitories offer the students 24/7 security. 
  • Students have access to a common kitchen area where they can cook if they do not want to dine in the cafeteria. 
  • Students living in the dormitories are provided with a meal plan, laundry service, and leisure time activities. 

To apply for university accommodation, students only have to fill in the application form provided on the website. 

Admission Requirements for International Students

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate students – All international students must have completed or must be in the process of completing their high school education in their home country. Undergraduate applicants must also check the minimum score required for admission to their preferred program. Applicants also need to procure a Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of Turkey or the local Turkish Embassy. 

Postgraduate students – International students must have completed 4 years of Bachelor’s or 3 years of Bachelor’s (if that is the undergraduate program duration in their home country) to apply for any postgraduate programs. Students must have completed their Bachelor’s from a university recognized by the UK NARIC – UK National Academic Recognition Information Center. 

English Proficiency Tests – All students applying to courses with English as a medium of instruction need to submit an English proficiency test result to qualify for admission. 

English Proficiency Test  Score for Undergraduate Admission  Score for Graduate Admission 
School of Foreign Languages Proficiency Test  60/100 B1
PTE Academic  55 55-60 (N/A for Health Sciences)
FCE  C C (B for Health Sciences) 
CAE C C (B for Health Sciences) 

Application Process

The application process for both undergraduate and postgraduate admissions is the same. Applicants need to fill out the application form and submit the required documents, including a foreign language exam result (TOEFL, PTE, etc). 

Documents Required 

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Admissions 

  • The original High School Diploma and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • The original High School Transcript and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Tuition fee bank receipt
  • Copy of your student visa
  • 6 passport size photos

Postgraduate/Master’s Admissions 

  • The original undergraduate diploma and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • The original undergraduate transcript and its notarized Turkish or English translation.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Tuition fee bank receipt
  • Copy of your student visa
  • 6 passport size photos

Tuition, fees, and annual Cost of Attendance

The average cost of living and studying in Istanbul, Turkey for international students: 

Annual Living Costs  7000 USD  26,000 AED
Annual Tuition Fees (Average)  8500 USD  31,200 AED
Total Annual Expenditure (Average)  15,500 USD 57,200 AED

The average annual expenditure for students looking to study in Turkey comes up to 15,500 USD or 57,200 AED. This amount is inclusive of living expenses and annual tuition fees. It is important to note that the cost of MBBS in Turkey (and other medicine-related courses) is higher than that of other bachelor courses offered by Altinbas University. 

Scholarships for International Students

Turkiye Scholarship for International Students 

This scholarship is provided by the Turkish Government to students from all countries who want to study in Turkey. 

Courses – Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.

Program Types – Full-term and Short-term programs 

Normal Duration of Award – 

  • Undergraduate: 1 year Turkish Language course + 4-6 years (depending on the normal duration of the program)
  • Master’s: 1 year Turkish Language course + 2 years
  • PhD: 1 year Turkish Language course + 4 years

Amount – 

Degree  Amount Per Month TL Amount Per Month USD  Amount Per Month AED 
Bachelor’s  1000 68.20 250.50
Master’s  1400 95.47 350.66
Ph.D. 1800 122.75 450.86

Minimum Academic Criteria/Score – 

  • Bachelor’s degree applicants: 70%
  • Master’s and Doctorate degree applicants: 75%
  • Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy) applicants: 90%

Students can also lookup specific scholarships to study Medicine in Turkey. 

For more information, students can contact Gyanberry counseling services

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The average duration of undergraduate courses is 4 years. However, certain courses such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Medicine last up to 5 years. 

Yes, the majority of the courses offered by Altinbas University are in English and can be opted by students who do not have any proficiency in the Turkish language.

Yes, international students can apply for scholarships with the Turkish Government.

Yes, over 35% of the total student body is international, hailing from 86 different countries.

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