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Best Engineering Universities in Poland

Best Engineering Universities in Poland
Alpina ChariJul 25, 2023

Best Engineering Universities in Poland

Poland, known for its high-quality education at affordable tuition rates is a paradise for aspiring engineers. The best engineering universities in Poland combine a tradition of academic excellence with modern teaching methodologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strong focus on research and industry collaboration. These institutions are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of engineers, equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex global challenges. 

The government of Poland recently bestowed the title of excellence in the ‘Excellence Initiative – Research University’ program to the top 10 universities in the country, recognizing their outstanding contributions to scientific research and academic excellence. The country’s emphasis on practical skills and innovation has positioned it as one of the best destinations for aspiring engineers. 

This article will explore all the great things that make Poland a great destination for aspiring engineering students. This includes the best universities, programs, tuition fees, and more. 

Overview of Engineering in Poland 

No. of Universities   10+ 
No. of Programs   50+ 
Degrees Offered  BSc, MSc 
Duration of Study  Bachelor’s: 3.5-4 years 

Master’s: 1.5-2 years

Average Tuition Fees  Bachelor’s: 2,000-4,000 EUR 

Master’s: 1,950-4,500

Career Opportunities  Aerospace, Power, Electronics, Systems, Software, Mechatronics, Automobile, etc. 

Why Study Engineering in Poland? 

Academic Excellence: Poland is home to several prestigious engineering universities known for their high academic standards, world-class faculty, and cutting-edge research opportunities. These institutions have a strong focus on providing quality education and producing skilled engineers.

Affordable Education: Compared to many other European countries and the United States, the cost of education in Poland is relatively affordable. Tuition fees and living expenses in Poland are generally lower, making it an economical option for international students.

Modern Facilities and Resources: Polish engineering universities have modern infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories, providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to the latest technologies.

Strong Industry Connections: Poland’s engineering universities often collaborate closely with industries, leading to various internship and job opportunities for students. This real-world exposure enhances employability and prepares students for the job market.

Central Location in Europe: Poland’s central location within Europe makes it a convenient base for traveling to other European countries, enriching the overall study abroad experience.

Scholarships and Funding: There are a lot of funding opportunities and scholarships for international students in Poland. Such options ease the financial burden and support academic achievements. Additionally, international students can work and study in Poland

Growing Economy: Poland is experiencing significant economic growth, leading to rising demand for skilled engineers. Graduates may find excellent career prospects both within Poland and internationally.

Best Engineering Universities in Poland 

Warsaw University of Technology 

The Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) stands tall as one of Poland’s premier engineering institutions, boasting a rich history of over 200 years of academic excellence. The university offers a wide array of engineering disciplines, there are over 20 courses on offer including mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer engineering, among others. With a world-class faculty comprising esteemed scholars and industry experts, students at WUT benefit from a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes practical experience and hands-on learning. Additionally, the university’s strong ties with the industry ensure that graduates are well-prepared to address real-world challenges and make significant contributions to various sectors.

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Power Engineering 3.5-4 years  2,100-3,900 EUR 
Master’s: Civil Engineering, Environment Protection Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic Devices and Systems, Power Engineering, Nuclear Power Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Global Production Engineering & Management, Transport Systems Engineering & Management, Chemical and Process Engineering 1.5-3 years 1,850-4,000 EUR 

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Wroclaw University of Science and Technology 

With a history spanning over 70 years, the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology has consistently ranked among the top engineering universities in Poland. The University has a substantial student population, with over 40,000 students enrolled in various programs. Among them, a significant number are dedicated to engineering disciplines, making the university a hub for aspiring engineers. The engineering department at WUST offers a diverse range of programs and specializations to cater to students’ interests and career aspirations. Some of the notable engineering disciplines offered include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, environmental engineering, and aerospace engineering, among others.

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s: Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Applied Computer Engineering.  3.5 years  3,000 EUR 
Master’s: Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Control In Electrical Power Engineering, Geotechnical And Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Power Engineering, Computer Science And Technology, Internet Engineering  1.5-2 years  4,000 EUR 

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Poznan University of Technology 

The Poznan University of Technology is one of the leading technical universities in Poland. With a history spanning over a century, PUT has established itself as a prominent hub for science, technology, and engineering education. The university offers a wide range of engineering programs, encompassing disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, computer, civil, and environmental engineering, among others. The university has a rich legacy of engineering studies, with it becoming the first Polish technical university to become a member of the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research – CESAEER in 1995. 

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s: Automatic Control and Robotics, Electronics, and Telecommunications,  Sustainable Building Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.  3.5 years  2,900 EUR 
Master’s: Civil Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering.  1.5 years  4,000 EUR 

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Lodz University of Technology 

Lodz University of Technology (LUT) is a leading technical university located in Lodz, Poland. Established in 1945, the university is known for high-quality education and conducting cutting-edge research in various engineering and technical fields. With a history of over 75 years, the university hosts around 10000 students worldwide. Over the past year, Lodz University of Technology has been ranked in all four of the most prestigious international rankings.

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s: Biomedical Engineering and Technologies, Computer Science, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 3.5-4 years  3,500 EUR 
Master’s: Computer Science and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering 1.5-2 years  3,500 EUR 

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AGH University of Technology and Science 

AGH University of Science and Technology, commonly known as AGH UST, is one of the top technical universities in Poland. Established in 1919, the university hosts around 20000 students currently across 16 different faculties. The university has a comprehensive offering of engineering programs, covering various disciplines such as mining engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, and more. The university offers 22 fields of study entirely in English. It ranks at the top among Polish institutions in terms of the number of patent applications filed to the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s: Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering.  3.5 years  3,450-4,000 EUR 
Master’s: Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Metalcasting Engineering, Mining Engineering: Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering 1.5-2 years  3,000-4,600 EUR 

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Gdansk University of Technology 

The Gdansk University of Technology, established in 1904, has a long and illustrious history of over a century, making it one of the oldest technical universities in Poland. It offers a wide range of engineering programs, covering diverse disciplines such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and many more. There are more than 16 faculties in the university, housing more than 15000 students.  The university was ranked as the second-best research university in Poland in the ‘Initiative of Excellence – Research University’ competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

Program Name  Duration of Study  Tuition fees (2023/24)
Bachelor’s:  Data Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering 3.5 years  4,000 EUR 
Master’s: Civil Engineering, Electronics And Telecommunications, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 3 or 4 years  4,000 EUR 

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Admission Requirements for Engineering Programs in Poland 


  • Applicants should have completed their secondary education or its equivalent. In some cases, specific subjects like mathematics and physics might be required at the high school level.
  • English language proficiency certification. (IELTS – 6.5, TOEFL iBT-87)
  • Some universities may require applicants to take an entrance exam, which typically covers subjects like mathematics, physics, and other relevant topics.
  • Academic Transcripts.


  • A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a related field of engineering or a closely related discipline.
  • English language proficiency certification. (IELTS – 6.5, TOEFL iBT-87)
  • Some universities might require letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can attest to your academic and professional abilities.
  • A well-written statement of purpose or motivation letter is often required. 
  • Some programs may prefer or require applicants to have relevant work experience in the engineering field.
  • Certain Master’s programs might require applicants to take an entrance exam or participate in an interview to assess their knowledge and suitability for the program.

Job Opportunities for Engineering Graduates in Poland 

Engineering graduates in Poland have a promising job market with a wide range of opportunities across various sectors. The country’s growing economy and increasing investments in infrastructure, technology, and manufacturing contribute to the demand for skilled engineers. Graduates from different engineering disciplines find rewarding career prospects in different industries. The versatility of engineering allows graduates to make a significant impact in various industries and sectors, such as energy, electronics, aviation, construction, IT, etc. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an engineer in Poland is around 11,346 PLN (~2,500 EUR) per month, with senior engineers earning around 37,809 PLN (~8,500 EUR) per month. 

 Here is a list of job profiles occupied by engineering graduates and their salaries according to the Economic Research Institute

Job Profile  Average Salary (Yearly)
Aeronautical Engineer  46,000 EUR
Civil Engineer  35,000 EUR 
Electrical Engineer  39,600 EUR 
Mechanical Engineer  38,000 EUR 
Software Engineer  44,456 EUR 


In conclusion, Poland offers a compelling and enriching environment for engineering students seeking top-notch education and diverse opportunities. The best engineering universities in Poland have proven their commitment to academic excellence, research, and practical learning. With a wide range of programs taught in English, affordable tuition fees, and modern facilities, studying engineering in Poland becomes an attractive option for international students.

By choosing to study engineering in Poland, you can begin your journey toward a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of engineering. The impact of this experience extends far beyond the classroom, empowering graduates to become future leaders, innovators, and problem solvers who make a positive difference in the world. With Poland’s growing economy and position in Europe, engineering graduates have exciting prospects both locally and on the global stage. As a culturally rich and welcoming nation, Poland offers not only a world-class education but also a chance to experience its vibrant history and traditions in beautiful student cities and historical locations. 

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Yes, Poland is an excellent choice for studying engineering due to its reputable universities, diverse engineering programs, affordable tuition fees, modern facilities, and a strong emphasis on practical learning and research.

On average for a Bachelor’s degree the cost ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 EUR, whereas for a master’s degree, the tuition could range from 1,950 to 4,500 EUR.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an engineer in Poland is around 11,346 PLN (~2,500 EUR) per month, with senior engineers earning around 37,809 PLN (~8,500 EUR) per month. 

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