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Study Masters in Computer Science in Italy in English

SKShishant KumarMay 26, 2023

Study Masters in Computer Science in Italy in English

As an international student, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science in Italy provides an excellent academic experience. Top-ranked universities in Italy, such as Politecnico di Milano, University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome, and the University of Pisa, are noted for their expertise in computer science education. These universities consistently place well in worldwide university rankings. In addition, Italian universities are known for providing ample courses for higher education in the English language to inculcate favorable student culture. Italy’s rich history, culture, and dynamic lifestyle draw students from all over the world. 

Aside from the famous education system, students are drawn to Italy for its low tuition fees, numerous scholarship possibilities, and the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse and inclusive international environment. Moreover, the country’s strategic location in Europe allows for easy transit and exploration of neighboring countries, which enhances the study abroad experience. In this blog, you shall find the top universities offering masters in computer science in English for international students in Italy, along with the tuition fees, admission requirements, cost of living, scholarships & future career prospects for computer science graduates. 

Why study Masters in Computer Science in Italy?

As an international student, studying for a master’s degree in computer science in Italy might provide various advantages. Here are a few reasons why it might be beneficial:

  • Renowned Universities: Italy’s educational system has a solid reputation, and some Italian universities are well-known for their computer science programs. A master’s degree in computer science from an Italian university can provide you with a high-quality education and exposure to world-class faculty members and research possibilities.
  • Scholarships: Italy offers a variety of scholarships and funding opportunities for international students, including ones tailored exclusively to computer science students. These financial assistance programs can significantly lessen your financial load and make studying in Italy more accessible. Italian colleges frequently have reduced tuition prices for overseas students, making it an appealing alternative for those looking for a good education at a fair price.
  • Cultural Experience: Studying abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture while broadening your horizons. Italy is famous for its rich history, art, and exciting way of life. Studying in Italy allows you to experience its unique past, learn the Italian language, and interact with people, all while boosting your personal development and global awareness.
  • Global Exposure: Studying in Italy allows you to meet students, teachers, and professionals from various backgrounds. Building a network of contacts while studying can benefit future collaborations, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Career Opportunities: Italy’s tech industry is expanding, notably in Milan, Rome, and Turin. Completing a master’s degree in computer science in Italy might lead to professional prospects within and throughout Europe. Many Italian institutions have significant industry connections and provide students with internships and job placement assistance.
  • Dual Language: While many master’s programs in Italy are taught in Italian, an increasing number of English-language programs are available to overseas students. This allows non-Italian speakers to continue their education without encountering language hurdles.

Top Universities Offering Masters in Computer Science in Italy

Several top universities in Italy offer master’s programs in computer science to international students. These universities provide academic excellence, research possibilities, and a thriving international student community. Programs are frequently taught in English to cater to international students, and institutions maintain close relationships with business partners, enabling possible internship and job placement opportunities. Some top universities for pursuing a master’s in Computer Science in English are mentioned below.

Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano, one of Europe’s major technical colleges, is in Milan, Italy. It is known for its engineering, architecture, and design education expertise. The university is consistently regarded among the top institutions in the world, owing to its cutting-edge research, creative approach to education, and strong industry linkages. It is ranked as the best university in Italy as per the QS World Ranking List 2023, with a global ranking of 139.

The program aims to train engineers who can create information technology tools for various applications. It enables students to deal with increasingly complicated multidisciplinary problems requiring a greater capacity to model reality and a deeper preparedness to incorporate a broader range of modern technologies and skills. The degree is taught in English and includes a wide range of specializations covering the entire spectrum of computer science applications:

  • Ambient and data intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Big data and data science
  • Bioinformatics and e-health
  • Business informatics, analytics, and intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Interactive applications
  • Internet engineering
  • Pervasive Systems
  • Robotics and Vision
  • Software engineering for complex systems
Program Offered Duration (Full-time) Tuition Fees (2023-24) Application Deadline
Master in Computer Science  2 years 3,391 EUR NA

University of Turin

The University of Turin, in Turin, Italy, provides a master’s program in computer science with a broad curriculum that emphasizes the area’s theoretical and practical parts. Because the program is taught in English, it is open to international students.

The University of Turin’s master’s degree in computer science includes various disciplines, including algorithms, programming languages, artificial intelligence, data mining, and computer networks. Through elective classes, students can broaden their cybersecurity, software engineering, and data science expertise. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and gives students hands-on experience through projects, lab work, and internships. Students can also work with renowned academic members actively involved in research.

Program Offered Duration (Full-time) Tuition Fees (2023-24) Application Deadline
Masters in Computer Science 2 years Based on your country of residence 26th October 2023

Sapienza University of Rome

A master’s degree in computer science from the Sapienza University of Rome provides an enriching academic experience at one of the most famous universities in Italy. Computer Science at Sapienza is ranked 51 among the 100 top Computer Science research institutions worldwide. It is also ranked among the top nursing schools in Italy.

Sapienza University of Rome’s master’s program in computer science covers many areas, including algorithms, software engineering, artificial intelligence, data science, and computer graphics. Through hands-on projects and internships, the program is meant to give students a sound theoretical basis and practical skills. Upon graduation, master students frequently receive multiple job offers, and our alumni have gone on to brilliant careers in industry, research/academia, or as entrepreneurs. They hold leadership positions in leading IT industries like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Digital Catapult, Ericsson, IBM, Telecom, and more.

There are four curriculums out of which students can choose:

  • Information Science & Applications
  • Multimedia Computing & Interactions
  • Network & Security
  • Software Engineering
Program Offered Duration (Full-time) Tuition Fees (2023-24) Application Deadline
Masters in Computer Science 2 years NA NA

University of Pisa

One of the top-ranking, public universities in Italy, the University of Pisa ranks 404 on the QS World Ranking List 2023 in addition to top spots in the Times Higher Education List 2022 and the US News & World University Ranking 2022. The university has an active international program that includes cooperation and exchange programs with more than 100 universities worldwide. 

The postgraduate course in Computer Science is offered in two different courses in English for international students – Masters in Computer Science & Masters in Computer Science and Networking. Both of these courses are offered full-time for 2 years and have various course options. The Masters in Computer Science degree has four different curriculums to choose from:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ICT Solutions Architecture
  • Data & Knowledge
  • Software Technology
Program Offered Duration (Full-time) Tuition Fees (2023-24) Application Deadline
Masters in Computer Science 2 years 2,400 EUR 1st June 2023
Masters in Computer Science & Networking 2 years 2,400 EUR 1st June 2023

University of Padua

The University of Padua is located in the Veneto region of northern Italy, in the city of Padua. It is the second-oldest in Italy and the world’s fifth-oldest institution. This gives it an edge over other universities, with much faculty experience and rich student culture. The university is known to be one of Italy’s top medical studies universities.

Master’s degrees in computer science provide a wide variety of knowledge ideal for creatively analyzing, articulating, and solving computer engineering problems with theoretical and practical techniques. The program is organized into three main study tracks:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet, Mobile, and Security
  • Programming Languages and Systems
Program Offered Duration (Full-time) Tuition Fees (2023-24) Application Deadline
Masters in Computer Science  2 years 2,626 EUR NA

Admission Requirements for Studying Masters in Computer Science in Italy 

Admission requirements for international students seeking a master’s degree in computer science in Italy may differ slightly between universities and programs. However, there are several frequent criteria you might anticipate. The following are the basic admission requirements for international students:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field of study, such as computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline from a recognized university.
  • Minimum scores on Language Proficiency test:

IELTS: 7.0 ;TOEFL: 95; C1 Level Equivalent

  • Academic Transcripts
  • CV/ Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • 2/3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Portfolio/ Work Samples
  • Student Visa
  • Passport

Cost of Living for International Students in Italy

International students’ overall cost of living in Italy varies according to location, lifestyle preferences, and personal spending patterns. International students’ average monthly cost of living in Italy might range between €800 and €1,500. However, it is crucial to note that these figures are estimations, and actual costs may vary depending on the previously mentioned aspects and individual preferences. 

Some of how one can ease the cost of living expenses while living in Italy as an international student are:

  • Working part-time jobs
  • Cook at home
  • Take advantage of student discounts
  • Use public transportation
  • Seek scholarships & grants
  • Budget and track expenses
  • Make use of campus-free facilities

Scholarships for International Students studying Master’s in Computer Science in Italy

International students pursuing a master’s degree in computer science in Italy can apply for various scholarships. Italian computer science scholarships serve a variety of reasons, including attracting top talent, facilitating cultural interchange, supporting research and innovation, encouraging international collaboration, and maintaining qualified persons in Italy. Some of the major scholarships provided to international students are listed below.

  • Italian Government Scholarships: Through the Italian Government Scholarship Programme, the Italian Ministry of Overseas Affairs and International Cooperation provides scholarships to overseas students. Academic excellence, language fluency, and conditions specified by the Italian embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country are usual eligibility criteria. It is offered in several subject areas such as medicine, engineering, sciences, social sciences, etc.
  • University-Specific Scholarships: Many Italian colleges provide scholarships exclusively for international students. The University of Bologna, for example, provides Unibo Action 2 Study Grants, which are merit-based scholarships for overseas students pursuing a master’s degree program. Standard eligibility criteria include academic merit, nationality, and adherence to application deadlines.
  • Regional/Local Scholarships: Some Italian regions or municipal governments may offer scholarships to international students. Local governments, institutions, or charities may provide these scholarships to promote education and cultural interchange in their communities. Depending on the scholarship program, eligibility criteria, and application procedures may differ.
  • Erasmus Scholarships: Erasmus scholarships are offered to overseas students pursuing a master’s degree at universities throughout the European Union, including Italy. Academic performance, nationality, and program requirements may all be considered eligibility factors.
  • Private Foundations/Organizations: Scholarships for international students in certain fields of study, such as computer science, are available from various private foundations and organizations in Italy like the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship, Royal Society International Scholarships, etc. The foundations that offer these scholarships may have particular prerequisites and eligibility criteria.

Suggested Read: 2023 Scholarships for International Students in Italy

Career Prospects

International students who obtain a master’s degree in computer science from an Italian university may have potential job opportunities in Italy and worldwide. Italy’s technology sector is growing, and the country is home to many innovative enterprises, startups, and research organizations. Here are some employment options for international students who have acquired a master’s degree in computer science in Italy:

Job Opportunities Average Annual Remuneration*
Application Analyst 45,457 EUR
Application Developer 38,652 EUR
Cybersecurity Analyst 69,620 EUR
Data Analyst 31,260 EUR
Machine Learning Engineer 42,793 EUR
Web Developer 32,356 EUR
Systems Analyst  34,973 EUR

*Prices indicated are average salaries provided according to surveys conducted by the top employment website, Glassdoor.

Some top companies hiring computer science graduates in Italy are listed below. It’s important to note that multiple other enterprises, including startups and smaller tech firms, provide amazing job options for computer science experts. Furthermore, career prospects vary by area in Italy, with large towns such as Milan, Rome, Turin, and Florence serving as centers for technology-related jobs.

  • IBM
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Intel
  • Reply
  • Telecom
  • Leonardo SpA
  • Accenture and many more.


In conclusion, graduates of computer science programs at Italian universities have good employment prospects, with the opportunity to work in leading companies in Italy and internationally. The reputation of Italy as a center for technology, design, and innovation increases the possibilities for professional advancement.  As an international student, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science in Italy provides numerous academic and personal development options. Italy is home to famous universities providing top-tier computer science programs in English, such as Politecnico di Milano, the University of Turin, Sapienza University of Rome, and the University of Pisa.

We at Gyanberry can help you with anything admission-related and beyond if you’re interested in studying in Italy. You may choose the institution most suited to your interests and goals with our in-depth advice and individualized services. For further information, kindly schedule a video consultation with one of our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some top universities offering master’s in computer science degrees to international students in English in Italy are Politecnico di Milano, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Padua, University of Bologna, and the University of Pisa.

The average annual tuition fee for studying Master’s in Computer Science in Italy for international students ranges from 2,400 EUR to 3,400 EUR.

Yes! A master’s degree from an Italian university is highly valued worldwide. Italian degrees have global validity and can improve professional opportunities in Italy and abroad.

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