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Oct 21, 2022

RCSI & UCD, Malaysia Campus: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

RSCI and UCD Malaysia Campus which was established in 1996 is a private medical university in Penang, Malaysia. It is also known as Penang Medical College (PMC). This university is in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the University College Dublin

It is known to have the highest levels for a foreign-owned institution in Malaysia. In the past 25 years, RCSI AND UCD Malaysia Campus have graduated over 2000 medical students who are now practicing in various parts of the world.

The degree of RCSI AND UCD provides you with recognition to practice medicine in countries like the USA, the US, Ireland, Canada, and many more.

University Rankings

  • # Top 2% by Times Higher World Rankings in 2020
  • # Ranked in top 1% universities worldwide 
  • # RCSI in top 250 universities by THE in 2021
  • # UCD ranked at 244 in global universities by US news in 2020

Why study at RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus? 

  • The university is known to have a main focus on Medical, for which it is famous.
  • You will receive an internationally recognized degree by NUI. 
  • The university offers the best of both the worlds ( RCSI & UCD)
  • The cost of living in Penang is comparatively less than in other places.
  • Students get clinical exposure in Dublin.  

Programs and courses

The university is more specialized in medicine-related courses. The university RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus offers several courses in the field of science, undergraduate medicine, public health, etc.

Undergraduate/ Bachelor’s courses

The undergraduate medicine course with RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus includes 2.5 years of pre-clinical in Dublin and 2.5 years of clinical study in Penang.

Undergraduate Medicine 5 years 1,78,313 USD OR 6,54,928 AED
Pre Medical  9 months  10,843 USD OR 39826 AED
Foundation in Science 1 year 8433 USD OR 30976 AED
Family Medicine Training  4 years  6024 USD OR 22,125 AED/year 

Postgraduate/ Master’s courses 

There are postgraduate programs offered by the university as mentioned below:

MSC (health research) 2 years 9,638 USD OR 35,401 AED
MSC (public health) 1 year 10,240 USD OR 37,614 AED
PhD 1 year 8,049 USD OR 29563 AED 

Campus and Accommodation

RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus is one of the foreign university campuses in collaboration with RCSI in Ireland and USD in Dublin. The campus has facilities like a library, gym, recreational area, and others. The campus is located close to the heart of George Town and Penang hospital where clinical teaching takes place.

The university provides well-furnished rooms on an island that is less than 7 km away from the campus. 

The accommodation consists of new and high-quality rooms. Each unit has 3 bedrooms with 1 master bedroom and 2 standard bedrooms. The amenities like microwave, fridge, water dispenser, washing machine are also included.  

Below is the rate list for the same excluding wifi, internet, and other bills:

Room Type Monthly Rent
Master Bedroom  240 USD OR 885 AED
Standard room 1 or 2 168 USD OR 620 AED

There are a lot of apartments available for rent near bus stops and eating points which help students. 

You can visit the university site for more information.

Admission requirements for international students

There are various eligibility and entry requirements for students who wish to pursue a degree program at the RCSI & UCD Malaysia campus. Since the requirements are varying and extensive, we are unable to mention them all here. However, international students can get in touch with Gyanberry to get detailed information on the minimum requirements and application assistance.

Where to apply? Gyanberry Admission Services / University’s official website
Application Fee NA
Required CGPA 3.50-4.00

Undergraduate admissions

The following documents are required to enroll for the undergraduate programs like undergraduate medicine programs, pre-medical, and foundation in science: 

  • High School Results
  • Personal statement 
  • Passport details page
  • Recommendation letter
  • Birth certificate
  • English proficiency test results 

Postgraduate admissions

Documents required for entry to the master’s level programs are mentioned below.

  • Passport details page
  • High school results
  • Personal statement
  • Pre University Results
  • English proficiency results
  • University transcript
  • Resume/CV

 Tuition, fees, and total cost of attendance

Program Duration Annual Tuition
Undergraduate Medicine 5 years 1,78,313 USD or 6,54,928 AED
Family Medicine Training  4 years  6024 USD or 22,125 AED/year 
MSC (public health) 1 year 10,240 USD or 37,614 AED
PhD 1 year 8,049 USD or 29563 AED 

Cost of living

Penang (Malaysia) is comparatively less expensive than the other two campuses in Ireland and Dublin. Most students choose RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus for the degree as it provides the internationally accepted degree at a lower cost. The average cost of things other than university tuition fees is listed below:

Accommodation 150-250 USD
Food  80-90 USD
Internet 30-50 USD
Transportation  30-60 USD

Scholarships for international students

There are several scholarships available for students with the potential to study without worrying about their financial situation. There is a scholarship named Full Scholarship for Medicine which provides full funding for the undergraduate medicine course, this can be availed after being accepted to the university. Also, a scholarship named Partial Scholarship for Medicine provides 20% of the total tuition fee as aid. There is the RUMC Scholarship for Indian Nationals, which provides 20% funding to Indian students who have an average of 95% in the CBSE exam. 

RSCI and UCD Malaysia Campus is one of the best colleges to study medicine and science. It provides the best parts of both worlds which let students explore in their young life. It provides experiences of different places which the young children love. This could be your dream university with affordable education and an exquisite experience. 

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The University of RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus offers several courses in the field of science, undergraduate medicine, public health, etc. The most popular course is the medicine program of 5 years.

A student must have completed high school with at least 75% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Maths. A minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 80 in TOEFL iBT is required for English proficiency. Candidates wishing to practice in India must qualify for the NEET exam.

There is no student dormitory on campus. However, the university owns a residence of fully-furnished rooms located on the island that is less than 7km from the campus. The accommodation consists of new and high-quality units and comes with great amenities to fulfill our students’ needs. Each unit has 3 bedrooms with 1 Master Bedroom and 2 Standard Rooms.

The University provides several scholarships which provide full or partial tuition funding. These are renewable on a merit basis. The RUMC Scholarship for Indian Nationals provides 20% funding to Indian students who have an average of 95% in the CBSE exam.

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