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Student Visa in Poland: Requirements, Fees, and Processing Time

Student Visa in Poland: Requirements, Fees, and Processing Time
Alpina ChariJul 14, 2023

Student Visa in Poland

With a few exceptions, most international students (non-EU) require a student visa to study in Poland. This student visa in Poland falls under the category of a national visa called a D visa. The visa permits them to stay in the country for 1 year; to stay longer, they have to apply for a temporary residence permit. The permit allows international students to stay in Poland until the completion of their studies. 

Since Poland is a member of the Schengen Area, EU students do not need a student visa to enter the country. They can produce their identification documents, like a passport or national ID, to enter and stay in the country for 3 months, but for longer periods, they have to register themselves with a Provincial Office in Poland. Let us learn more about student visas in Poland, their requirements, fees, and processing times.

About Student Visa in Poland 

The student visa requirements in Poland are different for EU and non-EU students. Students from EU member states can enter Poland without a visa. They can produce a valid travel document like a passport or a document confirming identity and citizenship like a national ID to enter and study for a short period like 3 months. For more extended periods of study like a bachelor’s or master’s program, they have to register with a Provincial (Voivodship) Office.

Non-EU students require a visa to enter Poland. However, Poland has exempted a few countries from a visa requirement for a period not exceeding 90 days after which they have to register with Provincial Office for a temporary residence permit. Non-EU students can apply for the following types of visas to enter Poland 

  • C type visa: A Schengen visa for short-term studies for up to 90 days in 180 days period. 
  • D type visa: This is a national visa issued for up to one year and allows extensions in specific situations. For stays longer than specified in the D visa, students need to apply for a temporary residence permit. 

The D type visa also permits international students to travel to other Schengen Area Member States for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. Students can utilize this opportunity to travel to other EU countries during weekends or holidays with a Polish student visa. 

Remember EU students do not need to apply for a temporary residence permit. They have to register their stay with the local Voivodship Office within 90 days of their arrival. Upon registration, they will receive a free-of-cost certificate of registration with an unlimited period of validity to stay in Poland. 

Application Procedure for Student Visa in Poland 

To make an application for a national visa in Poland, international students can go to a Polish Consulate or a consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in their home country. The information regarding the visa is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. From there they can select the country from which they are applying for a Polish visa and register through the website to make an appointment. Carry all the necessary documents along with a filled visa application for the appointment and submit them along with visa fees. The visa decision is given by the respective Polish Consulate. In case of a rejection of the visa, students can appeal the decision and request reconsideration by that authority. 

To submit an application for a temporary residence permit, international students can visit a local Voivodship Office in Poland before their D visa expiration. They need to carry an application form, photos, and documents proving their identity and citizenship, acceptance letter, address, health insurance, and proof of funds. The initial residence permit is valid for 15 months. It can be extended for up to three years, but only for as long as your studies last.

Required Documents for Student Visa in Poland 

International students must submit the visa application form in person to the Polish Consulate or a consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. The diplomatic mission does not accept application forms sent via mail or online mode. The D type visa requires the following documents 

Passport: The passport or travel document must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure, it must contain at least 2 blank pages and must be issued during the last 10 years. 

Application form: The visa application form must be duly filled and signed by the applicant. It must not contain any false or misleading information. 

Passport photographs: The applicant must submit passport-size photographs along with the visa application form. The photographs must not be more than 3 months old. 

Medical travel insurance: The insurance policy must at least cover 30,000 EUR and must be valid throughout the Schengen Area. It must cover all medical expenses including medical emergencies and urgent hospitalizations.

Financial resources: International students must produce a valid document proving their financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses in Poland

Acceptance letter and proof of accommodation facilities: Students must produce their university acceptance letter and proof of accommodation facilities to prove the purpose of travel and conditions of stay in Poland, respectively. 

Processing Time 

The usual processing time for a D visa in Poland is 15 days but depending on the country of residence of the applicant, this may take longer up to 30 days. Also, the processing time will be extended if the applicant submits incorrect or incomplete documents or information in the application. Similarly for a temporary residence permit the processing time can take a while and students must submit their application upon arrival but before the expiry of their visa. 

Polish Student Visa Fees 

The application fee for a D type visa in Poland is 78.20 EUR. This fee is non-refundable in nature. The processing cost of a temporary residence permit in Poland is 87.7 EUR which is also non-refundable. The consular accepts either cash, card payment, or money order modes of payment. 


Poland is one of the best and most affordable countries to study English-taught programs in a variety of fields. Thus, many international students flock to this country to pursue higher studies. But to study in Poland, international students from non-EU countries require a student visa. The student visa in Poland is called the D type visa and is valid for a period of one year. For programs with longer periods of study, students have to apply for a temporary residency permit before the expiration of their D visa. The temporary residency permit lets them stay in Poland for up to 3 years, but no longer than the entire duration of their study program.

To make a visa application, international students have to visit the nearest Polish Consulate and submit the filled-out application form along with the required documents. It takes up to 15 to 30 days to get your visa processed. EU students, on the other hand, do not require a visa to enter Poland. They can produce their passport or any other identification document to stay in Poland for up to 3 months. For longer stays, they have to register with a Voivodship Office in Poland. If you are planning to go to Poland for higher education, Gyanberry can help you with your visa application. We also offer admission and other related services. Kindly book a video call to learn more about our services. You can also check out our other blogs: Scholarships in Poland, Work and Study in Poland, and Best Cities in Poland.

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International students require a national visa called a D visa to study in Poland. Additionally, they need a temporary residence permit to be able to study for longer periods, like in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Once the visa application is submitted to a Polish Consulate, it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 days to get your D visa in Poland. 

The temporary residence permit in Poland is issued for a period of 15 months initially, which can be extended up to 3 years or until the completion of your studies. 

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