Scholarships to Study Medicine in Italy

Scholarships to study medicine in Italy for international students

Both the government and universities offer scholarships to study medicine in Italy. However, these scholarships are very few in number, making them quite competitive. Even without scholarships, the cost of studying medicine in Italy is low when compared to destinations such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

A student’s income level determines tuition at public universities in Italy. The tuition fee for each student varies depending on which income class they belong to. They range from USD 3,000 to 4,000 per year. International students studying medicine (single-cycle course) at Italian universities can only apply for DSU scholarships and are ineligible for other government scholarships. They can apply for university-specific scholarships. . 

Private medical universities in Italy charge higher tuition fees than public universities, ranging between USD 16,000 and 22,000. But private universities offer a number of scholarships to international students to study medicine.

This article features the few options for scholarships to study medicine in Italy.

DSU Scholarship

The scholarship of DSU Toscana offers awardees scholarships that vary in relation to the students’ economic condition. The scholarship is open to students of all levels of study: bachelor’s, special/master’s, and research students. The scholarship includes the following benefits for students.

  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals at the university dining halls
  • Contribution to expenses (sporting activities, books, etc.)
  • University tuition fees exemption

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, the student must be enrolled at the Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena and other higher institutes and academies of Fine Arts. They can submit their application online via the DSU Toscana website. 

Unicamillus University Scholarship

Unicamillus is a young, private university dedicated to imparting excellent medical education. The university offers scholarships to motivated non-EU students in the form of “loans of honor.” The scholarship is directed towards tuition fees and is either fully or partially covered. Scholarship recipients are expected to return to their home country and work for at least three years.These scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in its medicine program and are based on the students’ financial situation, merit, and regularity in attendance. The amount awarded can range from 6,000 to 10,000 euros. Students have to submit an online application form along with the following documents:

  • Motivational letter 
  • Document proving financial status of the family
  • High school diploma 
  • Curriculum vitae 

Selected candidates are called in for an interview.

UCSC International Scholarship

Non-EU students enrolled in medical courses at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore are eligible for the UCSC International Scholarship. It is an annual scholarship awarded to international students to boost their access to medical degree programs. This fee reduction scholarship covers about 37% of the total tuition cost. It is extended from year to year until the completion of the course. To receive the scholarship throughout the course, students must maintain full-time enrollment status and finish the degree on time.

Bocconi Graduate Merit Award

This scholarship is presented by Bocconi University in Milan. Medical students of the university can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship grants full tuition and fee waiver worth EUR 14,000 a year. An additional benefit includes free accommodation in a Bocconi Residence Hall.

Unibo Action 1&2

This scholarship is granted by the University of Bologna. This scholarship is granted to international students who register for first cycle, second cycle, and single cycle degree programs. The scholarship grants an amount of EUR 11,000 per year (Unibo Action 2) and a tuition fee waiver (Unibo Action 1).


  • Valid educational qualifications for the chosen program
  • SAT/TOLC/GRE test (whichever test is applicable to the program of choice)

Benefits for the Right to Higher Education 

This scholarship is offered by Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. It is open to international students enrolled at the university in bachelor’s, master’s, single-cycle (medicine), and PhD programs. The scholarship is funded by the European Union and offers reductions in tuition and accommodation fees, grants for participation in international exchange programs, and free meals. To be eligible, incoming students should be enrolled in the first year of the mentioned program and hold a high school diploma with 80 or 100 points. For subsequent years, they must achieve minimum ECTS points as set out by the university. The amount of the scholarship depends on the financial status of the applicant. The following documents must be submitted along with the online application:

  • Valid identity document 
  • Proof of income 
  • Personal declaration, duly signed by the student 

University of Padua Scholarship

The University of Padua’s department of medicine (DIMED) offers scholarships worth EUR 5,500 each year. The academic committee of the department determines the eligibility. Students are assessed based on their academic excellence and motivation to study.

Humanitas University Scholarship

Four scholarships are awarded to Non-EU students at Humanitas University. This scholarship provides partial funding. This scholarship amounts to EUR 16,000. These are merit-based scholarships. Students can even take a loan from the second year onward at Humanitas University.

The University of Milan Excellence Scholarship 

The University of Milan Excellence Scholarship is granted to the best 155 applicants. The scholarship provides aid in the following ways:

  • 55 scholarships worth EUR 6,000 each, with the exemption from tuition fee
  • 100 total exemptions from tuition fee

Gscholar Program

This scholarship is granted by Gyanberry, an organization that is known for its admission services and helps students to get into their dream universities. The Gscholar program provides up to 20% of your first-year tuition fees as a Scholarship. The final amount can range anywhere between 1-20% of the total 1st-year tuition fee. This scholarship will assess you on three bases: academics, sports, and extracurriculars. 

Gyanberry has partnered with several universities in Italy that offer general medicine, dentistry, and health science courses in English for international students. To check your eligibility and to get any information regarding medical studies abroad, get in touch with Gyanberry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tuition fees for one academic year can range from USD 3000-4,000 at public universities and USD 16,000-20,000 at private universities.

Whether an international student can study for free largely depends on the kind of scholarship that they are eligible to apply for. Some scholarships do cover the entire tuition fee. However, it is best to budget for other living expenses.

Some popular medical universities offering scholarships to international students include Unicamillus university and Humanitas University. These universities offer medical programs in English for international students.